Rookie Oscar host Seth MacFarlane lives up to provocative image

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dcamfam wrote:

This had to be the worst show ever. I can remember as a kid watching the awards show. I would never allow my little kids to watch the current show with tributes to boobs, and other references go “if the show was not gay enough already” or the little 9 year old “told me back stage I hope i dont lose to the old lady” etc. This should be an entertaining, tribute to the music, stars, and pictures…not a list of one liners at the expense of other people. Seth should stay as the voice for his cartoon shows

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TinCan123 wrote:

I enjoyed the show. If anyone allows their little kids to watch the Oscars knowing Seth was hosting, that’s just irresponsible parenting, nothing more.

Feb 25, 2013 12:19am EST  --  Report as abuse

Yes, because the Oscars can’t be funny. It’s gotta be stuffy and boring and pretentious. I totally agree with dcamfam on this. Otherwise, I would’ve just changed the channel and just looked up the winners the next day.

We should all look to dcamfam for guidance on the proper way to handle an awards show. Clearly the Oscars shouldn’t be fun at all. It should be a snoozefest like all the years before.

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DRH255 wrote:

Seth was perfect….finally someone unpredictable and wow…he can sing and dance…loved the Prometheus joke (oh you had to see the movie to get it) so true!! It’s those quick little jokes that were so well placed that finally gave the boring Oscars an edge…like having the best of both worlds…Billy Crystal and Ricky Gervais…we loved it!

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Overcast451 wrote:


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wendell8659 wrote:

I want to compliment the writer on an outstanding summary of the program. I did not see the program last night. However, after reading the story – I felt like I was right there. Well done!!!


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