Gunmen kidnap seven foreigners in north Nigeria

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kenradke11 wrote:

More radical Islamists (cowards) killing the innocents!!
You will all fry in Hell if you continue in your ways losers!!

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MikeBarnett wrote:

The attacks on the police station and prison and the burning of the police cars was to prevent pursuit after the attack on Setraco. This is a tactic that AQIM taught Boko Haram after the US and NATO action in Libya forced Qaddafi to stop fighting AQIM along the Libya-Niger border. Part of AQIM moved south through Niger to join Boko Haram as trainers and advisors. Islamic insurgent groups share successful tactics, so it is uncertain which group carried out these attacks.

However, since the death of bin Laden, Zawahiri has been moving al Qaeda into position to strike to oil and gas infrastructure of north Africa and the Arabian peninsula. The most likely targets will be oil and gas pipelines because muslims consider oil to be their national treasures. Pipeline attacks don’t destroy much oil, but they make wonderful explosive fireballs to drive up the terror premiums that increase revenues for islamic states at the expense of the West.

Thus, Zawahiri plans to raise the terror premiums, damage western economies, and increase donations to insurgents from residents of Sunni islamic countries on the Arabian Peninsula. Islamic insurgents engage in charity, such as schools and clinics, because the Koran tells them to do this, so they can receive charity from muslims who are required to donate a percentage of their wealth each year to charities. Al Qaeda’s new leader has a strategy that will increase the revenues for islamic countries, raise more donations for al Qaeda and other groups, and, best of all, make the West pay for all of it.

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