French special forces in Cameroon helping hostage probe

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MikeBarnett wrote:

This attack in Cameroon, Boko Haram attacks in north Nigeria, piracy in south Nigeria, and islamic insurgent attacks in Mali, Algeria, and Libya reveal major threats to US and NATO oil and gas supplies. Add to that civil wars in Syria and Iraq and wars and piracy in Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia that threaten oil shipments through the Suez canal, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Indian Ocean. The main deployments for US naval and other forces should be the south Atlantic off the coast of Nigeria, the Indian Ocean/Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Once again, al Qaeda is defeating the US and its allies by preparing to strike the oil and gas infrastructure of northern Africa and the Arabian peninsula. The US wastes time in Asia because it is too stupid to sign a peace treaty and end its 63 year war with North Korea. It is too stupid to see that it is China’s 2nd biggest trade partner, has sold nearly $1 trillion in US government securities to China, and has received huge investments from China that would lose if the US loses. The US is too stupid to see that China has problems with islamic insurgents in Xinjiang in western China and that China has agreed with Russia and four of the “stans” to watch Afghanistan after the US and NATO leave in 2014.

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