Majority of U.S. citizens say illegal immigrants should be deported

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cyke1 wrote:

“and 31 percent want most illegal immigrants to stay.”
How many of people in that pole were themselves illegal?

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oneye wrote:

Yes, this same majority think I should pay for it – “it” being the whole bureaucracy of sniffing them out, incarcerating them, and deporting them. Make those who believe in it pay for it. You might find a quick change in tune.

Deport convicted criminals, that I’ll pay for. Working people? Let them work.

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ErikKengaard wrote:

The media whitewash the consequences of open borders. Check out the US Dept of Health and Human Services OIG’s list of wanted fugitives. (go to OIG.HHS.GOV and look for most wanted fugitives)

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americanguy wrote:

The key word is “illegal” meaning breaking the law, invaders, criminals.
I don’t know anyone who hates Mexicans and wants them to leave unless they are illegal. I know Mexicans that want illegals deported.
What part of “illegal” does Washington not understand?
If Americans break federal law they are not rewarded.

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morbas wrote:

Mother of Exiles:
“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

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rjd757 wrote:

It just doesn’t cease to amaze me the level of irrationality and point blank stupidity surrounding the illegal immigration debate. First of all, the costs associated with apprehending and deporting ALLLLLLLLLLL 11,000,000 (Million) of KNOWN illegal immigrants would be astronomical. And that will accomplish absolutely nothing at resolving the issue. If you deport them, they will just find a different way of crossing back in to the United States. The aforementioned is the equivalent of fixing cracks on a dam with duct tape; it just will not work, plain and simple. Instead, how about fixing the real problem: THE BORDER. Wow, what a revelation to our illustrious politicians. A solution that could come at a fraction of the cost of deportation. But wait, who am I kidding? Our politicians are too intellectually gifted to recognize such a simple and rudimentary solution.

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kijafha wrote:

I believe all countries should be deporting illegal aliens. Since when were borders, customs and immigration laws optional? The argument that it costs too much is only believable if you don’t understand just how much money the fed is spending at any given time.

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kijafha wrote:

If amnesty for 2.7 million illegal aliens in 1986 gives us 11 million illegal aliens in 2013, then amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens in 2013 gives us 45 million illegal aliens in 2040, effectively destroying our culture, economy and quality of life.
* Keep in mind though, there’s actually more like 20 million, so that brings us to 148 million in 2040.

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Chey11 wrote:

Morbas, the operative line in that poem is: “I lift my lamp beside the golden door”. You knock on a door and politely wait outside to be invited in before you enter. Illegal aliens sneak over the back fence and break in, uninvited. That poem does not apply to illegal aliens.

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DrWhoWho wrote:

And just how do they propose to do this, may I ask? Do we round up 11 million people, put them on cattle cars and send them . . . where? I’m sorry, but this sounds a bit too Third Reich for my liking.

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victor672 wrote:

…along with all pandering politicians who support them.

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shqipo wrote:

@oneye: +1

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Blossom89 wrote:

This is a travesty! The very ideal of allowing illegals a path to citizenship while hundreds of thousands of immigrants have waited upwards of 20 or more years to immigrate LEGALLY and now they’re going to be put behind illegals!! That’s completely unfair to those who are immigrating by legal means!!

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morbas wrote:

All who venture here with their sole reinvigorate our exuberance to secure liberty throughout. I ask why not?

An ‘under God’ metaphysical,
Greed is the aggregate of unnecessary wealth, ever expanding by fear of having less. Realizing how much less subsistence in reality is, represents a gentile epiphany. Conceptuality is a metaphysical independent of physical wealth.

I disdain greed and doubt, and cry out, Why Not Here?

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AdamSmith wrote:

Immigration is destroying the American middle class.

Look at the rest of the world.

Japan was an unpopulated group of islands until its first human inhabitans arrived from China.

Quite striking, of course, is the fact than Japan rose to prominence among human cultures because it was, like England, an island nation, and compared to other countries, had almost zero immigration.

Japan, the land of the gods, grew such a strong culture, admired around the world, because it was not constantly disturbed by immigrations.

