Simpson, Bowles propose $2.4 trillion U.S. deficit reduction

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SteveTX wrote:

What a joke. $2.4 trillion over ten years covers about 2 years worth of the deficit over that same time period. What about the other eight years worth of deficit?

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Vuenbelvue wrote:

“About one-fourth of that reduction would come from health care reforms and another fourth from tax reform.” That is only $600 billion and the rest are “Faux” cuts? Eat mo chickin over beef and the price index falls. Sounds painless. I’m all in.

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Harry079 wrote:

“The Simpson-Bowles plan would aim to achieve $2.4 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years.”

That’s $240 billion a year deficit reduction when the annual deficits have been averaging $1 trillion a year.

So are we planning to increase the debt $6-8 trillion over the same 10 year period?

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Rich_F wrote:

wait until obamacare taxes and other financial penalizing aspects kick in and the deficit won’t get below $1 trillion a year for the foreseeable future no matter what they try to accomplish. no my friends the die has been cast and this country has been found wanting. the only trend is to global irrelevance.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:

@SteveTX & Harry079

I’d rather have bills like this get serious consideration than the democrats completely ignore one big bill that would do it all at once.

Remmeber 20% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Of course we all know how much this admin cares about bi-partisan commissions…

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Beauciel wrote:

As the overall economy improves, tax receipts will go up, cutting the deficit along the way. We love watching the stock market improve from some of the highest corporate profits on record. We’re happy to pay more taxes and watch our quality of life improve along the way. Better roads and bridges, better education possibilities, safe food, safe air traffic, good drinking water, earned Social Security pensions for the elderly, and more people’s health insured makes happier Americans. The happiest people on the planet, in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, pay considerably higher taxes and have considerably more benefits than Americans. They don’t have as much to worry about!

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123456951 wrote:

During Obama’s state of the union speach, just how many times did our silly Congress sit up and cheer and clap every time the man spoke? What a bunch of goody goody sycophants! Simpson and Bowles are just trying to come up with something realistic that they think has a chance of being enacted. Good luck..

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chapapet wrote:

frustation is evident or is it “I have more than the others and no sweat”…
well the plan is a start but consider the aftermath and simplest for medical reasons, you pay more, the government pays less, the doctors want more, we pay more…
I have a simple solution and that is we all have the same health insurance, similar benefits, pay raises that the common person realizes…
there is disparity and some seem to love it but I for one want all on common ground which may be a hope but reality is “always difficult to swim upstream…

thank you.

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fromthecenter wrote:

what about the pentagon and creating jobs? How about reducing the cost of energy and healthcare?

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The first thing this country needs is people who will tell the truth. These aren’t cuts. They are simply reductions in future increases. As long as we allow a group of insiders decide how much money we’re going to have with no accountability, they will continue to spend significantly more money than we have. The decline of the dollar is in full swing. Our debt to China is one of the reasons we now have very little clout with them. In my opinion, the United States owing other countries money is immoral.

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todnwth wrote:

It is time both parties begin to do something or they should say they are incompetent and go hide in some cave somewhere and not show their faces ever again!!

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Alan8 wrote:

The two corporate-funded parties are owned by the 1%. The 1% don’t want to see their taxes raised to pay for their multiple wars, so they cut the budget of the poorest people. And the Democrats are just fine with that.

Yet another reason I vote Green Party.

Feb 19, 2013 3:46pm EST  --  Report as abuse
MikeyLikesIt wrote:


So 2% annual GDP (negative for January) is an improving economy now?

Also comparing the US to Denmark, Norway or Sweden is like comparing apples to bowling balls. These countries are very different regarding culture, demographics and industry (not to mention location location location). I really get tired of people trying to use them as an example of what the US should emulate.

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Missourimule wrote:

I’m not clear about something — did anyone ask these guys to do this? The last time they did it, Obama made a big deal of it, and then ignored all their recommendations, so, aside from their feeding their need for publicity, what’s the use?

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BlueOkie wrote:

Did Tiger Woods tell Obama abou this?

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minipaws wrote:

IOUSA – Proof that democracy doesn’t work! It’s a good thing they force fed American kids the Pledge of Allegance for their primary formative years. Now we are all too brainwashed to see what a ridiculas mess American Government is. Oh, I forgot, it’s the other party’s fault!

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sharonsj wrote:

Don’t both those guys get free government health care (based on their previous jobs and military service)? Easy for them to pitch reduced health care for the rest of us when they’ll never have to face the same problems.

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