White House drafts backup immigration plan, Republicans balk

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DesertDonna wrote:

What a sell-out! Typical politician, go where the votes are. Think it’s hard to find jobs now? Wait until a nation that is very overcrowded, Catholic and doesn’t believe in birth control, but have an average of 6 kids per family, takes over our country! When that day comes, I’m moving to Canada! No lie!

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PoliticalBS wrote:

What a joke. These politicians will do anything to get votes. Why 8 years? Maybe because that’s the political cycle. SECURE THE BORDERS FIRST!!! Regan fell for this before, and the borders were NEVER properly secured.

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mixingpot wrote:

If they are trying to get in illegally what makes you think after you give them a green card they will do things the legal way?? I’m tired of paying taxes for this. Make it simple treat them as terrorists since they are coming in illegally and cannot bother to do things the legal way. Remind me why we pay taxes for ILLEGAL actions?

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thismarty wrote:

What? No ponies?!? So unfair.

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Ok his take is , to make them Legal over eight years? Question so the federal system is seeking to force its self onto the states to impose hikes or sustain ment of the federal tax codes on the state to cover all the cost of federal programs that takes care of those not working for welfare etc, Now based on the nations federal Voluntary tax code history, as I understand it, any such bill would have to have a state referendum ballot vote for the states officials to vote on to send to congress ie the 15th Amendment to let congress vote on such for Obama to sign off as a cleared Constitutional Act of an for an buy the will of the people less the point he should veto less the fact would be in violation of the rights of the peoples real voice to be heard,constructive treason, Witch I would vote no, on ,As I see it ,if these Humans are here not legal they should be sent home never let to come back.

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BioStudies wrote:


*at the end of the short article with NO details*
“Rubio wants to hurt hispanics”

Propaganda? I thinks so.

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milkomeda wrote:

Rubio’s maternal grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba in 1962 without a visa and was detained by immigration authorities. An immigration judge ordered Rubio’s grandfather deported, but ultimately U.S. immigration authorities used their discretion to allow him to remain in the U.S. without a visa.

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sylvan wrote:

Rubio has nothing to say about anything. Nice of Bloomberg to try to salvage him after his water lunge, but we are not buying this GOPer pap. Rubio and GOPers will get an up or down vote on immigration, like all representatives, or the GOPers will be quite obvious in stopping progress for immigrants, and will pay the price for decades to come. What will it be angry white males and your token Cuban boy?

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assmuncher wrote:

I’d like the thousands of dollars I spent migrating my spouse to the U.S. returned promptly.

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smigo1990 wrote:

legally u dont have to paid taxes lol

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AZreb wrote:

FOUR YEARS to check immigration status by employers? Good grief – a cow with mad cow disease can be found in months among the millions of cattle – but not an illegal?

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dencal26 wrote:

democrats are willing to destroy America as long as they are in charge

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DesertDonna wrote:
“What a sell-out! Typical politician, go where the votes are. Think it’s hard to find jobs now? Wait until a nation that is very overcrowded, Catholic and doesn’t believe in birth control, but have an average of 6 kids per family, takes over our country! When that day comes, I’m moving to Canada! No lie!”
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Good luck with the whole “move” to canada thing, I seriously looked into that when the U.S. voters re-elected George W. and I was actually surprised that not only does Canada not really want disgruntled Americans or if you prefer disenfranchised Americans and not only does Canada not rteally want us there but there are numerous countries that make it very difficult for the “average” American to relocate to their country Canada and Australia are the two that come to mind, that was nearly nine years ago and I am still here in USA

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kiko71 wrote:

This president has already shown what contempt he has for the Constitution so it’s no wonder that he has no respect for the sovereignty of our nation. Why even have borders? He welcomes those who ignore our laws with open arms. How about we model our border protection after Mexico and follow the same practices they do on their southern border?

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Galactus9999 wrote:

NO AMNESTY and No Pathway to US Citizenship for illegal aliens. We need our Federal Government to do the job we pay then and enforce our immigration laws. Deport all illegal aliens secure the border and fine anyone who hires an illegal alien. Immigration Reform should change the law to make it impossible for an illegal alien to get a job or keep a job in the United States. Current employers of illegal aliens should be required to pay the cost of deportation of their illegal alien employees and their families.