That is the exact opposite of, say, India, which has constantly, throughout its history, been disturbed by immigrations. Including its immigrants, India today has a population of 1.17 billion people, compared to Japan’s 128 million.

India has had migration after migration from every direction. It is made up of Hindus, Moslems, Buddhists, Christians, just to start.

India, the land made of immigrants, has literally dozens of languages, and great corruption. Everybody speaking a different language, worshiping a different god, fighting with each other.

Yet Japan, with a population only one-tenth the size of India’s, has a GDP 4 times as big as India.

Japan, the island nation, protected from immigrations, is a cohesive culture, very high economic production, high per-capita incomes and wages, and the lowest crime rate in the world.

So America should ask itself, do we want to remain a strong culture, like Japan, or do we want to allow immigrations from all directions, and end up like India, with low wages, corruption and chaos?

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wigglwagon wrote:

The penalty for employers of illegal aliens should be mandatory sentences of $15,000 fines per illegal worker and 2 years in jail without parole per illegal worker. That and deportation of the illegal workers would put an immediate end to the problem.

That is all the reform we need.

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wigglwagon wrote:

The penalty for employers of illegal aliens should be mandatory sentences of $15,000 fines per illegal worker and 2 years in jail without parole per illegal worker. That and deportation of the illegal workers would put an immediate end to the problem.

That is all the reform we need.

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EastBerlin wrote:

If you are NOT legal, you do NOT have any rights for anything. Pay a fine, get deported, loose everything up to and including the shirt off your back. Armed guards with the order to shot those that carry drugs should line the border. Mexico should patrol there side of the border.

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ArribaJuarez wrote:

The question is, should individuals in this country illegally be here. The answer has to be, no they should not be here. What is the debate?

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Let their OWN president give them HIS money…Not MINE.

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Jeffrey7500PV wrote:

There isn’t anything difficult about it at all. Members of Congress are only making it difficult, because they only want to vote the way that will get them the most votes so they can keep their seat and keep sucking in their great big fat paychecks without doing any work. Here’s how simple immigration reform is: If you come here illegally, you get deported. If you come back, you go to jail for 5 years. You come back again, you go to jail for 20 years. It’s as simple as that.

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Macedonian wrote:

Deported every single one of them

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EastBerlin wrote:

Charge Mexico $500 dollars for every illegal shipped back to Mexico.
If Mexico will not pay, we will just take over their side of the border. Push the border and current residents south 50 or so miles.
A nice buffer zone. New housing would be a huge improvement over what
most Mexicans in border towns now live in. Been there many times.

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tjjjc2 wrote:

@ AdamSmit so if immigrants never came to North America, then what??
I understand what you are saying, but…

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OneOfTheSheep wrote:

Hey rjd757,

“It just doesn’t cease to amaze me the level of irrationality and point blank stupidity surrounding the illegal immigration debate.”

We agree on this,, but not on the specifics. WHATEVER it costs to apprehend and deport “…ALLLLLLLLLLL…illegal immigrants will be a bargain compared to the costs of bilingual everything, and all the freebies they and their progeny get and will get, both now and in the future.

These people can’t be turned away from hospital Emergency Departments, so they and theirs clog up the process and never pay anything. That’s left up to “we, the people” (or dummies). We pay for their Public Defenders and their incarceration (which costs more than sending someone to college.

“If you deport them, they will just find a different way of crossing back in to the United States.” Not if we’re serious and MINE THE BORDERS inland on our side for a mile or so.

Set up surveillance cameras to record the initial carnage and post it periodically on UTube. Let the buzzards keep “no man’s land” clear.

Cost to replace the occasional mine that goes off once everybody “gets the message” will be minimal. Absolute end of problem.

Get this amigo…if America doesn’t do this it won’t be long before some of those brown people will be middle eastern terrorists on their way to meet Allah in a neighborhood near you with a suicide bomb. Their religion requires them to take the fight to the infidel. That’s us!

Get this amigo…if America doesn’t do this it won’t be long before some of those brown people will be middle eastern terrorists on their way to meet Allah in a neighborhood near you with a suicide bomb. Their religion requires them to take the fight to the infidel. That’s us!

