In Ohio and beyond, Obama sees model for manufacturing revival

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TheNewWorld wrote:

“Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing creates solid objects from a digital model by laying down successive thin layers of material, rather than the traditional “subtractive” approach, in which objects are created by cutting them out of a solid chunk of metal or plastic.”

This wont bring back middle class factory jobs en masse. It will provide tech jobs for the fabrication machines. I am all for it. It is a good step for our tech sector to move into manufacturing, but it wont bring back good jobs for uneducated labor. Those jobs are gone forever unless the dollar tanks completely and we become China.

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reality-again wrote:

Enough of this hype, please.
Not too long ago, team Obama and senator Schumer were avidly promoting solar panels and electric cars as the innovative solution for competitiveness and growth… (remember?)
We all know what became of those bold and innovative ideas.
The government’s job is to keep out of people’s way, and not to try and be smarter than everyone.

US manufacturer and exporter

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tmc wrote:

The Obama administration understands that the United States now has a very real threat to national security. Republicans may surprise the pundits by starting to support some of the manufacturing initiatives. The president, in stereo typical fashion, used only a sound-bite of the statement by Tim Cook about bring some manufacturing back. More importantly Mr. Cook told the government flat out that you can’t “Bring Back” something we never had, and that is the ability to mass produce high tech equipment. Meaning the United States does not have the ability to manufacture an IPad or IPhone. To try and do so would not be at all like bringing something back, but having to train new people to do the job. A bit foolish if the people that are all ready doing it are doing it for a fraction of the cost and not complaining one bit. So, SPIN makes it seem this is about jobs, but it’s not. It’s about national security.

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txguy2112 wrote:

Anyone noticing a trend from Obama that he is saying that unless Congress does what he wants them to do he will just basically issue a royal proclamation to do it?

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stambo2001 wrote:

Could you imagine what an Igadget would cost if actually manufactured in America? The workers that manufacture Igadgets now get less than $2.00 per hour for a 12 hour shift. So they make in an entire day less than what a union worker would demand per hour in the USA.

The math is pretty simple. If you are a business that manufactures you would have to be utterly insane to build a factory in North America. No manufacturing = no economy.

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smit1610 wrote:

What does Obama know about manufacturing?

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JL4 wrote:

@txguy2112, Obama is tired of being obstructed at every turn. If Obama can find his own funds, he’s entitled to make that decision under the Executive Privilege granted to him by the U.S. Constitution. Take away that ability, bro, and who would you have to blame? How can you blame him now if he hasn’t been, until recently, issuing “royal proclamations” to do what he wants? You make no sense. Typical. Box the President into a corner and then blame him for coming out swinging is illogical.

@stambo2001 – what are you going to say when China’s wage rate increases and corporations must pay them and the cost of your iPod goes up? You’ll do a 180 and demand that corps bring the jobs back to the Good ol’ US of A. I don’t understand why Americans think it’s okay for the Corporations to send ANY jobs overseas to avoid paying Americans a fair, living wage. Sure, it increases their profit margins, but it builds a middle-class in (shudder) Communist countries rather than our own. You agree with it because it keeps the cost of an iPod down so that you can afford one. You rail against “Socialism” in our country, yet you send your money to Communists with a smile.

I’ll say it again – American corporations have abandoned the American economy in favor of pleasing a *handful* of shareholders, and their own quarterly profits. You and I can go sing for our supper as far as they’re concerned. As it is now, they will bring jobs – any jobs – back to the U.S. when they can pay us $1.00 an hour. How will that work for YOU?

Of course technology and manufacturing are changing in this country, and we need to keep up with it. I’ve said before that if we give tax breaks – huge tax breaks – to corporations to create jobs here it would offset some of the wage issues they would face. I’m not against tax breaks for Corporations – I’m just against tax breaks so they can pay the Chinese and not us.