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tmc wrote:

We know that the US will, in essence, become a majority Hispanic country sometime in the very near future. Near enough that we are teaching Spanish across the nation. There is no way to humanely stop this from happening. Pissing off the entire Hispanic population of the US and Mexico sure seems like a sure fire way to make our children and grand children’s life’s a lot more miserable than they ought to be. If you talk to the “Millennial” generation, they don’t seem to understand all of the anger over our neighbors. Most do want the violence and illegal immigration stopped, but not to stop immigration. As we can see by the comment on this site, and it’s far worse on the typical Joe-six-pack sites, the underlying tone of the older generations is to stop it cold in it’s tracks, and to even try to reverse it. Like that could be done. Seems both Joe and Jose have forgotten history. When the Caucasians came in numbers to the America’s, the native Mongoloids had no immunity to the western diseases and the population was devastated. In North America, that was less populated than Central and South, the Caucasians migrated with the intent to expand their territory. Once the native population rebounded in Central and South America’s they began to migrate back into their native North where the natives were being oppressed and assimilated into the Caucasian society, it just became a matter of time. Just as the Mughal empire in India, and the Mongols in China, the Caucasians that migrated in will instead be assimilated into the native population until it is no longer recognizable. Probably another two or three hundred years? This is just how the human societies work. Always has, and will until over time we are all assimilated into a single “race” if you will. Since the Caucasians did not (and could not) commit genocide and repopulate all of the Northern and Southern continents, it was inevitable that they would eventually be absorbed. And that was today’s history lesson Joe Baby Boomer. You are just peeing in wind…

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sirenthumb wrote:

I have been contacting my REPS for “years” regarding the 14th amendment issue commonly known as the “anchor baby” amendment regarding getting it revamped or reinterpretted, as this is our problem and why all this is happening — not withstanding Congress catering to the Industries wanting to use this “so called” cheap labor.

Insist our Congress makes this change to our 14th amendment which is why we now have “birthing houses” and illegals galore coming across our borders ( human trafficking and drug trafficking problems ), etc.

This needs to be “first” on happenings to combat this major illegal problem. And NO CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ( and they are all criminals cause they crossed illegally) should be given any type of pathway to citizenship over those who did it legally!!

If they refuse to HALT when they try to cross — take military action as if they are the enemy, which they are!!

Make note – almost every country years ago changed this similar 14th Amendment Loophole and we knew it existed for eons and our Congress did NOTHING!!!!

American people — time to unite — this change/ reinterpretation of the 14th “anchor baby” amendment is long overdue; and all the other freebies our Country is giving to these illegals needs to stop. That is the bottomline!!

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sirenthumb wrote:

To: Galactus9999 – Right on regarding NO AMNESTY, no pathway to citizenship.

But foremost, reinterpret / revamp the 14th Amendment “anchor baby” amendment immediately!!!

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Harry079 wrote:

“would allow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within eight years”

Why 8 years?

Just like the debt issue this plan kicks the can down that broken down pot hole infested road that leads to nowhere except disaster.

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Speaker2 wrote:

Guys, we have 11-million undocumented people living here. The US will not and cannot round these people up and deport them. Its not going to happen.

The 11-million people live here, work here, pay taxes and our economy depends on them and in many cases they do the hard, dirty, dangerous low paying work most Americans won’t do.

So get over it, most of these comment sound racist and not in my backyard BS anyway.

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texoman wrote:

Galactus 9999- I agree with you. To get this done, all we would need to do is change our laws concerning any employment to require all employees to provide their employer (before employment starts) a Federal Work Permit Card, such as a new Social Security Identifaction Card similar to the new Driver Licinses with Photo and Security built into it that employers and law enforcement could easily access for verication. Any violators should be dealt with harshly! If you stop their employment, they will go home!

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usa.wi.vet.4q wrote:

Speaker2. What is racist when it comes to following our laws? I have a good freind who was murdered by these criminals you see as innocent. They do not follow the laws now, and neither does their employer? Both parties (illegal immigrants and employers) are the only benefactors of this insane idea! I suppose you believe they will change if handed this benefit for breaking our laws. Most normal people doubt this.

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Truecolor wrote:

That’s what the Natives were saying when your ancestors first came here. I guess you now have the taste of your own medicine. By the way, Canada does not accept garbage from the US.

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Speaker2 wrote:


Totally irrational viewpoint. We need these people to remain. They play an important role in our economy. The US birth rate is below replacement and the baby boom generation is retiring and dying off.

The only law these people break is the immigration law and guess what, if the law changes they are no longer criminals from that standpoint.

Just be honest, basically you don’t want Mexicans moving here or Asians

And do you really want a national ID program?

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TheNewWorld wrote:

They already have a path to citizenship. They decided they didn’t want to follow the rules and came over illegally. We need to start cutting off one of their feet each time we catch them. That will stop illegal immigration.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


We have more than 11 million unemployed in America. They can fill that hole rather quickly. The illegals provide nothing but undercutting prices in labor. Those were jobs that was worked by high school and college aged people. You prefer that a college student graduates with more than $100,000 in debt than to work their way college?

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spca wrote:

if congress doesn’t block this obama payback to the hispanices for giving him the election then this racially controlled nation is heading toward a 3rd world nation. already more and more white citizens are giving up there american citizenship and moving out of the country

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spca wrote:

if congress doesn’t block this obama payback to the hispanices for giving him the election then this racially controlled nation is heading toward a 3rd world nation. already more and more white citizens are giving up there american citizenship and moving out of the country

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tmc wrote:

TheNewWorlds seems to really be form TheOldWorld. I don’t ever recall seeing teenagers and college students picking fruit and veggies. Nor building houses, or working in the packing plants. Not really kids jobs. And working at that rate they would get through college in around what, 40 years? If you try to be a bit more realistic in your comments they might be taken seriously.