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DaveEddleman wrote:

I’m a moderate republican. That being said, my answer is :

Any Illegal Alien who is not married to or not the father/mother of a US Citizen or legal US Resident should be deported. Those who are and can prove it should get their legal US Residency and SS Number UNLESS they have been convicted of a Felony or violent crime misdemeanor Class C or higher, other than Illegal Entry.

This will remove the undesirables without forcing underage US Citizens to live either here without their parent(s) or in 3rd world poverty with their parents. Having allowed them to live here while it was financially convenient to us, allowing them to make a home and family here and giving them tacit approval to do this for years, if not decades, does make us, if not as individuals, at least as a Nation, partially responsible for their presence here.

After this, all employees, subcontractors, or workers in any occupation must be E-verified by anyone employing them and I-9 an filled out and signed by the verifier. $20,000 fine issued naming both Company. and verifier as owing it per undocumented worker. Criminal charges starting misdemeanor at 2nd incident graduating to felonies for 5 or more.

Problem Entirely Fixed and since Hispanic Voters are only interested in residency for their families, only illegals here to bank, legally or illegally, and return to Mexico with their cash will object. As these Illegals have no right to be here and most importantly, no allegiance this country, I don’t care. With no right to vote, politicians won’t either.

This actually coincides with current Immigration law, other than the illegal entry. The reason many don’t take the legal path that have relatives here in the US and qualify for legal immigration is that the US Consulates in Mexico are basically run by the Mexicans who staff them and are more corrupt than the Mexican Government itself. Want legal Immigration to the USA and have a family member sponsor here? Fill out the INS paperwork with $485 and you will be approved. Go to the Consulate to pick up your pre-approved visa and it may be ready in 6 months to 2 years. With $500 more to cash out the Mexican Consulate Manager, (Who is under the US Ambassador there) it will be ready in a month. $1,000 will shorten it to 2 weeks. Walk in there with $5,000 cash and any fake-named Mexican Birth Certificate, and it won’t matter if you raped your father, killed your mother, and have more drug charges than Pablo Escobar. You’ll have a 6 month work Visa to the USA the next day. $1,500 more, pick your new name, and they’ll fill out your Birth Certificate, register it with the Mexican Government,(Pre-dated) and you’ll have your Work Visa as well, though it will take an extra day to log the Birth Certificate.

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Katharoo wrote:

The U.S. is a country built on the hard work of immigrants that come to America in search of a better life for themselves and their children and I’d like to see that continue indefinitely…but I also believe that anyone who lives here should be paying taxes, especially if they are able to take advantage of the programs funded by those taxes (i.e. public schools, welfare, etc.). It just doesn’t seem that complicated.

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DaveEddleman wrote:

To the Moderator. My previously submitted comment is entirely true. Pay my Airfare to a certain Mexican Border State I won’t name here, hand me $12k ($5k -My time/risk/energy, $2k – Birth Certificate + palm greasing money, $5k – Mexican Consulate “Charges” (don’t expect receipts except from my $5k. I’ll fill out a 1099 :-) and I can walk the Illegal Alien of your choosing across the border under a perfectly valid USA 6 month Work Visa within 2 months. His name on the Visa will be Pablo Escobar.

You have all my info on file.

My apologies for this ->SHIT ASS (Makes sure it gets deleted, Sorry)

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susette wrote:

The people who came here without permission from neither their country nor ours are breaking the law, and while they may be trying to flee because of government oppression, I have to say they have not done their homework. Did they even write a letter to the embassy or whatever? No. And they sneak over here paying a mule their life savings, are left to starve and otherwise be mauled without the protection they deserve for a safe passage. America’s door remains open if you walk through it, not if you slink in here like a cat burglar in the middle of the night using illegal and highly dangerous means to do so.

