Radioactive waste leaking from six tanks at Washington state nuclear site

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BessByers wrote:

My dad worked at Hanford for years. This leak is not a threat to the public. The ground is so dry, coupled with where tanks are located, that leakage of waste into the water is impossible.

IMO these “leaks” are another way for Hanford to continue its government funding. Again, speaking from parental experience, Hanford is a prime example of government waste. Most people who work there are incapable of doing something in a timely manner. Most are concerned about losing their overtime pay. And don’t get me started on salaries and work ethic. My dad quit is job at Hanford almost 18 years ago, and Hanford employees are still stuck on the same problems as when he left.

Hanford Leak = More Government Funding

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DOCKING wrote:

They said, “the leak has not posed an immediate public health risk!” The key word here is, “immediate,” and is meant to absolve authorities of all possible future catastrophic events. Do you believe your government? I don’t!!!!

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sjfella wrote:

The beginning of the end. Man will be man’s demise.

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yugenro wrote:

Nuclear power is NOT a sustainable solution!!!

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hki wrote:

Just DANDY! years ago single walled tanks were “Safe” and low and behold the government was wrong. In a few decades, the stainless steel tanks will be declared unsafe. SO the real question is, when are all you DFA’s going to realize that nuclear waste cannot be stored safely. We should do like the Germans, and phase out nuclear power. WTF is running the show? Guess what Chu, we don’t believe your baloney about stainless steel being “safe”. Heck, you can chew threw stainless steel with plain old KOH in not too many years….

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pjm_cc wrote:

Docking is so correct, when I read the words of Governor Inslee, I heard the voice of truth saying “get the hell out of there” and “I’m not going anywhere near there”.
These are the same things they were saying in Japan after the tsunami.

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Shootist wrote:

“Radioactive waste leaking from six tanks at Washington state nuclear site.”

No. But you can bet your last dollar that if a Republican were President the only message the “news” would carry is that it is the republican’s fault.

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benrikscampy wrote:

No immediate health risks associated with the leaks in these nuclear tanks. Yea right, and I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. Flash forward 10 years and look at all the birth defects in the state of Washington. Give me a break, no health risks associated.

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aynfan wrote:

there have been technical answers for years. Idiot politicians have prevented progress. I was at a similar facility. to say there is no problem is wrong. the material is a problem in liquid form. … hence the vitreous log making process needs to be pushed forward. But some is scare tactics to get more money as well. I left the site I was at due to the lack of leadership and ability of DOE managers and some professionals to MAN-UP … too busy covering their asses and inventing new bureaucracies to enhance their power & protect turf to be productive … there are a lot of good people there but too many are taught to retire in place … in their 30′s and could no longer hold jobs in the private sector where P&L is the reality … after a while they loose their edge and get beaten down … I did not want to allow that to happen to myself.

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So what was the clue that there was a few leaks of the Nuclear Tanks???? Don’t know? Well, have you checked those “3 eyed” Frogs that have been showing up Near the river? Yeah! The Green shinny ones….

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MikeBarnett wrote:

The current regime helps Americans evolve into “homo radioactivus” to eliminate the need for nuclear safety. When the project is complete, Americans won’t need to worry about nuclear or thermonuclear attacks from any country including the United States of America. Given the deranged, psychotic, mass murdering lunatics who have misruled the US for over a decade, evolving into creatures that can survive the suicidal policies of US regimes may be a necessity. Remember: the only country that has ever launched a nuclear attack on the USA is the USA.

Fortunately, the Obama regime works diligently to persuade North Korea to launch a nuclear or thermonuclear attack on the US by continuing Bush’s Axis of Evil strategy directed at Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. Bush invaded Iraq and forced Kim Jong-il to seek nuclear weapons. Obama puts growing pressure for regime change on Iran, forcing Kim Jong-un to continue nuclear or thermonuclear options against the US. When Obama attacks Iran, causing North Korea’s nuclear or thermonuclear attacks, Americans will have more exposure to different types and levels of radiation for evolving into “homo radioactivus.”

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NowYouKnow wrote:

“..there is no immediate risk to human health…”. We heard those exact same words at the World Trade Center site in the hours and days after 9/11. We know how that turned out.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

“…no immediate health risks.” Riiiiight. But in 50 years the ground water will be unfit for any use for the next 10,000.

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