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AdamSmith wrote:

Immigration is destroying the American middle class.

Labor, like any economic resource, obeys the law of supply and demand. If you dump labor into a market, it drives down the wage-rate.

The plain fact is that immigration into any modern country has two serious, lethal effects on the native-born citizens:

1. Immigration sharply drives down wage rates.
2. Immigration sharply drives up housing costs (rent rates).

Thus employers and landlords benefit from immigration.
Thus common workers are greatly harmed by immigration.

Immigration over the past 12 years caused more destruction of the American middle class than any other factor.

All other nations in the world, COMBINED, do not allow the levels of immigration that America is experiencing. It is the largest movement of human beings in the history of the world, much greater even than the foreign immigrations that caused the fall of Rome.

America’s leaders are criminals for allowing it to happen.

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WildBillWB wrote:

Clear a path? What’re they going to do? Hire some “undocumented” workers to weedwhack the Santa Fe Trail? There already is a path to citizenship and it doesn’t cross the Rio Grande. And it doesn’t cut in line in front of the rest of the world.And somewhere along the way they make sure your not bringing in any infectous diseases or parasites.
Face it they aren’t going back where they should be the writing was on the wall or more precisley the Home Depots aisle markers twenty years ago before I started seeing Mexicans way up here in the north east. You can bet any solution they come up with in Washington will benefit big business and not the people.
I have to laugh when I hear the magic number(11 million).Bush used it in 2001 and according to the news illegal border crossings on the Mexican border was down to 750,000 a year, so I figure it’s well over twenty two million not taking into account all the anchor babies.There’s something for them to reform if they have to change something the anchor baby law needs to be changed it was never intended for foreign whores to steal across the border and squirt one out.

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AdamSmith wrote:

The American middle class made its greatest advance during the 1950′s and 1960′s.

One reason is that the Immigration Act of 1924 sharply restricted immigration.

In 1960, the percentage of people living in America who were foreign-born, was appoximately 4.4%.
Today it is over 24%.

Immigration into America today is totally out of control, and has destroyed America’s middle class.

I’ve lived in the same apartment complex for about 10 years. When I first moved in, there were very few foreigners. But there were a few vacancies usually. I’ve watched it change.

Now the apartment complex has more foreign-born people than American-born people. The rents go up and up. There is a waiting list. Poorer Americans are forced out, even into homelessness.

Immigration is destroying the American middle class.

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revamadison wrote:

Of course the Republicans balk. If the president put a bill forward to do exactly what the Republican platform was a year ago, they would still balk. For balks sake. After all, they are Republicans.

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bates148 wrote:

@Speaker2 I don’t see any racist comments, where do you see them? You fail to recognize the other side of the issue. Nobody is saying immigrants didn’t build this country, they did. What the other posters are saying is that folks who are here ILLEGALLY need to go. If the U.S. wants more immigrants, then the process needs to be reformed. In the meantime, illegal immigrants need to leave…there is nothing irrational here.

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joco69 wrote:

A nation that respect itself secures its borders, why is the US not securing its borders? The US has all the means to secure its borders, if it does not do so you cannot blame illegal immigrants, it your fault. Any employer hiring illegal immigrants is a facilitator for illegal behaviour, its not the illegals fault that they get hired, its the employers fault. Get real and stop blaming others for what is your fault, enforce your borders and fine faulty employers. As to the people already here get them registered, investigated and if they have no criminal records give them citizenship. Make a new law that is explicit, any person entering the USA illegal will be put on a bus or plane and returned to his country of origin. Its so simple, what are those overpaid Congress men and Senators waiting for to get it done!

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Bunker555 wrote:

Eight years is too long a time. I think the qualification process should take one year so these folks can begin to pay into the Social Security fund.

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Mass Deportation and Stronger Border Enforcement will cost much less than what Amnesty will cost us in Medicare/Medicaid, Welfare Fraud, Tax Fraud, Education, Job Loss to Citizens, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Social Security Costs…So someone tell me why our Govt wants to Bankrupt the country to make this not-so-special interest happy???

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Mott wrote:

AdamSmith: I think you got it right.

Looks like some screws tightened around cheap labor is causing all this ruckus.

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AdamSmith wrote:

To say that immigrants built America is simply wrong.

For example read the history of the Immigration Act 0f 1924, which severely restricted immigration into the US because it had recently increased and was starting to harm the livelihoods of the American-born Americans. Back then Congress still cared about the American working man.

Most of the people working in America during the 1800′s were born in America; they were NOT immigrants. Even in 1776, when the American colonies revolted from England, in the Revolutionary War, most people living in America were born in America. George Washington was NOT an immigrant. Neither was his father. None of the Founding Fathers was an immigrant.