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I think it is good politically to “talk” about sending people back that are here illegally, and maybe even find a few and actually send them back. People complain that they “take our jobs!” It’s not true. They take the jobs that we, as a people, are too proud to take. They take jobs that even day laborers won’t take. They would rather panhandle on a street corner than go pick melons or tomatoes. They would rather collect unemployment than work as a dishwasher in a busy restaurant. And you and I, regardless of our position on immigration, are happy about it. Without that blackmarket currency of resources, everything we buy, everything we eat, everything we touch would be much more expensive. Take the state of Hawaii, for example. Before it became a state, it had a booming sugar industry. After becoming a state, and minimum wage kicking in for them, the industry collapsed. Sugar is no longer produced commercially in the state. We all love Kona coffee. I like it, but it isn’t really that much better than others. Oh yes, it is more expensive, it has to be. They pay full wages for their labor. It makes political sense to talk about immigration. It will never be addressed because it doesn’t make economic sense to fix it.

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txguy2112 wrote:

One thing I would like to see in any immigration reform is to make it a felony to be in this country illegally (thereby also making it a felony to knowingly help or hire them). If you are caught the first time you still get the felony conviction but have the option of just being deported (with the understanding that you will be unable to ever return legally) and the second time you spend time in prison THEN get deported.

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SayHey wrote:

No self-respecting country has eleven million (or more?) people living illegally within its borders. Guest worker? – OK – but US citizenship is not for sale – it cannot be founded on an illegal act and wiped out by paying a fine.

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Warnin2U wrote:

The OPERATIVE word is illegal. If we have problems here that inspires our “legal” population to choose to sit on it’s ass and collect a government check and create a void that sucks people across our border in clear violation of the law then let’s deal with the real problem. Free up our “shadow labor” force by reducing benefits. I recently red an article that indicated that a family of four receiving typical federal and local benefits (AFDC, Section 8 housing allowance, food stamps, WIC, etc.) would pull down as much as a worker making $65,000a year. This is excessive and should be cut to a level equal to $25,000 a year maximum. If you fill the vacuum then there is no need for guest workers or illegal workers.

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Ramanan wrote:

This statement coming form any other nation would sound alright.
But, from US?
None should forget that the original settlers were immigrants.
The original inhabitants were driven away.
US would not be what it is to day with out the Immigrants,including the descendants of the immigrants.
The solution lies in making the immigrants integrate into the Society.
Stopping Immigration is not possible in this age.

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astroz wrote:

Forward this link to your elected representatives, as most of them are in total denial about the opposition to mass amnesty. They’ve been listening to themselves and the pro-amnesty voices too much and have lost touch with most citizens.

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mikemm wrote:

OK, but prepare for the largest inflation increase in your lifetime as crops rot in the field driving produce to record prices. The lack of workers in restaurants and other low wage service sector will have to raise wages to attract workers and due to decreased competition can charge as much as the market will bear. Companies will have to pass on increased costs to them for food, maintenance services, labor costs, etc.. to their customers. Not all product and sevice prices will be affected, but the average increase to each consumer will at least double if not more to their household budgets. That impacts spending for non-essentials leading to more layoffs.
Factor in the increased local, State, and Federal tax dollars needed to assist in the roundup and we’re all basically screwed.

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YoungTurkArmy wrote:

According to a recent broadcast on NPRs Planet Money, the typical low skilled
Mexican who will do all those jobs that we choose not to do, would have to wait 108 years for his Green Card. You know that is not going to happen. So short of building a Berlin or Israeli Wall, this will be a continual problem.

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lemonfemale wrote:

What I would support- and I have not seen this proposed anywhere- would be local citizenship boards modeled after the old draft boards. Mr. Nguyen or Maria Chavez goes before a group of locals who note that she has lived here 7 years supporting her family and that he has a successful business and grants citizenship. Or orders someone with gang tattoos and an extensive criminal record deported.

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I am for E-Verify all of today workforce. We need to know the truth of who working here in this country. Where their working and what jobs.It is the only way we can look, seeing if we really have shortage of if Employer are gaming the system for cheap labor and no benefits. That would be the moral way to do it! Then we can really get real fact here for both sides.Then also look at the countries immigrate are from to see if we need to force change there in their rights!

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fromthecenter wrote:

The problem hasnt been the fence, the problem was we didnt penalize businesses for hiring illegals. If we would have put jail time and stiff economic penalities for those that hire, do you think we would have 11 million here now? Now, it’s too late to deport 11 million folks. But we can still put some sort of process in place to register them and make them go through a procedures/steps to become legal. This will only work if we prosecute those that continue to hire illegals.

