Analysis: Arabs mired in messy transitions two years after heady uprisings

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BioStudies wrote:

Don’t look behind the curtain. Focus on what we tell you. There is nothing behind the curtain. Focus on what we tell you.

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paintcan wrote:

@Biostudies – Are you advising the Tunisians or the readers?

Otherwise – I don’t get it?

Both the French and Russian Revolutions were followed by a long periods of economic stagnation and political instability. They suffered through a few decades of it until the regimes of Napoleon and Stalin rose up to enslave those counties and force them to construct a more durable edifice. What it means to be a “slave” is never cut and dried. But they had to do so by trying to tame a lion and offending its human instinct for autonomy. The strong man or regime always eventually wears out or finds his “skill sets” have either done their job and/or have become obsolete. I think even the current dear leader of Korea must suspect that his skill sets are obsolete and his greatest nightmare is that everyone else has caught on to his party‚Äôs inadequacy. My worst nightmare is that he is a caricature of all the super powers. But nightmares are only dreams too.

What I tend to fear is that even the best government could be inadequate if Africa is really undergoing a massive desertification in the widest part, as I saw on Google earth a few nights ago.

That could mean we were watching these people’s death agonies and nothing they try would ever work again? It could imply that even totalitarian forced cooperation might not work either. If the ship is sinking there isn’t much a captain or crew can do. Political corruption is very hard to define. The UN is the definition of last resort, so it seems.

Totalitarian tyrants and strongmen regimes are very hard to argue with and when they depart or collapse, they leave enormous reputations and people tend to build monuments to them, or destroy whatever they tried to accomplish.

Democracy doesn’t have the tools to force opinion. It can only resort to setting an example and/or bribery and seduction but it cannot quite enslave. At least that’s what I still cling to as the reason why democracy is better than most other forms of government. But there don’t seem to be any adequate solutions too many problems now. Too many stresses at once are not healthy.

But the new ME regimes won’t fix anything if they cling too tightly to what they have. They will loose everything.

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