Fed taking "forceful action" on economy, Yellen says

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usagadfly wrote:

An alternative to spending cuts could be to draft the unemployed into the Army so we can invade another country or two. And spread feminism across the planet more forcefully. The unemployed may not make very good soldiers but they could be deployed for “human wave” attacks on politically disapproved countries. The result might well be spreading our obviously superior notion of family structure and sex roles while at the same time forcefully opening up new markets for corporations that contribute to our political parties. Social “benefit” payments would thus be put to some good use as well!

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As a supporter of completely free markets, I am also a realist. The entire world won’t embrace a completely free market, nor is the world on a level playing field in the realm of living standards. We need a tariff on imports from countries with cheaper labor. Otherwise, our economy will not recover, welfare will increase because we simply cannot compete. As long as the money can chase the cheaper labor, we will have a dwindling economy and mass unemployment. You simply cannot compete with labor that is next to free, regardless of how much easing the FED throws out there. We are seeing the end result of State fed capitalism and monopoly….bankruptcy on a mass scale.

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Eric93 wrote:

Monetary measures won’t improve the labor market if the problem is structural – which it is, no matter what she says. American companies have offshored labor to cheaper countries and the jobs are gone in America. Creating ‘magic money’ through Fed machinations won’t help – it is ‘pushing on a string’. The constant stream of BS from the Fed is not only boring, it is getting annoying. Obama should fire the whole lot and shut down the Fed.

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Regulator623 wrote:

We’re going on five years now without success…don’t you think that we can now safely say that Obama’s policies to get the economy moving again are not working?

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