Car bomb kills over 50 near Damascus ruling party office

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mcanterel wrote:

Oh Slammy, you twisted thugs supporter!

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KyleDexter wrote:

Slammy, you should change your name to slimmy terrorist, becuase that is what you are. You are a Wahhabi fanatic, like these sick people waging war in Syria. The government there may not be that great, but they are a hell of alot better than these Wahhabi wackos!!!!

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americanguy wrote:

Note that when the what are now referred to as the “activist opposition members” blow up a bunch of innocent people, it is never mass murder to the media. And of course it is always “Al Qaeda” that did it when something murderous happens.

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Fromkin wrote:

Erdogan, Qatary Emir, Saudi king and princes and regime changer masterminds in the West are rejoicing. It’s a good day for all of them supporting the terrorists. This is what they call “rebel gain/advance”. Sick people!

This is terrorism supported by the US(we provide non-lethal equipment to terrorists), France,UK, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have joined that other entity to be the worst thing to happen to our wonderful shared planet.

But these terror acivities only strengthen the Syrian government. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Part of the reason the Syrian government has survived regime change is because of the alliance between regime changers and terrorists.

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westernshame wrote:

why do they only use the word terrorist in quotes??

the article clearly states that the al Qaeda-linked rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra has claimed responsibility for this and numerous other bombings around Damascus.

are al Qaeda no longer considered a terrorist group?

I guess i’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the ever changing definition of the word terrorist.

in Afghanistan (and formerly Iraq) if an armed group used IED’s against a military target, they are/were labelled terrorist.

in Syria if an armed group (already labelled a terrorist group)uses IED’s against the civillian population, they’re the opposition.

all one has to do is look up the definition of the the word terrorism in any online or printed dictionary to see the truth, so why can’t the media ??

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

Where is our Secretary of State? Where is the official statement denouncing the terror act in Syrian capital and expressing our deep sympathy to the Syrian people, to innocent victims? Shame on you, Mr Kerry! Are you pursuing the inglorious policy of condoning anti-government terrorism in Syria, following in the footsteps of Clinton/Rice/Nouland? You are the war veteran, you should know better!

And shame on you Reuters, BBC, and other media, condoning and supporting the terror in Syria! How can you report from the “rebel-held areas” without clearly stating that anybody and everybody openly expressing anti-rebel sentiments is in imminent and grave danger? And that most of such people have probably left, or have been killed! Do we not remember how did it go in Libya – what “rebels” did to Gaddhafi supporters? What is the reason you do not count that for war crimes? And – these are same “rebels” as in Libya – in fact, significant and the most efficient part of “rebels’” fighting force is composed of Libyan, Iraqi, //Tunisian, and other countries’ extremists. Contrary to the Syrian Arab Army fighting them, which is entirely of Syrians! Why don’t you deliver these simple but crucial points to your audience, Reuters?

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Fromkin wrote:

The “media” are bought and sold commodities traded at all major stock exchanges. CNN, Reuters, NYT, Fox, Le figaro, Le Monde, even BBC…all owned as stocks by a few people.

They sing the tunes of the highest bidders. They are no longer(or maybe never been) driven by humanity but money. Objective journalism died long time ago. Now we have activism passing for journalism. That’s why everyday you read here things like “activists” say, “activists” report, “activists” claim…..

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Yesyes wrote:

@BraveNewWrld Why do you guys keep trying to pass yourselves off as Americans? It only helps reinforce the impression that you are professional propagandists working for either Assad or one of his allies. I at least have a bit of respect for mccantarel who at least admits he’s Syrian, and therefore his comments seem genuine, but you and your friends seem to think that by saying “our” secretary of state or “our” media or throwing in confused versions of “western” expressions(i.e your “cattle” analogy, or pendingapproval/fromkin’s ridiculous overuse of the word “buddy”) that you are somehow fooling people. I do not know any Americans that would take such an exclusive interest in the Middle East yet completely ignore their own countries events, but you lot seem to be one of those peculiarities

Baaaaaaaaaaaa! (or Mooooooooo in your case)

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Slammy wrote:

Can we at least all agree that the Syrian regime has really bad security? I cannot remember a car bomb like this going off in the green zone.