Other countries:

If one is going to say immigration built America, then one must certainly say that immigration built Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Trinidad and Brazil. And those countries today are special because they have some of the most VIOLENT CRIME rates in the entire world, and great poverty.

Here’s the link:

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Speaker2 wrote:

In the 90′s I was in the commercial roofing business. Most of my employees were Mexican. While we did the photo copy driver licenses and social security card and I-5 form, I am sure a good percentage were not citizens. Really didn’t care, they were all hard workers.

These guys paid taxes, paid social security, we provide full health for them and family and paid them good wages. They owned homes, paid sales tax, basically did everything you guys do.

Most employers are the same as me, you comply, but you know a percentage of your workforce is illegal.

The notion these people don’t pay taxes, pay social security or suck up free health care is BS, its a myth, fostered by Fox, Beck and Rush.

The sad thing is while paying in social security, if illegal using a fake number, they can never collect. The government calculates it would loss 5-7% of their revenue into social security if these folks were deported.

But hey, you guys ready to pick peppers, work on the roof or work in a packing plant…doubtful.

But you know, we progressives won the election, a majority of US citizens believe they should have a path to citizenship…. so suck it up, it will happen and if you don’t like it, leave the country, we have replacements….just waiting to get in.

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Harry079 wrote:

“To say that immigrants built America is simply wrong”

Just when you think you heard the craziest statement ever someone comes up with a new one.

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Chuck890 wrote:

Obama puts forward an immigration plan. Republicans say “dead on arrival”. This is news?

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Motherhawk wrote:

LOL! These folks want to change the 14th amendment but aren’t most of them the same folks saying we have to respect the 2nd amendment just because it’s in the Constitution?

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Motherhawk wrote:

LOL! These folks want to change the 14th amendment but aren’t most of them the same folks saying we have to respect the 2nd amendment just because it’s in the Constitution?

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glenjo1 wrote:

Well, he gets blamed when he doesn’t put forward legislation and when he does! As Americans we need to begin expecting more of our politicians from both sides of the aisle. What I would like to see is comments from politicians like, “we are pleased the President is working on solving a difficult problem and look forward to comparing our bipartisan plan and work out any differences.” My point: politicians are happy as long as Americans focus on anything other than that the system as a whole is broken.

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AdamSmith wrote:

Mexico was built by IMMIGRANTS.

Many of them came from Spain. But also many other countries.

If immigration is such a wonderfult thing for a country, why does Mexico have one of the highest violent crime rates of any nation in the world?


If immigration is such a wonderfult thing for a country, why does Mexico, the nation built by immigrants, have such high levels of crime, poverty and destitution? Why does Mexico have such low wage levels?

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tmc wrote:

@AdamSmith, you are a broken record. You should change your tag line to “Immigration ruined my world”. The battle you’re trying to fight was lost by the late 1970′s. It’s done, you lost, you can’t win, you can’t fix it and you can’t kill them. Get over it and get a life for Pete’s sake.

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Jose3 wrote:

Drug war McCain wants amnesty for 20 million Catholic-programmed Mexicans because they will vote to keep marijuana illegal.

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Harry079 wrote:

“Mexico was built by IMMIGRANTS”

Hernando Cortez was one of the early Spanish Immigrants looking for a land for him and his shipmates to assist the locals into a better life.

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AdamSmith wrote:

Japan was an unpopulated group of islands until its first human inhabitans arrived from China.

So, therefore, in the mentality of the current propaganda, “Japan is a land built by immigrants.”

Quite striking, of course, is the fact than Japan rose to prominence among human cultures because it was, like England, an island nation, and compared to other countries, had almost zero immigration.

Japan, the land of the gods, grew such a strong culture, admired around the world, because it was not constantly disturbed by immigrations.

That is the exact opposite of, say, India, which has constantly, throughout its history, been disturbed by immigrations. Including its immigrants, India today has a population of 1.17 billion people, compared to Japan’s 128 million.

India has had migration after migration from every direction. It is made up of Hindus, Moslems, Buddhists, Christians, just to start. India, the land built by immigrants, has literally dozens of languages, and great corruption. Everybody speaking a different language, worshiping a different god, stealing from each other. That is India, the poster child for immigration advocates.

Yet Japan, with a population only one-tenth the size of India’s, has a GDP 4 times as big as India. That means the average Japanese citizen is roughly 40 time as productive as the average Indian.

Japan, the island nation, protected from immigrations, a cohesive culture, very high economic production, high per-capita incomes and wages, and the lowest crime rate in the world.

So America should ask itself, do we want to remain a strong culture, like Japan, or do we want to allow immigrations from all directions, and end up with the chaos and poverty and disease that is India?

Immigration has ruined India.

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We should just make Mexico the 51st state. We’ve already got half the country up here on welfare.

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actnow wrote:

President Obama is more interested in creating a single party welfare state than the Constitution, the rule of law, or the citizens of this nation. No other nation on earth would back such a destructive policy for it’s people. President Obama is a complete self serving fraud.

