Ten Chadian soldiers killed fighting Islamists in Mali

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MikeBarnett wrote:

French, Chadian, and Malian troops fight islamic insurgents in Mali. US troops are in southwestern Niger. Boko Haram has hit northern Nigeria. Islamic insurgents have hit northern Cameroon. Others have hit southern Algeria. Fighting continues in Libya. North Africa has become much more active since the US and NATO intervened for regime change against Qaddafi.

Fortunately, the wars are not free. France’s GDP grew at 0.2%, and France will miss its EU debt-cutting goal for 2013. The entire EU will have a mild recession with -0.3% growth. The UK, another intervening country and a major trading partner with France, was downgraded by Moody’s for not keeping its deficit reduction strategy on course. Wars, attempts to intervene in other crises (Syria), and imposing sanctions on other countries (Iran, etc.), raise costs and reduce the UK’s profits and taxes on trade.

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