Exclusive: Apple, Macs hit by hackers who targeted Facebook

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m_thomas wrote:

A number of comments to this story were left and displayed earlier when this story first appeared at Reuters. Four hours later, these comments disappeared. Why?

Suffice it to say that Apple, other cyber firms and newspapers like the NY Times and WSJ have made claims without providing proof beyond what private security firms attest. Meanwhile, China too makes similar claims about US cyber attacks on their networks. Mandiant, a security consultant, on Monday claimed that China’s army controls some of the most prolific hackers in the world, and that a host of cyber attacks was traced to a building in Shanghai. China retorted: “The Shanghai building trace, if true, also showed the firm (Mandiant) hacked the building in Shanghai.”

It is foolish to blame one and not another if both are acting similarly.

I don’t believe it is a benefit for either country (America and China) to start a “hot war” between them in order to salvage an existing Empire on one hand, and prevent the emergence of another on the other hand. But with the on-going financial, currency and now cyber wars occurring between these two countries, together with a transparently coordinated propagation of fear-inciting news about China issuing from Corporate America and government (reported uncritically by a muzzled media), I can only wager that people of both nations are being primed for just such a possibility: WAR!

Meanwhile, the immediate beneficiaries of alleged cyber attacks from China are the very companies making claims, and the government. From these latest “threats”, government will immediately have more ammunition for placing legal restrictions on the internet; gain greater justification for increasing its digital totalitarian reach; and the private sector (the internet oligarchy) will solidifying its alliance with government. Together, they will act more Chinese than American in the process!

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CountryPride wrote:

You have to love to hear the “America hacks China the same” please tell me what exactly would American want to steal from Chinese technology? Nothing, America has nothing to gain by hacking Chinese companies but their Chinese competitors have everything to gain by hacking American companies for their latest tech. Just look at the arrests in the US over trade secrets, the majority have been Chinese background proving that they have massive active espionage campaigns running. This has been going on for years and it’s time for our ignorant politicians to stop “raising the issue with Beijing” with is like talking to a deaf person. It’s time for the US to get revenge and start cyber attacking back, the kind that will cause damage disruption and greatly raise operational cost’s for these offenders.

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