Exclusive: North Korea tells China of preparations for fresh nuclear test - source

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TyroneJ wrote:

The US & South Korea should sign a peace treaty with North Korea. Pretending that the Korean peninsula is still engaged in a civil war is just plain stupid. The reality is North & South Korea are two separate countries, and if North Korea is willing to sign a peace treaty that leaves the borders as they are, there is no valid excuse for the US or the South to not sign it as well.

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americanguy wrote:

North Korea is ordering China around, and China trembles in fear.
China doesn’t really support North Korea, China is just afraid of North Korea.

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tneb wrote:

Would be a shame if a nuclear device accidentally went off in a cargo container in one of their main cities.

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SouthernSky wrote:

One can only imagine what is being discussed amongst China’s elite.
An unpredictable, uncontrollable neighbor on it’s doorstep must surely be presenting at set of challenges China could do without. A war involving world powers in the next Five to Ten years cannot be dismissed.

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mgunn wrote:

The US won’t consider signing a peace treaty until they disarm first. I’m not sure how logical that is considering what happened in Iraq and Libya (where we invaded anyway and funded proxies, respectively, even though they disarmed.)

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emu wrote:

The whole thing could be solved in two years, if the US and China could agree to a neutral united korea, taking away china’s reason to keep north korea alive.

After WWII the US did such a deal with the Soviet Union about Austria. Why not do something similar with China about Korea?

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NorthPatrick wrote:

I doubt the South Koreans have any interest in unifying in the first place. If they simply watched the West Germans having to carry the financial load for decades after the unification of Germany, one could not blame them for being hesitant. NK should quit trying to pick a fight with the world, and worry about feeding her people.

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NJ989 wrote:

…. ah yes , the obama administration is ” very concerned ”

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ChangeWhat wrote:

I’m done caring about what North Korea does, i’m convinced any news on NK is just used to blind side people all over the world from bigger schemes right under our noses. Its all propaganda and BS people, we have been duped by the media and government for decades now.

One question: Why haven’t we invaded NK yet under the ploy of WMD’s, but we have invaded the middle east under the same ploy?

Answer: NO not because of china we could have annihilated them long ago when their military was technologically behind (not anymore though).


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MikeBarnett wrote:

This article admits a fact that most ignore: the US and South Korea remain in a legal state of war with North Korea. China and Russia allowed “volunteers” to fight, so did not become belligerents. For 60 years, the truce has not worked. The US should negotiate a treaty with North Korea, and the South should make its treaty. The US and South Korea are two separate countries and have some different objectives.

North Korea plans two more tests because the recent device came close to one needed for a missile. The missile test is needed for a launch platform for several independent strike units or for a bigger type of weapon.

Hopefully, North Korea will continue on the nuclear path and avoid thermonuclear devices with four or more nuclear detonators. Nearly all thermonuclear devices have one nuclear detonator that ignites the fuel for the H-bomb, but, as the fission device explodes, it ends the thermonuclear sequence, limiting fusion yields to about 0.008% efficiency. Four or more nuclear detonators, arranged in a pyramidal pattern around the H-bomb fuel, would block most of the thermonuclear fuel from escaping through the four nuclear blasts, raising the H-bomb efficiency to nearly 100% or 12,500 times the normal yield. A standard 10 megaton device would yield 125,000 megatons. It would be dangerous for North Korea to test the device, and it could destroy most of a continent, such as North America. Hopefully, the US will have a peace treaty with North Korea before it is ready to launch such a weapon against a power the size of a continent, such as the US.

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Could one ask?
Is China using North Korea as a peon to antagonize the US?
While they assume to be contrary to what is happening.

It to bad the sates has dropped it use of the shuttles
When they could be lifting some heavy boulders up into space to practice mining.
And when they bond these boulders together, it would be unfortunate if one of them should accidentally fall on ping’s guilty head. We could have said it was a meteorite. Hm! wonder how it would come across?

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stambo2001 wrote:

@changewhat actually NK possesses several trillion dollars in undeveloped natural resources. Simply google ‘north korean resources’ and educate yourself a bit.

North Korea is a buffer between China and the American puppet state of South Korea. You are living in a fantasy land if you think China would ever consider allowing the usa to invade and take control of NK. Never.

Kim Jong-un sure is doing a good job of making barry look like the ineffectual wet noodle that he is. Think the Iranians are not seeing this and learning a thing or two? If the americans want either Iran or North Korea to stop nuclear research they’re going to have to grow a pair and invade. It is funny how Israel and the USA threaten Iran on a daily basis for simple research while NK is openly and actively researching both nuclear weapons AND ballistic missiles… and all they can do is whine and threaten more ‘sactions’. /weaksauce

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N. Korea walked away from six-nations nuclear talk. It once blackmailed US by getting food aids but still developed nuclear weapons. It has been Kim’s generation after generation holding dictatorship empire while N. Koreans have been isolated from getting or learning outside world information. While generation of Kims’ leader look fat and eat well, N. Koreans have been suffered from mal-nutrition. Many times in past, it has launched offensive over and killed many S. Korean civilians and sailors. And now, it uses nuclear tests to force US to talk. This N. Korea Regime should not exist on earth. It is truly devil.