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Slammy wrote:

umm… ok, whtver.. i usually just root for the whoever the underdog is if their cause seems somewhat just… not for suicide bombers blowing up non-combatants though, sad thing have come to this… Syria is the worst of the Arab Spring countries and, besides Bahrain who has its own problems, did not shed its leader… maybe if there would have been regime change a year and half ago things would be different now, but this one looks like a long, bloody road ahead…

What thugs? Syria is at peace and this is only the work of a few armed gangs operating from isolated locations, remember?

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

Yesyes wrote:
@BraveNewWrld Why do you guys keep trying to pass yourselves off as Americans?
I can’t answer for others, but so far as I go – perhaps, because I am? Do you really find it so unbelievable that there are mentally sane people in this country?

>It only helps reinforce the impression that you are professional propagandists
Are not you laughing yourself at what you just said? You seem to have looked through my posts – don’t you see, they are aimed at defeating propaganda! I am educated and professionally trained to think and analyze. And I hate propagandist brainwashing. You have your choice – read, think, analyze. Perhaps, my posts could help. You could also read books – start with “Propaganda” by E. Bernais (1928), “Hommage to Catalonia” by G. Orwell (1938), or, for some recent views of a person trained to think and analyze on civics and citizenship – “Survival guide for outsiders” by Sherman Stein. Perhaps, you could train your brain to think and analyze, too. Or – go on, moooooooooo :-)

>I do not know any Americans that would take such an exclusive interest in the Middle East yet completely ignore their own countries events
Now you know of one :-) But seriously, there are issues where I know what is right and what is wrong, what needs be done and what should not be. Unfortunately, most of domestic issues are so complicated – I have no opinion on how to proceed… Except, perhaps, for gun control – but I think I wrote about that.

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HumanFriend wrote:

On 9/11, these terrorists attacked America starting with the WTC towers first, not once but twice. Do you know why? Well, the two surprises were separated by more than 20 minutes so that the White House (ruling America) could have the necessary time to be alerted and saved. After all, we all know that the 9/11 attacks were a miracle from God. God sent extremely idiot terrorists just to help some of His Beloved Elite in America be stronger and richer to the end of time by creating for them the most powerful legitimate sword, over all necks in America and the world. It is the international flag “War on Terror”. But also in the story of this incredible miracle, these crazy criminals danced a lot on the streets celebrating their crimes against humanity as the past savages used doing and they were full of joy for winning their promised virgins in heaven. I bet no one can deny that the 9/11 attacks were indeed a miracle from God and such idiots terrorists were possible to exist also in reality (not in movies only) since 9/11, 2001.

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Yesyes wrote:

@BraveNewWorld Pull the other one

“You seem to have looked through my posts – don’t you see, they are aimed at defeating propaganda! I am educated and professionally trained to think and analyze.”

A typical propaganda troll response, as always riddled with self aggrandising boasts (you guys always seem to think you’re fighting some kind of war in here). Your analytical skills can’t be too great if you think the Nazi party was a genuine socialist movement just because it contained the word. By the way, “professionally trained to think” is merely a verbose way to describe brainwashing. I personally prefer to think for myself rather than parrot the views of books I have read

But by all means. Keep posting. It’s quite funny. Maybe somebody else can explain how you’re giving yourself away with your “mooooooooo” routine, but I want to see if your educated and analytical brain can work it out

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BraveNewWrld wrote:


Well, you don’t trust/like my brain – you had the choice to read and learn from others by reading the books I suggested. That is, unless you bunch Bernais, Orwell, Stain into propagandist trolls (of course, Bernais was one, and a quite outstanding one – but he is deceased, and his book essentially gives away the tools propaganda uses. No wonder Goebbels acknowledged Bernais to be a great mentor).
But your choice seem to be clear – apparently, you don’t like to read. So, go on, moooooooooooo :-)


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