Pope resignation announcement text

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DeanJames wrote:

Saint Peter?? There is no Biblical support that Peter (the Apostle) was ever the first pope. In fact, the Bible says that Peter was assigned the Jews and Paul was sent to Rome to start the gentile church. This whole pope thing is misleading from the very beginning. I wish more catholics would read a non-altered Bible and get to know God through Truth and not trust this church for anything spiritual. There are so many false traditions taking place in this church. I was a catholic for 40 years of my life and finally left after I had enough of the false information.

Did you know that this church “altered” the Bible’s 10 Commandments in Exodus 20? One of these popes decided to remove the Second Commandment and make another Commandment into two. Thus giving catholics their very own “10″ commandments!! Lies. You need a non-catholic Bible to find out what the Second Commandment is. It has everything to do with creating “images” and statues!! That’s why they sell this stuff and make money from it, going against God’s will. There is NO conviction taking place. This is just one thing, there are hundreds of falseness being taught to catholics. Sadly, they follow blindly.

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