Big hedge funds fueled fourth-quarter dive in Apple shares

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Fstein wrote:

Great info. For some investors, the possibility of 20% plus cap gains is the driver, so thy’re diversifying – partial exit of Apple. Retail investors think long term: Dividend goes up later this year. At that point a 2% CAGR growth in the stock price is fine. But I expect 10% CAGR or more – way above average for all classes of investors.

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LaughingBoy48 wrote:

Of course those hedge funds would sell off Apple shares. They made their profit and have no interest in Apple. The hedge funds only function is to make money and dump whatever stock they used and then find another company to do the same thing. I doubt these hedge funds will get burned twice and they’ll avoid Apple in the future. Apple really doesn’t need them to survive, but shareholders will never see $700 a share from Apple again.

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Stu_ell wrote:

Apple and the smartphone/tablet market reached global saturation and so the smart money dumped it.

Great story, but the Apple story is now reclassified from “exciting” to “mature”, the company will now grow more in line with world population growth.

Steve Jobs created several entirely new markets, and will be forever remembered as one of the great industrial entrepreneurs of all time.

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sylvan wrote:

This is blatant market manipulation by the hedge fund creeps and the SEC sits on the sidelines as they continually and through collusion, rip off small investors. Now they are trying to bully their way into an elite position. Just more elitists jerks paying lower taxes because they bought politicians. Small investors are getting ripped blind by Wall St. again.

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msdds1 wrote:

Oh Please. This is about Hedge Funds manipulating the market and getting away with it. They make money going up and down, ( shorting it) knowing that they are creating panic and sell.
So now the new darling is Netflix, who still does not make money. Up it will go and than , bam.
I do think they will get back in to Apple just they did with Google, its just a matter of time.
But the little investor will likely get screwed cause they dont play golf on the same turf.

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wthcares wrote:

It was Bush’s fault.

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zato wrote:

“Some of the biggest hedge funds that helped make Apple Inc a stock market darling lost faith and dumped their stakes in the fourth quarter…”

And coincidently, Microsoft released its new OS and tablet. Also coincidently, numerous stories in the Microsoft controlled tech press questioned whether Apple was “done”. They claimed that “innovation” was over, Steve Jobs was gone. That Apple was the new Microsoft, now desperately trying to extend its glory days with lawsuits against competitors.

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