Syria opposition spurns U.S., Russia invites in protest

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HumanFriend wrote:

Well… No one can deny that the so-called angry opposition lives outside Syria… and surely outside my city Aleppo. So, its people (even if real Syrians) are the last ones in the world to talk of what is good for Syrians in Syria and mainly in my city Aleppo. For too many months, Aleppo has been under direct attacks by tens of thousands of FOREIGN mercenaries (mostly jihadists with their long dark beards that the White House insists calling “Patriot Syrian Rebels) exported continuously into Syria (about a hundred thousand so far) from too many countries around the world and via Turkey (ally of NATO and US Army), Lebanon (half of it controlled by the White House) and Jordan (in which the CIA forces work in peace as in Iraq). Aleppo, right now, is also full of snipers planted by the foreign attackers to terrorize its millions of citizens (Muslims and Christians of all sects, also Liberals) who are protected by their National Syrian brave forces (risking their lives but claimed by the White House being loyal to Assad and not to their Syrian people from which they are). Aleppo city (as the European destructed cities in WW2) can be rebuilt soon after the foreign attackers will be defeated for good, but it may be impossible reviving a killed country and let be free and safe as it was).

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