Republicans, Democrats brace for impact of March 1 cuts

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DougVictor wrote:

“$85 billion is slashed from U.S. government budgets”

No slashing here, it is, by some reports, a 2% reduction in the budget. When you spend in the area of 3 trillion dollars a year, 85 billion is nothing. This would be like the rest of us not drinking one coffee shop coffee a day. So you switch to drip coffee, no big deal.

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z0jer wrote:

Intentional ignorance by both parties, Democrat or Republican, will go a long ways nowhere, membership losing a job and economics to get by with living expenses.

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PKFA wrote:

I’m a frequent traveler and the impact I expect from, say, the normal number of bodies I see standing around security with their thumbs up their you-know-what, is if their supervisors schedule them off time for purely political reasons so as to make it appear as though there is a crisis. I’m also a cynic, and expect other Federal agencies to do the same. Hang in there until discretionary budget funds for this year’s budget run out.

Anybody with any sense can cut their budget 3%. We’re doing that now, what with the middle class tax increase and the inflation that the Fed doesn’t acknowledge. Anyone, that is, except Federal employees. Oh, that’s right- I said with any sense…

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Pilgrim1620 wrote:

Any large company that can’t reduce its spending by 2% is doomed. That is within the round-off error and is easily accomplished by getting rid of “dead wood.” And the Feds have way more than 2% dead wood. Get rid of the bloated overhead and move on. Our President and liberal politicians are derelict in their oath of office by creating this sham!

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123456951 wrote:

Everyone with half a brain knows that the federal government wastes enormous amounts of money that benefits no one except those employed by government(and private contractors). There are some services however that the government provides that are worthwhile and even essential. Air traffic control is one such service. There are a lot of people in Washington who refuse to cut anything, because if you cut somewhere, then you open the door for cuts elsewhere, which means you might end up with less money for your own particular agenda. Obama is one such politician. Look at his actions, not his words. The Republicans have already given in once(although not much). Time for the other side to either put up of shut up(even if it’s only a little). In general, our federal government has too much power. Power breeds corruption. It always does. Blaming the rich is the same tired old political ploy that the communists and others throughout history have used to gain power.

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astroz wrote:

2.3 % of the budget….should be far more.

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wyldbill wrote:

Something has to be done about defense spending. They are burning through more than 1 Trillion a year.

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UauS wrote:

Looks like the Republicans are adamant not to let Obama get elected for his third term at any cost… :)

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gunste wrote:

The height of irresponsibility was for Congress to adjourn for a week and go home, when the nation’s business required some hard work and action – not ideological posturing by all sides.

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SanPa wrote:

For those reciting the 2% of budget point, note that like a household budget cuts will hit less discretionary line items e.g. cable, heat and medicine before less discretionary e.g. rent and work transport. So the impact will be concentrated in areas less constrained to cuts. Of course, cable cuts are no big deal while heat and medicine cut backs will be harder impacts. The same will be said of the federal budget.

That written, I fully support that there be cuts, and like the Koch Bros., I believe that corporate and agribusiness welfare need to be ended.

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crod526 wrote:

More political theatre by politicians from both sides with no interest whatsoever in coming to terms with what is best for the nation. Its all about political power 24/7 365 days a year. Its this lack of interest to compromise and do what’s best for the nation that bears the biggest danger for our future.

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jorge62 wrote:

@Uaus – The Republicans have been trying to rein in this presidents reckless spending. We are now closing in on 17 trillion and 7 of that from this president alone. The Republicans agreed to the sequestor, the presidents ideal, to see if they could rein in this presidents profligate spending. What is really shameful is that now this president continues his lying ways saying that he was not responsible for the sequestor. Please read Woodwards article in the Washington post (Obama‚Äôs sequester deal-changer) on the sequestor. What’s sad is that alot of people still support this guy. They refuse to read the papers or do a little research.

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OzBolts wrote:

@DougVictor: Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

Though the US government deals with extremely large amounts of money, 2% worth of reduction is massive. The dollar for dollar value of military pay, processing facilities, etc, is the same… it isn’t inflated massively just because its the government.

Soldiers and public employees sent on “furlough” (and for how long?) could end up financially crippled. What if they have to apply for some sort of social assistance benefit? There’s more money out the door.. and furthermore, extra money not being put into the economy.

Furthermore, what about the cut-down on air traffic? Tourism, business… it won’t be kind to any industry.

2% of the budget, for a country of 350+ million, is an enormous amount of money. Problem being, these are cuts that effect direct government spending (hence why they were put in to be so harsh). But, as always, the GOP and DNP want to fight til the 11th hour.

… well, one can only hope its that again.

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UauS wrote:

> jorge62 – I have a one word answer for you: Bush.

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kevin2ia wrote:

Message from WH – “Please save ourselves, from ourselves.”

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citizen033 wrote:

At least some cuts will happen this way. A lot more need to follow.

The track record lately seems to suggest that any negotiated deals will only amount to cuts on the order of tenths or hundredths of a percent, accompanied by a large dose of procrastination.

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