Insight: Iran nuclear fuel move may avert mid-year crisis

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Dragos111 wrote:

There is nothing new here. Iran has been playing this game for many years. The media still laps it up.

Oh no! Iran will not talk to the US. Oh, maybe now we will talk. Oh no! Iran has criteria to meet before they will talk. Just relax the sanctions. Oh, OK. Just this one time. We will relax the sanctions, so let’s talk. Then they talk a little bit, agree to talk more later and perhaps let inspectors in. Then they kick out the inspectors. Oh no! Iran will not talk to the US. Repeat next year.

All the while they are moving toward getting their nukes built. Come on folks. You cannot believe them again. It is time to basically crush them with sanctions. You either do that now or Israel is going to have to bomb them. Sanctions would be hurtfull and unpopular, but my guess is that people would prefer that to Israel doing a military strike.

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paintcan wrote:

“but that producing any more would force Israel to choose between humiliation or war.”

Since when is “humiliation” a valid reason to bomb another country? And what exactly are the Israeli’s being humiliated by if Iran has a bomb or if they want one? You’re just nobody without at least one and can even make a reputation with “strategic ambiguity”.

“Huumiliation” (of the antagonistic native regimes) has been the corner stone of Israeli foreign policy since I started to hear about it almost 50 years ago.

“Humiliation” was the cause of many “duels”. Dueling is illegal except, apparently, among nation states?

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Logical123 wrote:

Who cares about red lines by the lunatic Netanyahu. Iran doesn’t pay attention to that madman.

The reason Iran will not negotiate with the stupid U.S. is that Obama offers absolutely nothing to Iran and continues to make belligerent actions against Iran with more sanctions. Iran will not negotiate with an illogical country under pressure. There is nothing to be gained by it.

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Fromkin wrote:

This article is an exercice in fiction writing.

Israel must feel “humiliation” by how the West uses it as a bargaining chip on its conflict with Iran.

The conflict is primarily related to the Anglo-Iranian oil company AKA BP and also the US hegemonic ambitions over the middle east. All this nonsense about the nuclear issue and Israel strike on Iran(which will never happen) is just an insult by MSM to readers’intelligence.

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Life1 wrote:

Writing an entire article to make the conversion sound defensive/strategic when since forever Iran has said they are enriching to 20% to fuel their (US built) research reactor in Tehran, is ridiculous… Sensationalist garbage.

If there was evidence they were making a bomb, show us or shut up.

And Dragos111: care to share the occasions when Iran (currently under the most ridiculous inspection regime the IAEA has ever imposed on any member nation) kicked out inspectors? And care to share your reasoning why on earth Israel will ‘have’ to bomb Iran? Who has ever in the history of manking ‘had’ to bomb someone without being attacked first?

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rgbviews wrote:

Netanyahu’s “red line” IS NOT a red line for the Western powers, and the news media must be responsible to not play the public manipulation game.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

Fortunately, Iran revealed its new stealth fighter at the beginning of February and production continues. An Israeli strike will face Iran’s 2nd generation stealth detecting radars, hacking programs, air defense missiles, and stealth fighters. (Iran’s stealth detecting radars found the US RQ-170 stealth drone, and Iran used hacking programs that took control and told it to land in Iran.) The hacking programs will tell any intruding aircraft that Iran’s air defense missiles are friendly, so the intruders need not take evasive action.

Intelligence information on Israel allows Iran’s long range stealth missiles to retaliate against Israel’s infrastructure for water, oil and gas, electricity, airports, seaports, aircraft manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing. If Iran’s stealth missiles are discovered, offensive hacking programs tell Israeli defenses that incoming Iranian missiles are friendly, so defenders need not fire. Similar intelligence information on US forces make them vulnerable to retaliation should they participate in illegal aggression.

Iran needs nuclear electricity because it will run out of oil by 2050, lacks the river systems for sufficient amounts of hydroelectric power, and has severe sandstorms that would damage windmills and solar panels. US and Israeli intelligence and military chiefs have said that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons. The weapons are expensive and cannot be used without massive retaliation by the super powers.

My partners and I oppose aggression because we make more profits with peace, prosperity, and trade. We disagree with the legality of US regimes, Israeli regimes, their policies, and their actions. We make profits by helping maintain peace. When bullies know they will be hurt, they avoid the conflicts.

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