NATO's Afghanistan force gets new U.S. commander

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1XslaveUSA wrote:

If not for Afghan soil being rich in valuable minerals and the need to build Natural Gas pipelines for UNOCAL the U.S. would not still be in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden has been martyred and al-Qaeda no longer has a presence there, yet U.S. troops (and contractors) are still being killed and injured needlessly. The Iraqi and Afghan wars have cost the U.S. billions of dollars ($1,423,000,000,000) and destroyed the nation’s economy yet the Afghan war continues only to the profit of big business and the military-industrial complex (which Dwight D. Eisenhower famously warned us about). The U.S. taxpayer monies being flushed down the toilet which is Afghanistan ($612,000,000,000) could be better spent here in this country on education, health care, infrastructure (refurbishing the nation’s highways, roads, bridges and rail lines) and the hiring (or re-hiring) of state and municipal workers. The great irony with Afghanistan is that there are plans in place for including the Taliban in the future governance of the country, thusly making the sacrifice of U.S. blood and treasure for naught. When will Americans wise-up and demand an end to the Bush & Obama neo- Crusader imperialist misadventure in Afghanistan?

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Doc62 wrote:

I mostly agree with 1XslaveUSA. Karzai has been trying to work out a deal with the Taliban, who FIRST want us out of Afganistan. We have enriched our corporate military machine far too much.
However, the Bush clan got us into this mess with phoney WMD and American sympathy from 9/11.
Obama got us out of Iraq & getting us out of Afganistan. He kept us out of Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria. Call him a “dove”, I call him smart. On behalf of our children(soldiers) thank you Mr President.

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AZ1811 wrote:

Karzai won’t last a month after we leave. He’ll take his millions and go to some European country and live well. He doesn’t even take the time to attend the ceremony of the last losing General to save his butt. If this is victory, I hate to see what losing looks like.

Feb 10, 2013 6:52pm EST  --  Report as abuse
NeilMcGowan wrote:

A new Nazi madman to replace the previous Nazi madman.

This latest yankee baboon even *looks* like Buck Turgidson.

Feb 11, 2013 12:46am EST  --  Report as abuse
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