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Snowpine wrote:

North Korea will be the death of many Americans in the future, peace treaty or not. I just hope China will not join them during a time when our country is more unstable than it is now.

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xyz2055 wrote:

stambo…to listen to you talk…you’d think the nothing bad happened prior to 2009. NK got their nukes under GW’s watch. Nothing new has happened in N. Korea. Over reacting to this punk is the last thing you want to do. NK is whizzing on the Chinese cornflakes these days. Let China deal with them.

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pjdxxxwa wrote:

Is it time for young Kim Jong-un to have first hand knowledge of what Drones can do? I hate when juveniles who think they are more than they are.

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Missourimule wrote:

What? NK’s not afraid of sanctions? But that’s our all-powerful weapon . . . that, and the threat that “all options are on the table” that we pull out of the desk every time some country is acting up. We’re a paper tiger, and the world knows that: that’s what the voters wanted when they elected Barack, and that’s what we’ve become.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

The author includes the legal state of war but omits other points about the US relationship with North Korea. In 2001, the US removed the Taliban from power, but that was expected after 9-11. In January, 2002, Bush said Iraq, Iran, and North Korea formed an “Axis of Evil.” Bush overthrew Saddam in an illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the Bush regime tried to link Iran to 9-11 and to aid for insurgents in Iraq. Kim Jong-il saw Afghanistan, Iraq, and propaganda on Iran, so he raced for nuclear weapons and missiles to strike the US, and that was a wise and logical move given the Bush regime’s record and statements.

In 2006, North Korea detonated its first nuclear weapon, and the US was so bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan that US voters chose Democrats for both houses. US threats against Iran continued, and Kim set off the second nuclear weapon in 2009. US threats against Iran and the Asian Pivot make the third test and the missiles wise policy. US refusal to negotiate a peace treaty and end the Korean War despite the obvious failure of the 60 year truce raises questions and doubts.

The US should negotiate a peace treaty with North Korea and urge South Korea to do the same. However, the two countries are different and have many differing foreign policy objectives, so the talks will be separate. When the US is no longer “legally at war” with North Korea, more normal relations can be pursued.

In Special Forces, we recruited, organized, trained, and directed the natives of countries in unconventional warfare, both insurgency and counterinsurgency. Since an A team recruited and trained a 500 man native battalion, we learned to understand their views because our lives depended on this skill. It was not our mission to adopt their country’s global or regional ambitions, but we needed to understand them.

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stambo2001 wrote:

@xyz2055 Just love your response: ‘it’s bush’s fault and let somebody else deal with it’, harharhar! IF the USA is so worried about the nuclearization of Iran and North Korea than the USA should do something about it aside from wagging their fingers. Perhaps publicly the Chinese condemn the actions of NK but you can be pretty sure they’re giggling their asses off at the weakness of the USA behind the scenes.

And again please do remember that a number of high ranking democrats (like oh say Hillary Clinton) voted in favor of those ‘Bush Wars’. At least Bush brought the issue(s) to congress for vote, and people from both sides of the isle agreed with him! No?

If the USA wants to continue to being the top dog then they better be prepared to spill some blood and treasure once again…on a massive, massive scale.

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VonHell wrote:

I think all this bla bla bla about NK never was a matter of “security”… To be honest i dont feel a single bit worried about NK, or Iran by the way… not even by the russians with thousands of nukes stockpiled and slowly decaying or China with hundreds of nukes plus a billion people… because i cant imagine NK or Iran as able to threat, defeat or much less with guts to start a nuclear war against US…
With fewer western educated tyrane-like dictators to start little wars and al qaeda reduced to mere targets to drones… the only thing that worries me is where will US go after Afganistan…

Because all the worries go around find an excuse to keep wartime levels of military personal, equipment, budget and money flowing to an idle industry that should have been redirected to other line of business long ago… and err “make no mistake” … US will deploy somewhere else otherwise there will be no new F35s to replace the old fighters rusting in the open under protective white coat…

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Why couldn’t that Russian meteor hit PyongYang instead?

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kehenalife wrote:

North Korea is throwing a fit to get attention: and the world should…….WITH A VERY LARGE HAMMER.

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Bfstk wrote:

The US needs to tell North Korea we won’t be holding talks with until they cease to behave like outlaws. We can’t negotiate with a weapon held to our head,

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Neurochuck wrote:

Meanwhile, as the “sexist man alive” is trying to get it up, over in the land with Sunni Salafists, Saudi money, anti-western military, …
Encrypted design and process specifications probably fit in one 32 Gb memory stick.
We have a problem.

