Panel finds Detroit in dire shape; up to governor to act

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CountryPride wrote:

Detroit was already going downhill for many years thanks to the do nothing for handouts culture that it was pushing. The nail in the coffin was when multiculturalism was pushed and promoted and hundreds of thousands of legal and illegal immigrants flooded into Detroit mainly from Arab countries and Mexico. This is a perfect case study of how mass immigration from non European countries does not help the economy and in fact ends up bankrupting local governments because they take out more than they are putting in to the system. This is exactly what they are trying to do to the whole of America with this next major amnesty which they are trying to label “immigration reform”

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Harry079 wrote:

“An expert panel concluded on Tuesday that Detroit faces a fiscal emergency in a city plagued by operational dysfunction”

Put of the problem is paying for an “Expert Panel” to conclude what EVERYONE else already knew.

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imindependent wrote:

Detroit will be the biggest municipal bankruptcy ever. Anyone who has those tax free detroit municipal bonds will take a bath. The federal pension guarantee fund may get stuck with billions. And lots of other collateral damage may occur.
But for now nobody will notice. We’re already shell shocked by the real estate bubble bursting, so we think a little detroit bankruptcy doesn’t mean much. We’ll see.

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Robocop5626 wrote:

“The state wants to tear up our city,” said Kelsey Adams, a lifelong resident of Detroit.” Translation, they won’t give us money to solve our problems, but insist on making changes to our failing system.

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Eric93 wrote:

Looks like “Mo’Town” is soon to be “no mo’ town”, like no more ‘freebies’ for the mult-culti whiners. It’s sign of things to come. Reality strikes.

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hkrieger wrote:

Detroit, then and now:

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