Jobs, factory, inflation data favor easy Fed policy

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AZreb wrote:

Previous week numbers revised UP by 1,000. Four area numbers “estimated”.

Ah, yes – anything to make us believe in the “recovery”!

Feb 21, 2013 8:52am EST  --  Report as abuse
PCScipio wrote:

@AZreb: If you’re not recovering, you’re doing something wrong.

Feb 21, 2013 9:08am EST  --  Report as abuse
Harry079 wrote:

“So-called continuing claims have not changed much since late December”

Is that anything like the “So Called” recovery?

Also if continuing claims has not changed much how come why did the Federal Government pay out $1.4 billion more in January unemployment benefits than in December?

By my math that comes out to over 700,000 more people at the end of January than the end of December collecting benefits.

Feb 21, 2013 9:26am EST  --  Report as abuse
BlueOkie wrote:

This is meaningless number!

Feb 21, 2013 9:35am EST  --  Report as abuse
AdamSmith wrote:

The Fed’s QE is the biggest boon to the wealthy ever witnessed by modern markets.

The Fed has been buying up, from the wealthy, every worthless note the wealthy had been stuck with. The Fed has been buying everything, you name it. Worthless junk that nobody else would buy, the Fed has been buying it for top dollar, taking it off the hands of the wealthy.

The wealthy can barely contain themselves at their good fortune. Who would have thought they could get rid of those worthless pieces of paper? Yet, the Fed has now paid them roughly $1.5 trillion in cold, hard cash.

The wealthy, who had expected to lose everything, are now made richer than ever.

The Fed are very happy to accomodate them using the government’s money, and get invited to the country-club parties of the elite. And even President Obama, too, yearns for the invitations to the country-club parties of the elite, so he’s all in with the QE scheme too. No problem.

Once again in life, the wealthy criminal class wins, effortlessly. And the common man is ground into the floor under their heal.

QE is a far greater crime than TARP, and far more subtle for the average citizen to grasp.

Feb 21, 2013 9:36am EST  --  Report as abuse
divinargant wrote:

Approx. one year ago (give or take a day or two) jobless claims filed came in at 351,000, better than consensus expectations, and as is typically the case that number was revised upward later on. One other unchanged nugget is how many economists were touting then, as the RBC Capital economist touts in this article about how the labor market was/is gradually improving but just not fast enough. As much as things have changed for so many since that time, I find it interesting that very little has changed at all in the mindset of those revered as knowing so much. I’m not surprised for this is what happens when the agenda takes over and rinse/repeat becomes your tried and true pearls of wisdom.

Feb 21, 2013 10:03am EST  --  Report as abuse
Crash866 wrote:

” bigger-than-expected rise in weekly jobless claims”
Three Months later…you voted for this…wait til you see Feb’s retail sales numbers…tick tock…

Feb 21, 2013 10:18am EST  --  Report as abuse
jaham wrote:

Bernanke will be forced to keep the monetary pedal to the metal so long as Obama and the Dems continue to punish the private sector, simple as that really…

But hey, at least Obama’s inept leadership affords me a few more years to continue snapping up single family homes at record low prices/rates…thank you!

Feb 21, 2013 10:18am EST  --  Report as abuse
asalcido wrote:

I feel sorry for those out of work. In my lifetime I had two periods of unemployment that lasted 7 months each. You feel like you will never work again. You go through your savings and have to start over again. I have been working steady now for the last 10 years and will retire at the end of the year so there is hope for you out there.

Feb 21, 2013 10:59am EST  --  Report as abuse
hancle wrote:

Recovery my arse. Gas and food prices contimue to climb, prescription co-pays have more than doubled for many seniors, and Barack says we are doing better. Says we are getting better gas mileage, importing less foreign oil and it’s only because of the House GOP Members that are slowing his imaginary recover down. Maybe if he didn’t play golf with Tiger and spent a weekend with some seniors he would get a wake up call. Reducing SS and Medicare that’s BS and he and his queen should try walking a mile in our shoes.

Feb 21, 2013 11:13am EST  --  Report as abuse
ChangeWhat wrote:

I will keep my posts very short from now due to Reuters moderators lack of knowledge of their own ToS. They seem to like to remove posts that are not in violation of their ToS, I expect nothing less from the media as they have forgotten what Freedom of Speech is due to an increase of under the table funds.

“The truth hurts so get used to it.”

Feb 21, 2013 12:49pm EST  --  Report as abuse
ChangeWhat wrote:

Editors are you sure about this?

I ask because just yesterday you ran a story how unemployment was down and we are “recovering”.

Yet today we have an increase and no end in site. We have been “recovering” for 5 years now, so I would like to know how long you guys are going to keep reporting garbage fear type news articles.

Their are some that predict in 2014 our financial system will fully collapse, any news on that reporters???

Feb 21, 2013 12:53pm EST  --  Report as abuse
hancle wrote:

No need for reporters to investigate. They just need to parrot the administration. Things continue to recover and improve. We would have complete recovery if Barack could just convince the rest of us to get rid of all the Republicans especially those in the House. He just needs to tax the rich, borrow more and print some more dollars, then we woiuld have his idea of utopia.

Feb 21, 2013 1:12pm EST  --  Report as abuse
redmerlot wrote:

Dear Bill Collectors

I cannot pay my bills. I won’t be able to pay my bills next month, or for any month in the foreseeable future.
Oh, and by the way, can I borrow another $85B this month, and next month, and the month after that?

Oh, and you cannot start legal proceedings against me, because I am following the monetary policies of the United States Government.

Thank you.

Feb 21, 2013 2:04pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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