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kafantaris wrote:

Stupid is stupid does.

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beancube2101 wrote:

China would say, you don’t need two. You just need none or a big one test and you have to do economic reform with young people like the age of yourselves. Without sustainable economy, the military is not yours, they will become your worse enemies instead. You can’t imagine what they can do to you when majority of civilians are not on your side.

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Shame on the child that shows bad behavior. Killing his people in malnutrition, lack of fulfilling energy needs for his people, because of old-time paranoia, attempts at hostage taking on the world-stage. It is best to ignore the screaming brat in the center of the grocery store, walk away rather than give any response be it positive or negative reinforcement for bad behavior. Let the child recognize no one is listening to the scream, the child gets nothing it wants during it’s temper tantrum. Shame on that child!

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Fill wrote:

The diplomatic memo leaks revealed that China thinks of NK as a spoiled child, and here it is. NK it a little bully in a big playground. Let them use up their nuclear fuel throwing a tantrum. If they dare touch SK, Japan, or the US it will be curtains for them very quickly. Why? For one, most of the NK’s populace is ignorant, without news, weak and poor. A precision strike followed by drones cutting off the head of the snake would render NK helpless. The last thing we’d want to do is a ‘shock and awe’; the population there would exodus, which would be a bad thing for either China or SK and a huge humanitarian problem.

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iamhe wrote:

“Drawing global condemnation and a stern warning from the United States that testing is a threat and a provocation.”

actually, NO IT IS NOT!… one has to project a lot of paranoia into testing, to call it a provocation, which says more about the paranoid, than it does about the testers.

Mutual Nuclear Deterrence is Civilized Deterrence.

every nation has a right! to have defensive deterrent weapons.

No nation wants or needs nukes except to deter belligerent -paranoid- sociopathic governments from attacking.

It is pathetic that the US goes pontificating all over the world, never paying any respect, never mentioning that MND makes both venues unsafe for war. Never mentioning MND is Civilized Deterrence.

Never mentioning that a few nukes can deter the entire US military.

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FRPSR wrote:

Employing the reasoning skills of a Johnny Bolton combined with the gravity and insight from the self declared ‘decider’ , has given the ‘Bolton & Bush’ free zone of North Korea a clear advantage in the exercises of thinking .
Who among the wise would have imagined the unblinking belligerence of the neo cons , or whatever they’re calling themselves now , carrying their published insights at unheard of rates , including a sterling 100% wrong on foreign policy , could have policies up their sleeves even more ignorant and destructive ?
Discounting the immaturity of jingoistic war mongering neo cons is generous , but a disingenuous attitude , indicative of the small minded neo con manipulators . Pleased to believe that what is the most dangerous and destabilizing power available is what the neo con war mongers perfect record of wrong implies , proving again that the highest cost to peaceful existence is the failure to learn .
The neo con not only believes that someone else is responsible , but their ready to spill your guts to prove it .

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“stambo…to listen to you talk…you’d think the nothing bad happened prior to 2009. NK got their nukes under GW’s watch. Nothing new has happened in N. Korea. Over reacting to this punk is the last thing you want to do. NK is whizzing on the Chinese cornflakes these days. Let China deal with them.”

From what I understand North Korea’s first “nuclear” tests were not nuclear at all and it was determined that they did not have nukes. If you want to play the blame game go back to President Clinton that gave them the tech for the nuclear reactors in hopes of helping them find a little prosperity. They may in fact be faking a lot of these nuclear tests and using other explosives to make noise and get attention. The US and the UN needs to stop with the starve your people sanctions. Making your enemies desparate just leads to war. I am not in favor of rewarding this behavior, but I am in favor of diplomacy and good will for better behavior.

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detain wrote:

So let me get this straight, North Korea is going to repeatedly nuke itself until we cave into their demands? I say we wait it out and see how many times they nuke themselves before they realize that tactic needs to change. If they’re ever short sighted enough to consider turning the nukes anywhere else I don’t see any superpower taking that lying down or putting them in a negotiating mood.

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Nerever wrote:

So much manipulation, stubbornness, and posing on part of governments to appear uncompromising, important, and free to do as they want to get what they want. But what choice is there? You have to play their game, or not play at all. America is taking the part of Moral Superiority, while being passive aggressive.

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charlie182 wrote:

It’s so disgusting that the only solution the worlds “intellectuals” in the U.N. can come up with in response to any “threat” is to stop trading with them, impose sanctions which starve millions of people to death in that country and then finally when it collapses completely they come in and take everything over establish their world bank(rothschild owned) and a puppet regime which will do what the zionist’s and multiculturalists want.

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Androidian wrote:

I think the US should start doing some nuclear testing there as well.
They seem to like it.

Feb 17, 2013 8:32am EST  --  Report as abuse
nixonfan wrote:

Kim thinks that he can scare the US into giving him more grain and oil. He should be ignored.

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