Exclusive: Big powers to offer easing gold sanctions at Iran nuclear talks

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acebros wrote:

To bribe Iran now to do what the sanctions were intended to force them to do is to reward resistance and encourage further weapons development. Bad tactics, indicating bad strategy.

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stambo2001 wrote:

Not a bribe, more like protection/racketeering. It’s more or less saying ‘quit doing what you are legally entitled to do and we’ll stop preventing you from doing business’.

Raise your hand if you think the Israelis should be forced to join the NPT and be forced to have inspections of their facilities, like they wish of the Iranians. Who proliferated the nuclear technology to the Zionists anyway?

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usagadfly wrote:

The nuclear genie is loose and nothing will put it back into the bottle. Iranian nuclear power is not a problem of the USA. It is a problem of Israel.

The whole point of physical gold is that it is very, very hard for governments and institutions to regulate and control. It is wealth in the hands of the “little” people. It is not held in “accounts” or computer records but in the hand.

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xcanada2 wrote:

I would guess that Turkey is telling the US to stuff it, on the gold trade. They have already indicated that they can’t live without their Iranian gas.

So, this offer from the West, to ease their criminal sanctions, is meaningless. Except, as face saving, if Turkey is forced to continue the gold trade despite USrael.

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Dhirajkunar wrote:

Is the USA prepared for an answer from Iran – No. Gold transactions are peanuts. We will not negotiate with you anymore. Do what you want.

Will “the west” decide to go to war? The price of oil will spike up to 300$ (the Iranians warned this much in advance) so much that President of the United States will be overthrown because he will loose the confidence from his people. America will have to be prepared for an “American Spring”. Hormuz anyway will be infested with terrorists loyal to Iran. Tankers will not be available. No matter how much the Americans do to guard Hormuz, they will have to retreat someday because it is very expensive and dangerous in the long run. The Americans have to be very clear on this before they start negotiations with Tehran and be ready for a NO from Iran.

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Laster wrote:

Queue the gold bugs. I would have never believed it, apparently Venezuela was able to repatriate nearly all their gold reserves from foreign banks. Alternately central banks around the globe are flooding markets with fiat currency. I wonder if there’s some connection(s) here ?

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aussie66 wrote:

Let common sense prevail.
Iran is a sovereign country of 70+ million people. Calling Iran a rogue state humiliates a great majority of Iranians. I don’t think they deserve it. They are hardworking as any US , european, or israeli citizens.

Their government supports Hamas and Hezbollah. So what. USA supports other freedom fighters (or terrorists) elsewhere on the planet. It would be interesting to compare the amounts of money involved on both sides.

Every logically thinking adult must see that Iran has as much right to nuclear industry as has US, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea. For whatever purpose. Sure, it would be better if the world was nuclear free, but stopping Iran and North Korea only is not the right way to do it.

US military has declared that they can live with nuclear Iran. They lived with nuclear Soviet Union. Too bad that Israel feels threaten. They aren’t exactly good guys, so they must expect it. They are not interested in complying with numerous UN resolutions, constantly annoy and humiliate US administration with the extensions of illegal settlements, and do not let their nuclear industry to be inspected. How is it that they can get so much support in the US Congress and in some circles in Europe? I smell money.

Should 70 million Iranians and in a way the whole world be dragged into another american adventure because of that? Is it fair? When will US citizens say enough is enough? Are they so blind not to see what is going on?

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Renbe wrote:

Instead of offering peanuts, the US should offer a complete end to all sanctions, normalization of relations, a guarantee that Iran won’t be attacked, and recognition of Iran’s right to nuclear energy including the full fuel cycle under the supervision of the IAEA. In return Iran should close Fordow, and only produce enough enriched uranium for their reactors.

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diddums wrote:

When is the USA going to get what the word Sovereignty means.

Feb 16, 2013 4:43am EST  --  Report as abuse
TheIranian wrote:

I think shutting down Fordo enrichment is too big for merely easing gold sanctions, which have only been at force since a few months ago. What would the West then ask for easing the oil and banking sanctions? Shutting down Natanz Enrichment Center and Arak Research Reactor? Then we’ll be at the same step as 2005, and since it does not recognize Iran’s right to peaceful enrichment, I would not accept it if I where a negotiator for Iran. Besides, Fordo is Iran’s insurance against aerial attacks by the U.S. and Israel, since it is almost impervious to any such attack. It simply does not make sense to close it, especially since the West has yet to even claim that Fordo is in anyway involved with nuclear weapons.

I think an equivalent move by Iran would be reducing the number of centrifuges enriching uranium to 20% by one-third, and reconfiguring the rest away from 20% enrichment.

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Sassan31 wrote:

Iran is a rogue state under the Islamic Republic of Terror. This is not an “insult to Iranian people” but rather acknowledging to the Iranian people that we understand that the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic in no way, shape or form represents the values of the Iranian people. Iran under this regime is one big concentration camp of over 75-million people. We must stand with the Iranian people in not legitimizing this regime and supporting democracy and freedom for Iran. This is in the benefit of the Iranian people, and in the benefit of the free world. The regime occupying Iran is an apocalyptic regime bent on terror and havoc that must be defeated, not appeased. The fact is that Iran is the only country in the entire region that once liberated will become a true secular democracy.

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Dhirajkunar wrote:

@ Sassan31

If Iran is a rogue state, so be it. You wont go anywhere just cribbing in different blogs media how bad is the regime. The fact is what are you doing about this? There is no attack on Iran either by the so called powers. If you say Iran is bad, just go to Saudi Arabia and see how “good” they are. They chop of the hands of a petty thief. All ME regimes are bad. Which is good by the way?

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