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Jose3 wrote:

Drug war McCain will pretend to be against it but he desperately wants the pro drug war Mexican voters.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Reagan gave 3 million illegals amnesty in the 80s. Yes he was a Republican. You know what followed that? In less than 30 years we have over 11 million illegals. Rewarding people for illegal activity prompts more illegal activity. Obviously I was fecetious with my cut a foot off comment. But the point is we need to crack down on illegal immigration, not reward it.


Many dry wallers used to make a respectable living until illegals came in and ran them out of business. Same with roofers, lawn care specialists, cooks, etc. Just because they didn’t take your job doesn’t mean no one was affected. Your argument is one of ignorance. You are basically supporting the taking of legal Americans jobs and insource it to non citizens who will do it cheaper. Did you also support the outsourcing of all of our factory jobs to China too? They are one and the same. I guess those was jobs no Americans was willing to do too right?

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“In the 90′s I was in the commercial roofing business. Most of my employees were Mexican. While we did the photo copy driver licenses and social security card and I-5 form, I am sure a good percentage were not citizens. Really didn’t care, they were all hard workers.”

You are a dispicable person. You would rather pay an illegal a cheaper wage than pay an American roofer what they are worth. You have helped to destroy employment opportunities for Americans. You keep saying Americans aren’t willing to work. Do you think all Americans are lazy? Why don’t you come out and say that you hate the average American, they are all lazy and can’t do a decent job while you are at it. You know aiding and abetting an illegal immigrant is a felony right?

Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A):

A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he:

* assists an alien s/he should reasonably know is illegally in the U.S. or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him or her to obtain employment, or

* encourages that alien to remain in the U.S. by referring him or her to an employer or by acting as employer or agent for an employer in any way, or

* knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.

Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime. Anyone employing or contracting with an illegal alien without verifying his or her work authorization status is guilty of a misdemeanor. Aliens and employers violating immigration laws are subject to arrest, detention, and seizure of their vehicles or property. In addition, individuals or entities who engage in racketeering enterprises that commit (or conspire to commit) immigration-related felonies are subject to private civil suits for treble damages and injunctive relief.

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joco69 wrote:

@Adam Smith,you wrote “If immigration is such a wonderfult thing for a country, why does Mexico, the nation built by immigrants, have such high levels of crime, poverty and destitution? Why does Mexico have such low wage levels?” Where did you get your facts from, Mexico has been built by very old cultures, cultures destroyed by invading Spnish Conquistatores who in turn made it possible to destroy those cultures by the catholic church. Mexico has not been built by immigrants, it has been destroyed by the forced immigration from the spanish conquistatores. The USA has stolen lare parts of Mexico during its expansins towards the South, Mexicans still do resent this. Mexico’s low wages are due to american multinationals who do exploit cheap labour all over the world, the same multinationals who do exploit illegal immigrants in the USA.
Mexico is now improving its economy and is doin far better than the USA, its annual growth is superior to the USA and immigration is flowing back into Mexico for better opportunities.
The drug violence and killings are a direct result of NRA actions to sell arms to Mexico’s drug cartels and the consumption of drugs by millions of americans. Don’t blame Mexico for americans addiction for drugs and NRA associates selling their dirty arms to criminals in Mexico.
Mexicans are a proud and kind people and deserve your respect.

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joco69 wrote:

@Harry079: Who do you thinks built America if not the immigrants? All americans except the native people are descendents of immigrants including yourselve, thats why immigrants built America.

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Galactus9999 wrote:

NO AMNESTY and No Pathway to US Citizenship for illegal aliens. We need our Federal Government to deport all illegal aliens, secure the border and fine anyone who hires an illegal. That is the law.

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Harry079 wrote:

@Harry079: Who do you thinks built America if not the immigrants? All americans except the native people are descendents of immigrants including yourselve, thats why immigrants built America

What you be pickin on me for dude? I’d be on your side!

Adam Smith the looney here!

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Let me first say that I voted for the President last election and am a huge fan of his. I believe it is too early to tell the exact content of the President’s plan, but should news outlets be right in so far as to “allow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within eight years”, I would be FURIOUS! I am an immigrant, my wife’s an immigrant. Neither of us came in the country illegally, we filed our applications from our former country and waited in line for years! Yes, immigration has been the bedrock of this nation. Nobody is saying that immigration should no longer happen – only ILLEGAL immigration. Now legislatively condoning this type of behavior is not only an affront to those like myself who have gone through this process legally, it would create a serious advantage for those currently waiting in line and promote illegal immigration. Many more individuals are waiting on the side lines because of the fear of prosecution, if the government willingly condones such behavior, such fear will quickly evaporate. This country has made it too easy for illegal immigrants to stay, whether it is allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s license, obtain housing, or writing signs in languages other than English. This must stop! Moreover, illegal immigrants should NEVER have the right to obtain citizenship. Note that one of the fundamental rights of a citizen is the right to vote…If criminals cannot vote, why should illegal immigrants be able to vote and sway the electorate? That baffles me. I am by no means an expert in immigration or a politician, but to me, greater sanctions for employers hiring illegal immigrants, revoking entry rights to deported illegal immigrants (note that most illegal immigrants came here not by jumping the border, but by overstaying their tourist visas), quicker deportation proceedings, and repeal the 14th Amendment in so far as it automatically confers citizenship to those born on US soil. That, to me, is sensible immigration reform. Let me end this by stating that everyone has a story, everyone has the ability to dream and a right to make a better future for themselves and family, but that should not be at someone else’s expense or disadvantage.

