New Texas Senator Ted Cruz blazing a trail in Washington

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fugedaboudit wrote:

Without the ability to compromise, legislation will not happen. We have witnessed this in spades since the teabaggers came into prominence in 2010. Sticking to your principles is admirable, but being unyielding in all regards is not. Yet another example of someone who has no idea how the system works, therefore it doesn’t. Next, please…

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Raelyn wrote:

He is an embarrassment to the State of Texas.

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ErnestPayne wrote:

Two ancient maxims. Open mouth insert foot and the one about opening your mouth and proving you are a fool. Watch the republican hierarchy put this one out to pasture with no chance of getting any of the rewards of seniority.

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americanguy wrote:

The only reason anyone would do a story about another rude tea party psycho, is to set them for a run for President as a Republican. Expect a lot more stories about this anti-democracy emotion spewing right wing fool.
To me the Tea Party acts very similar to Baby Kim and North Korean military leaders.
Can we ship the Tea Party members to North Korea where they would be happy?

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What ever happened to the days in which we at least made a pretense of electing our best and brightest to public office?

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krimsonpage wrote:

Zieg heil, Herr Cruz.

Texas…..jeezuz Kristo.

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Texasbred wrote:

Ted Cruz’s parents moved to Canada in 1957 from Cuba. They DID NOT move to Texas at that time. Ted Cruz was born in 1970 in Alberta Canada. Please don’t mistake him for being a Texan. He isn’t. Reuter’s should really check their facts.

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USAPragmatist wrote:


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fred5407 wrote:

Some of you commentors are really bigots. You attack people you do not agree with and make slangy insults. You stand for nothing except being an Obama lackey and a democrat bootlicker

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moonhill wrote:

History shows caving in to Hispanics by rewarding illegal immigrants with green cards and citizenship does not result in more votes for the Republican party. Reagan proved that. It is unfair to those people who are following our laws to come here legally. Why put law breakers at the head of the line? Around 70% of these lawbreakers vote Democrat. If 70% of them were voting Republican, the Democrats couldn’t seal the border fast enough! I admire Cruz for his stance. We are a nation of laws, and those who break them should in no way be rewarded.

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MJMann wrote:

That’s all this country needs. Another blow hard in Congress.

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moonhill wrote:

Art_In_Seattle-If that were the criteria, Obama never would have been elected.

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yrbmegr wrote:

That’s so 2010.

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Truth_Teller wrote:

Mr. Cruz is the antithesis of Mr. Obama. If he runs, he is truly anti-establishment, and so he really might win. That’s enough to get my vote. Washington is an out of control monster bent on enslaving the people one petty rule and tax at a time. The people are catching on and that’s why we Texans sent Mr. Cruz to Washington. Hope everyone enjoys his presence up there, we certainly are. If you don’t like it, just kick us out, Texas would be glad to leave.

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Texasbred wrote:

Cruz can’t run for president. He is a Canadian. Born in Alberta. 1970. Thank God for that.

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enderwiggin wrote:

Hold your horses guys as far as Cruz running for President. He isn’t eligible. He was born in Canada and only one of his parents, his Mom, was a US citizen at the time and both have to be US citizens to make him eligible. That was the case for George Romney.

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Speaker2 wrote:

All I can say is the Republican Party is inbred and out of touch with majority of Americans, the party of no.

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allenY wrote:

It appears like the Democrats are like “Ole Shep”, they can dish it out but can’t take it. How about Reid making allegations about Romney. Unsubatantiated allegations I might add. It is a breath of fresh air to have a political representative who is not someones lap dog.

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Reginaldo wrote:

Always dazzling to see how hard at work teabagger trolls are on this site.

Outsourcing and offshoring big business has mobilized its very own self-reinforcing, zealous militant wing to preach and rouse the superficial emotions of the lazy of mind, the uneducated and the unambitious, and at the same time sends its circus-show champions into Congress to spit on the goals of thoughtful balance and tolerance upon which it was founded. Harvard Law ought to be ashamed.

The 20th century offers plenty of examples, in varying degrees of garishness, of what can happen when ideology defeats pragmatism and compromise.

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“Hold your horses guys as far as Cruz running for President. He isn’t eligible. He was born in Canada and only one of his parents, his Mom, was a US citizen at the time and both have to be US citizens to make him eligible. That was the case for George Romney.”

Then by your statement, Obama is an illegal president, his father was a Kenyan national. And they call the left intelligent?

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enderwiggin wrote:

The most important fact about Cruz is that he isn’t eligible to run for President because he was born in Canada to an American mother but a Cuban father. It isn’t the same situation as President Obama because he was born on American soil. Cruz has said he didn’t have to become a naturalized citizen (he came to the US when he was four years old) because his mother’s citizenship passed to him. Well, this whiz of Harvard/Princeton lawyer should read the law: Title 8 United States Code Section 1401 says that if you are born in a foreign country you are only a US citizen if one parent is a US citizen and the other is a US national, which his father wasn’t (see See Title 8 United States Code Section 1408). Why hasn’t the news media focused on this “birther” issue like they did with President Obama??

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