Bird invasion brings real-life horror to Kentucky city

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ounceoflogic wrote:

Millions? The photo shows about 250. Surely someone took better pics than these.

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ounceoflogic wrote:

Millions? The photo shows about 250. Surely someone took better pics than these.

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Birds simply follow Earth’s magnetic flux lines to migrate. This is evidence that the flux lines have changed. Since the Sun flipped its magnetic poles last year or so it has forced the flux lines to move around. It has had an effect on the tilt of the planet that appears to be in conjunction with the position of the Sun. We are now North Pole to North Pole with the Sun. If you take Two strong bar magnets and tape one down on a flat pane of glass then drill a hole in the mid center of the second magnet and place a toothpick or some nonmetallic stick like a straw from a spray can through the hole of the second magnet by holding the straw to move the second magnet around the first magnet starting at 12 o’clock with the poles facing North to North move the second magnet CCW in an elliptical circle around the first magnet you will get some better idea of why the weather and flux fields are now so strange. The first Magnet is the Sun the second with the stick is the Earth the one that moves freely on the pivot. The Sun’s rays are constant, so the position of the Sun in conjunction to tilt of the earth is a key factor as to what gets warmed up and how it affects the flux lines of the Earth. The birds can’t be fooled as to where the flux lines are because there is a sort of magnetic property to their brains. In fact all brains work through magnetics to store memory the Iron in the blood provides the conduit. As we all know iron is magnetic the birds are just more sensitive.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

Migratory patterns are changing all over the world, but hey this whole climate change thing is just ‘junk science’ right?

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Bill1970 wrote:

“David Chiles… said the fact that migratory flocks are roosting in the city rather than flying further south is tied to climate warming…. Turner said that the blackbird invasion this year is the worst he’s witnessed since the late 1970s, when Hopkinsville suffered a similar bird blitz….”

Anyone else catch this contradiction. According to the catechism, we didn’t have such warming as of the 1970′s, when this happened before, but we did have it as of last year, when it didn’t happen. Oopsie, Mr. Chiles, go back to teaching, um, high school.

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electro1077 wrote:

“The droppings contaminate the soil, making it unhealthy for years”
But guano is also one of the best fertilizers on the planet, why do people always look at the bad and ignore the good?

Just saying…

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DarrinBallard wrote:

I blame George Bush and Global Warming/sarcasm

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skswig wrote:

Was in climate change when it happened in the 70′s or all the other times?

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stambo2001 wrote:

Oh’s no’s, the global warming is gonna get us!!! Run! Run!

Seriously?!? Look up glacial periods. Sometimes for millions of years the earth gets covered in sheets of ice across entire continents, and then guess what…it gets warm again. Over and over and over again for millions upon millions of years. The seas rise, and the seas fall…over and over again for millions of years. Continents split, mountains fall and plains rise into mountains.

It was an act of political genius to turn this into an issue at all. The real issue is pollution, but it’s not PC to point out how dirty our civilization is. /yawn

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oldave wrote:

They had this problem before as Turner related. They found a cold and rainy night sprayed them with a chemical to release their oils in the feathers. They froze to death. Won’t happen again due to PETA etal.

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Oinia wrote:

Here’s something where the government has legitimate authority and an obligation to use the public’s resources to remedy a tangible public health and safety problem.

Where is FEMA? Where are ample federal, state, and local responders to rectify this? Shooting firecrackers at trees is pathetic. Typical government response – issue unequivocal statements that you’ll do whatever is necessary blah blah blah, then do nothing, or do something utterly incompetent, then brag about your glorious compassion.

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erniesch wrote:

Tied to climate warming???
Tied to weather perhaps, but a locally warmer winter is not tied to global warming any more than abnormally cold weather in Russia is tied to global cooling.

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tallguyky wrote:

A city being overrun by a group of invasive foreigners. Sound familiar?

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kay2861 wrote:

Climate change is linked to bird invasions in the same way that it is linked to asteroid flybys. Note to all “climate change” hucksters: you lose credibility when you try to connect global warming to every little thing. It starts to look like a shakedown.

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Xiccarph wrote:

Holy Bald Headed Cats! Isn’t there anything, not one frakkin’ thing, that isn’t caused by global warming??? Has everyone really been so brainwashed into this Agenda (YES, with a capital ‘A’!) that intelligence has become a forgotten ability???

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ecogal wrote:

Leave the birds alone, they’re struggling with toxins in their vanishing habitat as much as any species.

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oldtimer78 wrote:

Maybe use ultrasonic waves to banish the birds? Might be hard on the pets.

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e4jesus wrote:

to kansas city .millions of birds , wow . we are living in the end days do you all know or care? Jesus is coming soon . from meteors to earth quakes to natural catastrophies , GOD is in the storms and he is the one you need to confide in . repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand .

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ptiffany wrote:

We all know that humans are not long destined for this planet, soon to be ruled by the birds and bees.

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ptiffany wrote:

Good point. From the standpoint of those who feel attacked, what’s the difference between 250 and millions?

Kay2861 (can you be any more anonymous?):
We all know that climate change and global warming is linked to asteroid flybys. Don’t you know it’s the aliens and we must budget billions in space border patrols? We all need to gather our automatic weapons and decimate those maleavolent birds. Then, we need to turn our guns on the gun control advocates. Then, the abortionists. Then, the elitists. Then, the non-real American city dwellers. Yeah! Let’s go get ‘em! We’s proud to be patriotic, freedom-loving, government hating Americuns! Whoo-hoo!

Oh, yeah, it’s abusive. One flew over the cukoo’s nest.

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forzapista wrote:

Really? It’s “just like the alfred hitchcock movie” except for the part about the birds attacking people. Since that WAS the whole plot of the hitchcock movie, I am not sure I understand the point of the article. I don’t remember Tippie Hedren complaining about bird poop.

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vtyankee14 wrote:

@Xiccarph…….I live in Vermont and it has been over 40 degrees again(FEB) this year which is not the weather that Vermont has had for centuries! You are a fool if you do not think that things are changing for the worse and permanently? Did you read the part of the article about the lack of cold weather? SAME HERE!!! Thank you.

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vtyankee14 wrote:

I just scrolled some of the other comments and the chicken little attitude is both alarming and educational on the ignorance of man when it comes to REAL HARD SCIENCE!!! Have your laughter people while you can? I am not laughing!

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jpclarksville wrote:

I live in Clarksville which is 40 minutes to the south and I haven’t seen an influx of birds in the MILLIONS. I have seen large flocks in the area of about 500-1000 max, but nothing like they describe. I do like how they automatically go the the “climate change” theory. It’s called WEATHER and it goes in cycles. Some years it’s very, very cold…some years it’s very, very hot. Sometimes it’s dry, other times it’s wet. Back in the 1920′s-30′s they had the famous Dust Bowl…which was caused by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT telling farmers what type of crops they had to plant against the farmers protests to the opposite.

Knowing the current government, THEY are probably introducing a disease, taking a few pictures of birds and then give some lame excuse to “vaccinate” people.

Wonder why they don’t mention those pesky wind generators that not only increase area temperatures by three degrees, but have interfered with bird migration and killed thousands of birds. Nah, THAT wouldn’t jive with the current “green” agenda.

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