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if we are going to have a police state rounding up illegals then why not round up the jews, gypsies and mentally ill. blacks too, and muslims–yeah let’s do some real ethnic cleansing but not with my tax dollars.

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sid_yahoo wrote:

The problem will start when the illegal turned legal immigrants will start displacing lower class American workers from retail and fast food stores.The once who will get displaced and affected the most will be the black workers.Plus,since they are unskilled(mostly blue collar),it will mean the white collar guys have to pay extra portion of their income in subsidizing the health/education/nutrition/food stamp benefits.

With the ObamaCare and a minimum wage of 9.19$ it will mean more jobs will move Mexico.

And we will be left will be a huge pile of debt,large population and Spanish language signs.

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loadingzone wrote:

I’m confused. By law the President must submit a budget to Congress by 1 Feb. Just like the last 4 years, they still haven’t as of 18 Feb.

Shouldn’t the Administration be working full-time to comply with this legal requirement before moving on to any other legislation, immigration or otherwise?

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SURE, Why bother writing immigration laws just do away with all the laws anybody is free to murder whomever, you see something you want, just take it, don’t bother with driver’s license or registration renewal, no need to worry about pesky seat belt laws, or speed limits and to ALL the idiot politicians that feel they can pick and choose which laws to enforce and which laws mean absolutely NOTHING…YOU’RE FIRED!!!

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joelwisch2 wrote:

We can’t know, but Barrack’s Immigration Plan is yet another version of his immigration plan. He will have another one in a couple of days. But it IS the case that none of them reflect the desires of the American People, and all of them have attachments that do the wrong thing someplace, somehow.

We need to contact Congress and ask for an American Citizens vote on the immigration policy of the United States. We want a policy statement that indicates the law will be enforced at cost of impeachment, and devised by CIS, FairUS, NumbersUSA, the Heritage Foundation, anyone else that the President or Congress wants. Since Americans would essentially be creating the law, it would seem that they wouldn’t be entering their own laws unless they have pressing payments to be made to lobby groups.

We need to vote on this issue, or it will arrive with subsidies for petunia growing plots on the moon. We have to vote on it, and it may be the last chance.

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Why is it we americans can not do the right thing put these issues on the ballot and allow actual (legal) Americans have a say so in this process it’s abundantly clear that this nations politicians are ALL acting in their own best interests, they could care less what their constituents want or what those constituants have to say, and with this countries political system in such a quagmire, it’s way too big to do anything about in just one election cycle and by the time the next election cycle comes along the newly elected are easily as corrupt as their predecessors, this is ridiculous you can not fix immigration laws by just nullifying them if that is the case how about just nullify the ridiculous cannabis prohibition??? or perhaps we can just ignore insurance, seatbelt and speed limit laws, if i choose to raise cows and chickens on my 3rd floor patio in the city i should just do it, it’s just too much of an inconvenience to worry about all those pesky regulations and laws…EVERYBODY SHOULD JUST DO AS THEY PLEASE the U.S. government has told us loud and clear they could care less about Americans or their quality of life…

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LAWS DON’T MATTER everybody just do as they please….

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txguy2112 wrote:

Typical of the way politiicians in this country have been acting over the past 2 decades or so. Reward the law breakers and punish those who obey the law. I am all for reforming the system for LEGAL immigrants. This law in essence puts law breakers at the front of the line while those who show respect for our laws are now at the back of the line this is backward not forward. We need to secure the borders, make it a much more serious offence to be in this country illegally, and also punish those aiding and abetting this crime either by sheltering them or employing them. This bill does nothing but encourage more of this activity as it says “hey if you break the law long enough we will just say it is ok” that is all any amnesty has ever done.

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Bob9999 wrote:

The reason why this is such a big problem is that U.S. policy has been to look away from illegal immigration and let people come here illegally, mostly because it’s a way to get cheap labor. Now, we need to fix this because 9/11 told us we have to be able to control our borders.

Maybe the solution is to have a path to permanent residence for illegal immigrants but not a path to citizenship. After all, they had no expectation of becoming citizens when they entered the U.S. illegally, so it is fair in that sense. Permanent residence is consistent with the unofficial U.S. policy of looking away when it came to illegal immigration, so that businesses could get cheap labor. At the same time, it does not have the feel of amnesty, to which many object

However, the only way to avoid having to have a big fix to the immigration situation is to set up a system that actually works. What does not work is to have a system that assumes people will sneak in — and that government will look the way except for random, token “migra” raids. The problems of immigration are the result of the market overriding the law.