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Zoloff wrote:

We don’t need reform. We need enforcement. Get in line just like everyone else. If you are allowed to jump the line, then you are getting preferential treatment, and that is wrong.

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moonhill wrote:

Democrats love open borders and illegal immigrants because it eventually results in more votes for them. If 70% of illegals voted Republican instead of Democrat, the Democrats would find a way to protect our borders. They would not be rewarding law breakers with a path to citizenship. What they want are more people dependent on the government and thus the Deomcrats who vote for these programs our country cannot afford. They love to go on about Bush’s unfunded wars, but unfunded entitlements don’t bother them a bit.

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John786 wrote:

There are more independents than either Democrats or Republicans. The article did not say what they thought.

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nowsthetime24 wrote:

I fully agree with most Americans that Those individuals who have invaded our country illegally should be sent back home. I feel they are sucking this nation dry, they send most of what they earn back home each week, most want even try to blend into our society. The fact is that by dreaking our laws they are nothing but petty criminals and
should be deported. I cannot understand why an individual who is more or less stealing from our nation feels we owe them anything . they have entered illegally so deport them…………………………..

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Chazz wrote:

Try “immigrating” to Mexico and see how long you get to stay before their law enforcement picks up your “illegal” a$$ and send you back home.

Try it an any other country and the same hold true.

If every other country has a right to enforce their immigration laws and immigrants MUST follow them, why is it that the US is supposed to be different?

For those who throw up the excuse – America was built by immigrants – yes this is true. But those immigrants came here and went through the legal process (my family was just some of them) to become citizens. They didn’t steal into the US and start popping out kids like gum balls from a machine in order to force the “system” and the rest of us accept them.

As far as paying for it – another poster above had a great suggestion. Charge the home government for the cost of their citizens deportation PLUS a penalty.

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BonnieM wrote:

As usual this government want to shove illegal immigration down the throats of us Americans! We Americans are going to resist this anti-American treachery!
Never in our history has this happened! We have already had how many
President Obama’s amnesty makes Americans sick and angry!

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rjd757 wrote:

@ OneOfTheSheep
My point exactly regarding irrationality; mining the southern border and broadcasting on you tube the death of people, including women and children, blown to pieces by a landmine? That’s just brilliant. I think Wile E. Coyote is more of a genius than you. Your comments clearly reinforce how irrational and stupid the immigration debate has become. Too much emotion, prejudice and very little practical solutions.

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geraldh78 wrote:

I was born and raised in the rural south, and served 7 years in the USMC, graduated at the top of my class from undergrad, pursuing my MPH and would love an open US border. What is a border anyway, some glorified tax barrier?

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TomPaine1791 wrote:

The majority response reported here is IMO utterly ludicrous on the face of it, given that this country was settled, founded, and rapidly expanded by hordes of immigrants encumbered by few if any legal restrictions. What an outrageous sense of entitlement has seized this motley crew of citizens! If it hasn’t yet arrived, the day is almost here when the plaque bearing Emma Lazarus’s “The New Colossus” needs to be moved from the Statue of Liberty to a National Museum of American History display.

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txguy2112 wrote:


You state that you were a Marine for 7 years and do not understand what borders are? I thought Marines were smarter than that. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants but at some point we have to realize that we are also now a nation of citizens and if the immigrants are coming over and using resources funded by taxes paid by the citizens (and legal immigrants) while themselves paying little or no tax then in addition to them being here in violation of our laws they are also stealing from us. I am not anti immigration, I am anti ILLEGAL immigration I welcome people who do not start off their presence in this country by breaking a law of this country.

