In rebuttal to Obama, Rubio tries to soften Republicans' tone

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AdamSmith wrote:

The Republican party is sweet on big business, big money, and multinational corporations.

So of course the Party Leadership supports importation of cheap foreign labor, because that drives down wage rates and increases profits.

That is why the Republican Party has become the chief enemy of the American working class.

Immigration is destroying the American middle class.

Labor, like any economic resource, obeys the law of supply and demand. If you dump labor into a market, it drives down the wage-rate.

The plain fact is that immigration into any modern country has two serious, lethal effects on the native-born citizens:
1. Immigration sharply drives down wage rates.
2. Immigration sharply drives up housing costs (rent rates).

Thus employers and landlords benefit from immigration.
Thus common workers are greatly harmed by immigration.

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Bradnaksuthin wrote:

If it quacks like a Republican, walks like a Republican and tastes like a Republican….It’s a Republican and no amount of window dressing to appear like a liberal is going to fool anyone into thinking that he’s anything but a waterboy for the Weathy.

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jeff81201 wrote:

Not impressed. Just the same old stuff – drill baby drill, cut taxes.

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Raelyn wrote:

Most of his speech was pre-prepared and used the same old Republican party lines that lead us into recessions and help the rich get richer. Americans seem to be catching on — well, except the southern states which will probably never get over having a half-white president.

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bates148 wrote:

@Raelyn The Republicans did not cause the recession. I’m sorry to bust your bubble there. It’s really a shame so many people believe that but that’s politics I guess.

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ConstFundie wrote:

That is softened? The GOP is caught in the proverbial monkey-trap, and nothing in the jar but a clenched fist. High time for some new mainstream Political Parties.

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flashrooster wrote:

“The Republicans did not cause the recession.” That’s true. Their policies did.

The Republicans have stressed the point, since the election, that their problem isn’t their policies; it’s their message. Rubio’s rebuttal is a perfect example of what we can expect to see from the GOP for the foreseeable future. Just put on a more caring front and say nice things that you know people like hearing, like how much you love the Middle Class and how you’re going to protect the American dream, bla, bla, bla.

But the problem isn’t the message. It’s their policies. The policies are based on greed and hatred. And the constant lies. I don’t even know if most rightwingers know what they really want. They seem to have this vague picture of a modern day frontier way of life where it’s every man for himself and if someone crosses the line, shoot them. Ask a rightwinger to name a country that does things more to their liking than the US, and they will have a hard time naming one country. That’s because their vision of how a country should be run is irrational and is not doable, not to mention immoral.

I’ve talked with several Latinos and I haven’t found one yet who is impressed with Rubio. They know Rubio is saying what he thinks is best for his own personal career.

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Abulafiah wrote:

The only way Republicans will become relevant again is to stop being Republicans.

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abb68 wrote:

Obama’s and Rubio’s speeches were a clear contrast between style and substance respectively.

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Fortunately, demographics will do the job for the Democratic majority, even gerrymangered to extremes by Republicans. It is a matter of 8-12 years. President will always be Democratic, at present it is simple maths, Republicans entrenched in significant part of society the image of cruel rich from Dickens novels. For Congress 8-12 years will be needed for Texas, and some other states to become Hispanic-Democratic. And then Gini index will decrease.

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BillDexter wrote:

All too true. Republicans as we know them are extinct. Even if Romney had won it would have only been the last hurrah. In my lifetime, the split between ‘small government, law and order Republicans’ and ‘big business, big government Republicans’ killed my Father’s Republican party. G.W. Bush’s Presidency was unrecognizable and incomprehensible to me.

Also in my lifetime, Democrats have changed from being “the party of the working class” to the party of government dependency and race contention. Democrats championed open borders precisely to avail themselves of this sure fire demographic. Now, the unholy alliance between public union members and the welfare class can vote themselves whatever they want. At least, that is, until they run out of other people’s money.

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taxcorps2 wrote:

The tax increase on those with over $450,000 income certainly is not the total solution, but it will help with needed fed. revenue. To believe that this personal tax increase will significantly subdue job creation is pure fantasy.

The really big numbers of jobs will come from returning manufacturing to this country by corporations whose CEO’s are making $10-20 million/yr and more, and VP’s, upper management making the $500K to a few million. The tax increased will not be significant to them, not enough to cease investment that would make even more money for them, despite the personal income tax level. This is just another weak excuse by the Republicans to not do anything but keep their heads in the sand and continue on their hypocritical way.

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hoxfan wrote:

There is truly nothing more heart-warming than watching a Republican reach out to minorities with one hand while firmly pinching his nose with the other.

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