U.N. says delayed Congo peace deal due to be signed February 24

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oxen wrote:

The intervention force will need all the help it can get in the border areas, thick forest and swamps because of the infiltration and cross border arms supplies that exacerbated the rebellion and caused much destabilisation of DRC in the fist place . High technology needs to be used to eliminate armed rebel threats to the population and the UN-mandated force.
Regimes cited as supporting the rebels need to be monitored very closely despite their signing on the treaty ,otherwise personnel may be lost due to the rules of engagement UN may adhere too but to which the various nefarious rebel groups and supporters may have no respect for their focus is really plunder, theft, control of resources: land, timber and the several minerals.
Mr Ban K-Moon, Mr Kerry and other international players from Europe and SADC who have been helping DRC need to rise to the occasion and help DRC through this UN/ SADC effort to stop this rebel nonsense once and for all. Africa is too much of a laughing stalk for the world. Some of our leaders in the region aid this sort of situation due to greed and ulterior motives within and outside borders of the nations the have imposed themselves over the populations through autocratic administrations that are presented as pretences of democracy.

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