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m1234567890 wrote:

So, the White House would have us believe that, if a Bi Partisan group of Congressmen cannot formulate a bill which they can pass then the White House will be able to offer something that will.

I’m sorry if I find that proposition laughable but it is so logically absurd that I cannot help myself.

I also cannot help but believe that if the President told the White House Press Office to proclaim that Big Bird is actually blue, the reason that he appears to be yellow being a right wing conspiracy, Jay Carney and company would stand in front of us, swearing on stacks of bibles, that Big Bird was indeed blue.

Clowns like the ones who wrote this article would then pick up the banner and run with it

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AdamSmith wrote:

America isn’t the only country experiencing illegal immigration.

Greece, Italy and France are being inundated by immigrants from Asia and Africa.

Here is a Reuters article about Greece’s huge problems with illegal immigration.


In must be remembered that any country on the receiving end of substantial immigration is profoundly affected by it.

Two economic effects are very damaging:

1. It drives down the wage rates of labor.

2. It drives up rents.

Immigration into Greece, or the United States, or any country, drives down the wage rates of existing citizens. How could it be otherwise? Are we to believe that the law of supply and demand has been rescinded by nature?

The result is that many in the existing population are thrown from middle class into poverty.

Wealthy people don’t see any problem with that. But for those millions of middle class humans whose careers and families are destroyed, one can’t blame them for being angry and ready to revolt. And one shouldn’t be surprised if they turn to violence.

The plain fact is that the incoming immigrants require a place to live. They rent an apartment. This additional demand for apartments, on top of existing housing shortages, sharply drives up rents for the existing population.

It’s clear that an immigration flow brings serious economic harm and stress to a country’s existing poor and middle class.

The next question is this: Who benefits from immigration?

It’s obvious, of course. Employers gain because their cost of wages is sharply reduced. So employers in any country almost always clamor for more immigration. This is the same everywhere. The wealthy always clamor for immigration and sing its praises. Who could expect them to do otherwise?

And apartment owners and land speculators benefit from immigration because rents are driven up.

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Speaker2 wrote:


You should read more carefully. We complied with the letter of the law. My company was in New Mexico, a state where the majority of population is Hispanic and on the border. So chances are a percentage of workers are from Mexico.

Like I said, I am a progressive, an our company focus was on government work, so all our employees made union wages. All of them. I strongly believe in paying a working wage, which is why I support the current move to raise the minimum wage and to me, even $ 9.00 a hour is too low.

Perhaps in the 80′s you saw a lot of cash hiring in the construction industry, but once they mandated doing ID checks and I-5′s, people I know in the industry, paid everyone the same.

Immigration does not hurt the American workers, we actually have a worker shortage, and it will grow, due our low birth rate and baby boomers who are aging and retiring.

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Mott wrote:

Dead-on-Arrival? Cry for more cheap labor that’ll ruin the country?

Rubio – talks of his middle-class background but just works for the 1%?

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AdamSmith wrote:

Reading the many comments on this article and similar articles in other newspapers, on the immigration crisis in America, it becomes apparent that even the immigrant himself realizes that further immigration beyond HIM is not in his interest because, of course, he too, has a natural understanding of the law of supply and demand.

Even he, the immigrant, realizes that if further immigration occurs after him, those further immigrants will drive down American wages, including HIS, even further.

That’s why it’s common in these forums to see recent legal immigrants protest against allowing illegal immigrants to have citizenship under the legislation proposed by President Obama.

That’s why you see H1B visa holders, living in the US on an H1B visa, protest against allowing the illegal immigrants to stay.

Everyone here knows, in the back of their mind, that immigration certainly drives down American wage-rates. To say otherwise is just propaganda.

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moonhill wrote:

There was already a bi-partisan plan out there, but Obama decided to torpedo it with his own plan. I don’t think he really wants immigration reform. I just wish we would enforce the laws we already have. That would take care of a lot of problems. Obama only enforces laws he agrees with though.

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tmc wrote:

@AdamSmith, as you just espoused, immigration happens everywhere, all the time. Why do you think you can stop it? Now one ever has. You can’t just make people freeze in place. Especially when they are standing in a expletive hole and you are standing in suburbia with a single family home with two kids a dog and a white picket fence.
So how do you propose to stop immigration? Not just the Mexican border as L1 & H1 (H1′s are for chump companies) don’t generally come from there do they? So more fences and guns and mines won’t really stop immigration will it? Kind of like putting your finger in the dyke? Perhaps the way to fix immigration is through changing the economic and social circumstance that is causing it? Many will argue that NAFTA actually did slow the immigration across the boarder for the reason of blue & black collar work.
Just wait, climate change, if it continues in its current course, will cause much more immigration (called migration at this scale) form some areas to others.

