Analysis: The near impossible battle against hackers everywhere

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assmuncher wrote:

The FBI is going to start a virus repository ? LOL

Will it include the source to stuxnet and flame?

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westernshame wrote:

“Will it include the source to stuxnet and flame?”

exactly and highly doubtful. more truthfully the “repository” will be used and studied by their hackers to in turn attack their enemies back.

this paragraph say’s it all

“”The Chinese, with some legitimacy, will say ‘You spy on us.’ And as former director of the NSA I’ll say, ‘Yeah, and we’re better at it than you are,” said Hayden, now a principal at security consultant Chertoff Group.”

so many apt phrases / sayings come to mind….

whats good for the goose is good for the gander
the pot calling the kettle black
let he who is without sin cast the first stone
people who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones

etc, etc………..

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reality-again wrote:

Near impossible?
Let’s see how many hackers keep practicing their hobby once the authorities decide they’ll crack down on them and penalties for hacking become severe.
The same applies to professional hackers.

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boreal wrote:

This hacking business has a lot common with nuclear technology. Some have the knowhow, the means to freely use it but want to forbid others to have it. Ain’t too democratic, wouldn’t you say so?

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Take critical information and disconnect it from the internet. Remove all internet connections to the power grid, etc. Do things like they worked before the internet and all will be well IMHO.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

There is a beginning of a glimmer of truth to some of the reporting on this, but the ultimate truth is the battle is not with the Chinese, but with the incredible incompetence of American managers. I fought the battle, and against the hackers I won, against my management all I got when I confronted them with the extent of the problem was “we have no money”.

More government officials like the Governor of S. Carolina will need to get their careers flushed before this problem gets fixed. And it CAN be fixed.

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AdamSmith wrote:

Who are the shareholders behind the corporations being hacked?

Any business grouping of humans sitting at a table, from tribal times to today, from small-town tiny partnerships to multinational corporations — naturally tend to say, in their meetings, “It’s us against the world.” And it is.

After all, life itself is a competitive struggle. And business is especially so.

The PROBLEM is that the populace of any given country erroneously believe that the corporations that are legally chartered in their country have Patriotic notions.

A patriotic corporation? Nothing could be further from the truth. Corporation chartered in America — like Goldman, Exxon, IBM, Apple, Intel, Google. Boeing — are legally created, by a legal document, to do what’s in the interest of their shareholders, period.

That’s why you see these American-chartered companies routinely outsourcing American jobs, selling and divulging American technology to foreign partners, selling weapons to foreign governments, importing low-wage foreign H1B Visa engineers to replace American engineers, and allowing the foreign engineers to take their newly learned skills back to their home countries to compete against America.

In short, corporations, whether American-chartered, Spanish-chartered, or Mexican-chartered, have zero patriotic notions. Patriotism is not part of the human-corporate-animal. How could we expect otherwise?

All large corporations doing business in America are not here to do the American people a favor. Rather the American people are its prey.

I think the hacker phenomenon is a very good thing. It will perhaps, in one way, save us, the American middle class, from being completely devoured by the fast-evolving, highly dangerous, sharp-clawed current super-organism of Earth, the multinational corporation.

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jkelley76 wrote:

I am employed by a major technology services provider, a serious blue chip player in the tech industry. Me and none of my colleagues go out of our way or do anything more than is required. Why? It’s not that we don’t want to, we really are passionate about our chosen profession, I myself have brought ideas to improve our processes to management only to be rejected by these very words. “We won’t implement basically because none of the other tech companies are doing it.” I have tried many times as in tech meetings I have heard my colleagues attempt without success. Processes are hugely confusing and complicated,(what could take about an hour can easily take a 3-4 hours,up to a few few days) Adding injury to insult, we are furloughed for a week 3-4 times a year, have no benefits and I do mean none. Basically, there is absolutely no reason what so ever to do more, other than our own pride in doing a good job. By the way, I got caught doing more to please our customer and was on the hot seat for a couple weeks. So now I do only the basic minimum to service our customer. If this is really industry wide, is it really any wonder we are hacked so easily and often?
In their efforts to be proud of the bottom line and keep the shareholders pleased, They play round robin with our customers as the customers switch from one tech service provider to another in their useless quest to have to find the one ring that rules them all.
The answer? The first step, stop abusing the geese that want to lay pure gold, we love doing that. We have terribly complicated jobs that we find challenging in a positive manner, it really never gets boring or old. What is very disheartening is, first, the lack of respect for what we do. We are the pilots of these million dollar machines. When one of these go down, even more millions are lost by the hour, don’t tie our hands. Pay us well, benefits and some paid holidays would be very welcome, We are the Gate Keepers. You want to keep the bad guys out, you know what you need to do. We are ready to stop them, just give us the respect and freedom to do it. Can’t very well concentrate on the job we are paid to do, if we are constantly worried about our own security.

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I think we see a double standard here it is known that US and Israel used FLame , duquu, stuxnet to cripple a nuclear power plant, now that the shoe is on theother foot they cry foul. Give me a break yes one day we will see power outages and much much more, what will you do then?

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Saatdhaan wrote:

How often do we get comments like this:

“Chinese hackers tend to take aim at the largest corporations and most innovative technology companies, using trick emails that appear to come from trusted colleagues but bear attachments tainted with viruses, spyware and other malicious software, according to Western cyber investigators.”

I have a foolproof method for ending e-mail spam (peer reviewed under confidentiality agreement by one of the worlds leading experts on e-mail spam). I’ve advise the Obama administration (all departments engaged in cyber security) including Obama, Napolitano (Homeland Security), Meuller (FBI) by registered mail, Microsoft (direct and hotmail), Google (direct and gmail), Yahoo, Symantec, Obama selected spokes person such as on the cyber awareness video, (over 70 e-mails faxes and registered letters) and not one reply.

Who are they trying to kid about getting feedback? It’s a farce and a lie for anyone in the Obama administration to say they want feedback.

Good grief, I wrote directly to these people during Obama’s “Cyber Awareness Month” over two years ago when they said “the public need to take responsibility and share information with the government” and no response from the actual people who appeared on the video to request public cooperation.

Can you believe: No interest from the annual e-mail spam conference organizers (actually held to discuss defeating e-mail spam).

It’s a nonsense. If you don’t believe me try it yourself. Write to any Obama government department e.g. FBI, FTC, NSA, DOJ, White Collar Crime Center, Homeland Security, the White House, tell them you have a solution for spam e-mail, and see if you can raise a response. Try a major e-mail operator like Google or Microsoft. Try computer reporters for the news or magazines. I can 100% guarantee, you won’t.

Consider, it’s not about whether or not someone can deliver on their promise, it’s about the government spending billions on cyber crime, asking for public help, and when they get an offer of help there’s no one interested in even responding. The apathy is astounding from the Presidents office down. Everyone is interested in talking about it but no one is interested in doing anything, not even a 2 minute e-mail.

Some may say: “Well they ignore it because they know, if the majors can’t do it, no one can.” Well that’s okay if you’re Harry Potter but the reality of the world as we know it is everything we have today is as a result of someone coming up with something everyone else thought couldn’t be done. If Obama’s government had existed in the stone age we’d still be in the stone age.

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