Latest Simpson-Bowles health plan stirs worry but lacks detail

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Acetracy wrote:

So we have a retired senator, Simpson who gets incredible free healthcare from the government for the rest of his life, and we have Bowles a multi=millionaire devising ways for the US to cut healthcare expenditure. Cuts come from lowering payments to the actual personal providing healthcare: doctors, nurses, hospitals, and shifting the payment burden back to the poor and middle class who would wait another two years to join Medicaire.

Where are the cuts to insurance companies who just push paper and deny coverage? Where are the cuts to pharmaceutical firms who charge huge premiums in the US for the same drugs sold elsewhere in the world at much cheaper prices. Then there is the whole ridiculous mountains of paperwork, forms, etc. that force healthcare workers to spend more and more hours push paper than delivering health care.

Simpson and Bowles should go to Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, etc. and study how their system can deliver healthcare for far less dollars per capita than the US. One thing that is obviously missing from these countries is the all powerful role that insurance and pharmaceutical companies seem to have in the USA.

It is so easy for Simpson and Bowles to tell others to suffer, forget retirement, and pay more out of their savings since neither of them will suffer the consequences of their policy suggestions.

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