Pakistan faces growing anger over sectarian bombings

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Its the Western backed terrorist agencies like LEJ, who dont want stability in the region of Baluchistan. Please report the truth which every one knows but not willing to share. Baluchistan is a golden spparow of Pakistan packed with rich reserves of Oil, Gas and minerals. They want to create anarchy so that UN forces can establish UN charter like they did in Congo and then under the watch dog of UN western backed agencies dig up rich resources. Every one knows whats going on but too afraid to talk about publicly. lets see if admin post my comments!

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sosi wrote:

India will use its consulates in Afghanistan for `terrorist activities’ inside Baluchistan……..that was the concern from Pakistan at the time and Baluchistan don’t have that kind of violence. Now we have that???

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kafantaris wrote:

The one that has the most power to stop the cycle of revenge is the one who has been wronged last and whose turn it is to act. He could “use” his turn and continue the cycle or he can forego it — both now and the next time until it stops. Such is the wisdom and utility of turning the other cheek that nobody thought of before Christ.
It is wrong for Muslims to kill Muslims and it offends Prophet Muhammad. They should figure out a way to stop avenge killings — even if means resorting to the ideas of Christ to do so.

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swanto wrote:

when you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas

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Maybe it is time to realize there are bad people in every religion. You need to deal with these people in a brutal manner, or expect them to deal with you instead. A bad person isa common issue around the globe. You decide if you accept or reject them. Either way there are consequences.

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kenradke11 wrote:

Taliban al Queda and others who carry out these merciless acts…roam free all over the country.” Why Why Why!!! This is outrageous and totally avoidable. What side is the Pakistani government on? Are they being cowards or are they part of this scheme! Get your act together Pakistani Government before it gets totally out of hand…I know the terrorist groups are the biggest cowards!! Do you want to join their ranks?

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ChAliGhafoor wrote:

solution of balochistan is only by reducing indian infuence in Balochistan as India will not let Pakistan to avail from its mineral resources.

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VultureTX wrote:

first two posters and they (falsely but par for their culture) blame Western intelligence agencies and India. This time they claim Taliban,Al Qaeda and LEJ work for groups that they attacked and continue to oppose. Seriously does being a muslim encourage believing multiple disparate facts every day?

Yep Pakistanis can’t admit their fellow Muslims are the criminals. Since the actual perps are Muslims in all known cases.

#So how’s that honor/shame culture working you ya?

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chris87654 wrote:

It’s good that Muslims are getting tired of this – they’ve been killing each other for 1400 years. There is no provision to kick bad Muslims (terrorists) out of Islam, so it’s hard for non-Muslims to differentiate because all are in the same religion (seems like it’s bad Muslims against good Muslims, but ALL Muslims against non-Muslims [not that ALL Muslims attack or feel bad toward non-Muslims, but that it's okay for Muslims to kill each other because they are all "brothers in the faith", which is wrong] – the bad Muslims are no different from killer gangs in US urban areas, except that non-killer US people support an end/jailing of the violent killer people – this is not true in Islam). Seems like Muhammad made no provision to “excommunicate” bad Muslims from Islam so the whole religion suffers (lowest point is when Muslims who shoot 14-year old girls in the head are still represent Islam).

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chris87654 wrote:

kafantaris wrote: ” It is wrong for Muslims to kill Muslims and it offends Prophet Muhammad. They should figure out a way to stop avenge killings ”

If Muhammad didn’t like this, he would have made a provision for Muslims to “excommunicate” Muslims who kill each other/innocent people so the whole religion isn’t defiled, but he didn’t – they can only be thrown out for “blasphemy” which doesn’t include blowing up pizza parlors/markets, burning down skyscrapers, or shooting young girls in the head IF some imam issues a fatwa to do it.

It’s kind of like a sick joke on the people in Islam – hopefully Muslims can do something to stop this (like electing a main “pope” to call the shots, but then some sect/nutcase imam would have the guy killed because they’d say he was defiling Islam by saying violence in Islam should be stopped). There is no way out of this.

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san-man wrote:

Pakistanis want to blame the USA, India, Israel, etc for their fundamentalist plague. Did any foreign country tell Zia-ul-Haq to cultivate the fundamentalists and introduce Hadood ordinances? Nope – this is a plague made in Pakistan, by Pakistanis. When military dictators topple elected govts, it is the Pakistanis themselves who openly embrace such military coups, and then later on when they tire of military rule, the same Pakistani public claim to have never wanted military rule in the first place.

When non-Muslims criticize Islamic fanaticism and jihadism, it is the Muslims who themselves bristle and oppose such criticism. Then when they are wallowing in the misery of the violent gun culture which they themselves refuse to accept criticism of, then they want to heap blame on outsiders. In this way, Pakistanis have only created a Fool’s Paradise.

Green is an appropriate color for Islam, because its adherents are forever green with envy of others, and always see the grass as being greener on the other side.

When Muslims foolishly flocked to Jinnah’s call for creation of a state based on sectarian nationalism, they never realized that by setting this precedent, it would lead to factions among their religion again imposing further sectarian national agendas – ie. not just an Islamic state, but a Sunni Islamic state, and then a Wahabbi Islamic state, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Allah, She is sad to see innocent people killed, however has put the hatred into the Muslim heart so they begin to thing unholy thoughts and murder upon each other till they put their woman upon equal footing.

Allah is a woman you know. If you did not – may she blind you for your stupidity.

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KyleDexter wrote:

What you all fail to realize is this is not sanctioned in the Islamic religion. Neither was 9/11 or most of these acts of terrorism. It is the Wahhabi’s that are doing this. They are a twisted group of violent fanatics. They must be killed. ALL OF THEM.

And Im sorry to tell you, but Al-Qaeda was created by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan financed and trained by the US. The CIA did this to counter the soviets, and Pakistan did this to counter India.

But Saudi Arabia, that evil kingdom of bedouin idiots are all fanatics!!! Down with Saudi Arabia!!!!

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