Boeing engineers split on contract, talks to resume

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SeniorMoment wrote:

Defined contribution plans always disadvantage employees, unless they are way above average in their success in investing the funds. Peru tried this approach with what was their equivalent of Social Security and the results were so bad for retireees that the government was forced into providing a floor benefit, which is what Social Security is to most workers in the USA.

A union that cooperates with a company converting from defined benefit to defined contributions is as good as dead because future employees will not go out on strike for a benefit they don’t expect to get themselves.

In the 18 states that never joined the Social Security Retirement Fund, they would be a disaster for employees assuring never even getting as much in retirement as those on Social Security.

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americanguy wrote:

I should read slower. I am sure I missed the part where the story said how much the techs and engineers made on the average. That would inform the readers as to whether they should support the union position or not. Also what raises did they get and when? How much do they pay in health insurance?
How doe their benefits compare to other workers in the US?
In college Journalism, this story would get an “F”.
These are the same idiot engineers who almost destroyed Boeing with the electrical problems and fires on the new Dreamliner.

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