Arkansas Senate passes bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

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reality-again wrote:


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Gigimoderate wrote:

Here we go….these old white men Republicans and their vagina laws….abortions are very rare over 20 weeks if ever…..but they keep inching ever so close to make it totally illegal.
How many abortion bills have the Republicans introduced since 2010= 235
Oh….but it’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs…..

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zepryti wrote:

Abortions will be preformed in the back alley like they were before ROE v WADE!

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Abulafiah wrote:

This is over-reaching by government, by a huge amount. This should be a decision made by the woman involved in consultation with her doctor, not a decision made by an authoritarian right-wing government pushing a regressive ideology.

It is a medical decision, not a political one.

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science_geek wrote:

I think this decision does keep up with the current science especially if we assume the fetus is not a child because it can not live without the mother. This was the case in Roe V. Wade where a person has a right to an abortion until viability. Typically in the U.S., 23 weeks is considered the limit of viability, although there have been some 22-week survivors. Now England broke the record at a fetus surviving with only 21 weeks. Really, the law is just keeping up with the science. This new change also takes into account the mother’s life, rape, and incest. That wasn’t covered in the supreme court case so from a woman’s point of view, I am happy they were taking those extreme issues into account.

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jdl51 wrote:

As a pro-choice advocate, I have no problem with those limitations on abortion. If you can’t decide after five months whether or not to have an abortion, it’s too late.

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