Microsoft made mistakes in early mobile strategy: Bill Gates

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XDC wrote:

Lots of amazing things? lol Windows 8? (Thats a laugh) The Surface? (another laughable product that MS is trying to push onto people that do not want touch screen for business) Bing? (rofl their searches are absolutely horrible) Xbox? (it’s only decent product), Zune? (yeah I went there ;P) Internet Explorer? (not in a million years, crashes more than most browsers) Windows XP? (awsome product after bugs got worked out) Windows Vista? (yet another laughable product) Windows 7? (Wanna be Windows XP system that performs adequately, but XP still runs better)

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MrLinux wrote:

If it wasn’t for MSNBC making bad videos, trying to make GOP and other people look bad. I would lose business. I have to thank MSNBC for that. I sell everything from smartphones, to tabets, to pcs, which are all linux based, using our linux software distribution. With the MSNBC name. It has given Microsoft bad creditability. My customers have increase 2 fold, both in office platform and gaming area. Our company should hit our estimated 130 billion mark for this year. It’s been fantastic.

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