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CountryPride wrote:

Obama has already broken the law by passing an illegal executive order allowing millions of foreign criminals to stay in this country. This is exactly why ICE is suing because they can’t even do their jobs anymore. Congress passes laws not the deluded “emperor” Obama.

Many say that this number of illegals can’t be deported. That is a lie and ignorance of US history. It was done once and can be done again as Operation Wetback in the 50′s was responsible for the deportation of millions.

Illegals file taxes. That is a lie because only a few percent of illegals file taxes. The illegals that do are stealing billions in false claims, this was on the news a few months ago. Furthermore, the majority that don’t pay taxes are still enjoying full access to US taxpayer funded public services for them and their families without paying a dime for them. This is robbing the US taxpayer, making our taxes go up and bankrupting our cities. Just look at Stockton CA who recently went bankrupt because of illegals.

Illegal immigration has nothing to do about race. Please tell me what race is an illegal immigrant? You can’t, of course because there are illegals from all over the world. Mexico, China, India, as well as Ireland, Italy and Russia. The fact is that the issue is about rewarding those who have willingly and knowingly broken our laws and sovereignty. Should these criminals who have stolen from the US taxpayer be rewarded meanwhile those who have done the right thing and got in line and followed the rules loses. We are enabling a new culture of disrespect and lawlessness towards America by supporting this!

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actnow wrote:

The Presidents proposals are not focused on protecting the rule of law, our boarders, and the interests of U.S. citizens, but instead, on granting an easy path to citizenship to tens of millions of unknown peoples who have deliberately and repeatedly defrauded our laws and our tax payers. His proposals are also designed to basically guarantee citizenship to virtually anyone based on various “proofs” that could easily be falsified. To add further insult, there is absolutely no limit on the number of people who could be granted these fast tracks to citizenship. In addition, those gaining citizenship would immediately become eligible to utilize tax funded entitlements, and to sponsor their families for citizenship as well in a clear attempt to hi-jack our very democracy.

Our nation already allows for more legal immigration than any other nation on the planet, and now, for political gain, we are literally seeing any anything goes proposal that will further strain our deficit spending (state, Federal and local), displace workers, and completely corrupt our system of representative democracy. This is a blatant attempt by the Democrats to create a single party system, and that is what it will achieve if enacted. No other nation on the planet has ever proposed such an outrageous scheme in the history of the world.

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Wasswa wrote:

Much as I disagree with some of President Obama;s Policies, on this one I partially agree with him. Let America begin walking the talk. Obama Is taking a bold step in trying to recognise that America needs the services of these non registered workers if their economy has to survive. Obama has said 8 years, next time republicans will bring it to 4 years. So, let the dice roll. Good day. Omar

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Ciao wrote:

“they do the hard, dirty, dangerous low paying work most Americans won’t do.” Cut off the extended welfare and unemployment and you might be surprised at what types of work people would suddenly be willing to do.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

I find it hard to understand the progressive assumption that people who are against amnesty for law breakers are racist or against all immigrants. It is a straw man argument to avoid admitting that they are pushing to reward illegal immigrants, criminals, for breaking laws designed to control unemployment, and security for our country. Stating that illegals are better workers than legal immigrants or Natural born citizens is insulting and racist. Come out and say that Latin Americans work harder than African Americans or White people or Asians etc. Or are you saying that illegal Latinos are better workers than their legal counterparts?

We gave amnesty in tje 80s the net result was an increase in illegal immigration.

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Seabee267 wrote:

“the importance of creating a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million immigrants who are in the United States illegally.”

I don’t understand, what has to be reformed? Our inability to enforce the current laws? Our inability to guard our borders? Our inability to expell the illegals from the country? I think those are the items needing reforms.

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namsaev wrote:

He just couldn’t wait could to see what Congress came up with could he. And his plan doesn’t include securing the borders FIRST.

Democrats promised if Reagan gave amnesty to the illegals in the country then. Democrats would secure the borders and they would go after those who over stayed their visa.

That deal sure worked out great. Now we have about 12M illegals in the country now and the borders are still not secure. The ONLY reason illegals are going home is they can’t find work here. Well welcome to the club. Neither can US Citizens.

Please notice nothing Obama has done concerning illegal immigration or border control has had as much effect as his continuing effort to regulate the economy.

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Seabee267 wrote:

“a draft of a White House immigration proposal would allow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within eight years.”


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jaham wrote:

I say legalzie them and add them to the tax base.

Those that qualify for residency or citizenship shouldn’t be put on a list for 20 years; rather 20 months at the most.

We do, however, need to couple that with more secure borders, otherwise this “solution” will be no more effective than the “solution” Reagan effected for some 3Million+ illegals that ha snow ballooned to 11Million+.

This is the difference between Republicans and Democrats as Obama and Co are not as concerned with border security and apparently do not recognize we will end up with the same problem down the road if that issue is not addressed.

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