Don’t like investing in new technologies? Okay. Remember the story of when a computer could compute 2 + 2 in about six hours (something like that)? But we invested in it anyway because of its potential, and now look. We have an entire industry – a big honking major industry that employs millions of people and not just in manufacturing. We have IT specialists, programmers…we have games, music, website designers, the internet…think it through. How many people are employed because of the computer? And how many of those jobs have gone/are going to China and India and Bulgaria (Bulgaria…really?) because it’s cheaper?

But recovery needs to be done slowly – we need tax hikes here, spending cuts there, investments in small businesses in the way of grants and low interest loans and investments in infrastructure so that non-technology-skilled workers can find jobs that will feed families. We need to invest in new technologies and keep it here in the U.S. We need Welfare reform (not dismantling), healthcare reform, etc., etc. Republicans want one way – their way – and nothing else. Obama has suggested several scenarios that keep getting shot down. But let’s continue to be irrational so we can place blame.

What do you guys want? And what’s with the chronic blame you put on Unions? How much do YOU make an hour, pal? I’ll bet it’s more than a Chinese worker makes in a day. Hypocrite.

@reality-again: try a new moniker “reality-for-a-starter”. Solar panels are a viable industry in the U.S. that is growing. It employs in R & D, manufacturing and installation, AND it lessens our dependence on fossil fuels. Electric cars may not have worked out well, but not everything makes it. Electric cars may not have taken off, but that isn’t to say they’re dead in the water. Solar PV is doing well even though you hate it. The industry employs hundreds of thousands of people whether you like it or not. As the cost of solar comes down, and it is whether you like it or not, more and more people will have PV installations on their homes and businesses, whether you like it or not. Deal with it.

Republicans have lost their common sense in favor of self-imposed, ignorant dogma. Republicans used to be *conservatives* who believed in a slow, moderate approach to growth. Now you’re mostly just economic terrorists, bent on an agenda that is self-destructive – and bent on it only because you love to hear yourselves talk smack and hatred.

You’ve lost credibility. I’ve only read a few posts by Conservatives on these forums in the past few years. True conservatives are usually educated and see the bigger picture. Governor Jindahl said it succinctly, “We’ve got to stop being the part of Stupid.” Yep. Wise words from a member of the Republican party.

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jaham wrote:

It is not our dear leaders job to determine where a “revival” will occur, that is determined by the private sector.

Obama can certainly try to squeeze the life out of some sectors as he has done, but it is not he, the almighty, who determines where the free market economy wants to invest.

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jaham wrote:

@jl4 said: “Obama is tired of being obstructed at every turn. If Obama can find his own funds, he’s entitled to make that decision under the Executive Privilege granted to him by the U.S. Constitution”

Yes, and it is Congress’ prerogative to obstruct Obama’s ill-advised initiatives of big government control as they are so entitled to make such a decision per the Legislative privileges granted to them by the U.S. Constitution.

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YouGoYo wrote:

I wish the GOP would stop listening to Wall Street lobbyists, Koch Bro’s, Tea Bag whackO’s, Ted Nugent types and realize Wall Street doesn’t care about jobs! They make money if the stock market goes up or down. Americans are hurting. In the past the gov has invested massive amounts in research, industry, manufacturing etc. Stop voting against your bests interests! For the economy, national security, etc. we need industry here, not in some 3rd world sweat shop!

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YouGoYo wrote:

@JL4 Thank You! Well written, well said.

@jaham Find a hobby, dude. Go volunteer, do something constructive.

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jaham wrote:

@jaham…thanks for the advice; I find refuting liberal ignorance to be constructive.

Care to go for a whirl?

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Speaker2 wrote:

Apple can afford to manufacturer products in the US, instead they choose to max out profits, which is why they are sitting on 134-billion in cash, sitting offshore and untaxed.

Sure had they choose to make iPhones and iPods in the US, they could have made products here and sold for the same price, but they would have had smaller margins, something Wall Street doesn’t like.

Simple solution is to stop giving tax breaks to move production offshore and start taxing all offshore earnings. As far as the US having the highest corporate taxes, that’s a joke, there are so many tax loop write offs, no one pays taxes at the full rate.

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