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geraldh78 wrote:

Clearly you don’t know what “sarcasm” is. Secondly, “illegal” immigrants as you want to call them, pay in billions of dollars in taxes annually without EVER filing a “tax return.” That equals billions of dollars that go into the government spending bank of the US and are never accounted for. In addition, “illegal” status exempts them from most federal and state aid or benefits. “Illegals” as a rule avoid run-ins with authority because it results in deportation, which is against their goal of “illegally” crossing the border in the first place. Ultimately, US citizens are miseducated in the reality of our government’s exploitation of groups of individuals incapable of surviving in their places of origin, who seek migratory options instead. And unless you are a “Native American” your origins in TX are either “illegal” or “invasive.” Given either case, your occupation is illegal.

Feb 22, 2013 7:37pm EST  --  Report as abuse

geraldh78– Thank you! No truer words were ever spoken! Kudos! Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

Feb 22, 2013 8:01pm EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

Fine them before deporting them. Get these criminals out of our country. Find out who they worked for so we can find the criminal employers also. Really sick of complete inaction from Washington. It is obvious Washington is incapable of correctly managing America.

Feb 23, 2013 11:42am EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

Legal immigration is fine. If you came here illegally you are not legal, and should not be rewarded for breaking our laws. To those that say they pay taxes I say BS. You are allowing illegal slave activities. I am sure all the criminals (illegal immigrants & illegal employers) are not following the l laws or paying all taxes. I still disagree even if they are.

Feb 23, 2013 11:48am EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

Also repeal the “anchor baby” law. Washington is a joke. Not a funny joke either.

Feb 23, 2013 11:50am EST  --  Report as abuse

what? That’s not what I’ve been told on the nightly news! I’ve been told they’re all here to pick cabbages. Well I’ll be darned , you mean Obama is proposing something the majority of american’s oppose? Say it isn’t so

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realmoment wrote:

Well, *I* wasn’t counted in the poll, and neither was anyone I know. Most of the comments I read from people who are against immigration reform express a desire that we: (a) once and for all render our borders impervious and (b) deport all undocumented aliens. These people clearly haven’t got the most elementary understanding about the issue. It’s a shock to find that the “majority” of our citizens is so lacking in intelligence or willingness to actually *think* about it.

Regarding (a), Our present costly enough fences and barricades are flimsy at best; to build a wall on the order of the effectiveness of the Berlin Wall for the 1,969 mile border between Mexico and the U.S. would cost at least $3 trillion and would likely take at least the 14 years to build that it took to complete the 48 mile long Panama Canal. What do you think will be happening during those 14 years? Right – by 2027, the U.S. population of undocumented aliens will have at least doubled, our socioeconomic/political views will have altered considerably, and the wall will be a moot point before it’s completed. In other words, we’re doing too little, too late. “Securing our borders” is a pipedream.

Regarding (b), The ramifications of deporting 11 million people from this country are so fraught with complexities and tragic consequences to *all* of us that it’s beyond the scope of understanding. First of all, you don’t move 11 million people. Period. The U.S. couldn’t begin to cover the cost. *All of the Americas together* couldn’t cover the cost. Then we start considering how many businesses would fail without their undocumented immigrant workers in their processing plants, constructing their buildings, working in their fields. Thousands of businesses would close their doors. Take a wild guess at what that would do to our economy. Oh, but you say, “Illegals are robbing our own people of jobs.” The truth is that “our own people” don’t *want* those jobs, and even if some of them did, they would require at least a minimum wage scale. And that would drive the price of a can of beans up to twice what it costs you right now. Can you afford to double your food costs? I can’t. This is only a miniscule sample of how we would deprive ourselves if our country was somehow, magically, “relieved” of the 11 million people who are mostly doing our grunge work for us. (And while we’re on the subject, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DO *NOT* QUALIFY FOR EITHER WELFARE OR FOOD STAMPS. That’s a fact. Look it up.)

I won’t even touch on the massive human suffering and violation of basic human rights that would be the consequence in the process of forcing all these people out of our country, even if we could. The U.S. would live in infamy for centuries to come throughout the entire world. You can count on it.

So come out of your fantasy world, put on your thinking caps for a change, and come up with some realistic and *possible* solutions. They are out there.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:


$3 Trillion and 14 years??

Are you high? Do you honestly believe a proper fence would cost $1.5 BILLION per mile?

And if illegals can’t qualify for welfare or food stamps, why are they costing California $10.5 billion each and every year?

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