Iran move to speed up nuclear program troubles West

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MikeBarnett wrote:

Despite US lies, this is not a defiant step because Iran said that the new centrifuges would enrich uranium to 5%, the level of reactor fuel to generate electricity. Another US lie claims that the action is “yet another provocative step” when it is not. A White House liar said that Iran would receive more “pressure” if it doesn’t address international concerns at the February 26 meeting in Almaty, but western criminals will impose more sanctions whatever Iran does. Fortunately, others will help Iran resist US and Israeli aggression, help develop Iran’s defenses against western warmongers, and help Iran retaliate against the western war criminals.

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sensi wrote:

The ridiculous western Goebbelsian propaganda continue to misinform its conditioned audience… The “new” centrifuges -discussed for months with the IAEA- enrich at the 5% level so every of the Reuters and warmongers claims that it could “speed up nuclear program” or would be “a defiant step” is just propagandist and misleading garbage: congrats Reuters “journalists” aka dogs of Pavlov.

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AdamSmith wrote:

Iranians are far less evil than America or Israel.

For many years the US lived with the Soviet Union in possession of thousands of nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missles, aimed right at American cities.

The Soviet press, for example the official newspaper Pravda, routinely published major editorials calling for the destruction of imperialist America, the capitalist exploiter of mankind.

Yet Russia for all its rhetoric, was run by human beings, and as human beings do, even fanatical communists, they considered their own interests, and their families. They never used any of their thousands of nuclear weapons on anybody.

The same with Chinese communists. They have nuclear missles. They, too, have families and children they care for. And so too with Iranians Moslems. They too have families and children they love.

But the cleverest Hollywood script writers and propagandists on Earth reside in Israel, and they have the world believing that Iran, who has invaded nobody, would immediately use a nuclear weapon if it had one.

Israel itself, constantly threatening to strike Iran, is driving the world toward war. Israel, the great criminal nation, steals more land from defenseless Palestinians every day, while cleverly diverting our attention by pointing their finger at Iran.

Israel, who every day steals land, who bulldozes homes, cuts down olive tree groves, who kills Palestinian children with tanks and helicopters. This same Israel cleverly points their finger at Iran, who steals nobody’s land, and invades nobody.

Of all the nations that possess nuclear arms (Israel, America, France, England, India, Pakistan, Russia, China) Iran would be a safer bet to be responsible and rational.

It was only America who has used its nuclear weapons on fellow humans, when we dropped two of them on Japan after she was already defeated, at the end of WWII. General Eisenhower was very much against it.

The world will be better off if Iran does have a nuclear deterrent. Iran is a huge country with 73 million people. The sooner Iran has nuclear missles to defend itself, the sooner the threat of war will recede.

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Dhirajkunar wrote:

America I hope is prepared for a NO answer from Iran next week. It has been repeatedly said by America that “time is very less” or “the door to negotiations is closing”. It remains to be seen if this is another bluff. Iran is a very old nation. America and others are not. And Iran dosent consider America to be the leader of the village. It just considers America to be a self appointed bully. And that they have to be shown their place. If the talks fail, there may be more sanctions. But till such time China buys oil from the country, no point. Times are very interesting. Referring to the above article, the author only cites Netenyahoo’s speech at the UN. Why dosent the author quote Ahmedinejad who told the Americans – “If you strike this Great Nation, we will deliver such a forceful slap on your face that you will forget your way home.” Why is Reuters biased only to Israel? It dosent make any sense. Readers are discerning than what Reuters thinks.

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CaptainObv wrote:

Giving Iran nuclear missles will make the world a safer place because they will be able to defend themselves?

Have you forgot, for your convenience, that Iran’s president has threatend Israel -multiple times- with total destruction? That he denies the Holocaust? And you think it is a good idea for a religious fundamentalist of the worst kind to get nuclear weapons?

Oh yes the Israel and American propagandist are at work again, poor Iran is completly innocent. Go do your homework.

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americanguy wrote:

Each time Iran spits in the face of the world, it brings itself closer to total destruction.
At this point, why Iran is defying the world has become irrelevant.
I have no doubt that if Israel determines that Iran is building a nuclear weapon, Israel will destroy Iran if the USA does not do it first.
When an enemy declares their goal is to destroy you, and they start building the means to destroy you, you have no option but to destroy them first.
Now that Israel has ICBM’s with MIRV nuclear warheads, Russia and China would not risk their destruction and a nuclear WW3 by getting involved.

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I encourage anyone to criticize Israel or the US on a regular basis under logical pretenses. However, something tells me that supporting the regime that builds itself on circular logic and holocaust deniers is a little bit off.

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TheIranian wrote:

What this story leaves out is that
1. The new centrifuges enrich uranium only to 5%, whose only use is in civilian nuclear power stations.
2. Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, all of which have uranium enrichment programs for civilian purposes, use centrifuges much more advanced than the new generation of Iranian centrifuges.

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lastsolfa wrote:

What is troubling the west is the economy in shambles.
This whole ‘Iranian nuclear threat’ fairly tale, which is the premise for brutal sanctions, is a desperate effort to prevent Iran, an ally of China and Russia, to become an influential player in a region with the most significant natural resources and geographical sensitivity.

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Dhirajkunar wrote:

@ NewIndependent

What you are writing – Israel would attack Iran is COMPLETE UNADULTERATED NONSENSE. Absolutely immature. I advise you to join the IDF of American military. Get trained and get posted to the Persian Gulf. You will get in touch with reality there. QUICK. JOIN THE FORCES. You are presently hiding under the sofa in the basement of your home and pressing softkeys of your computer. Get a life!

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