Powers to offer Iran sanctions relief at nuclear talks

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westernshame wrote:

as usual, not the way to go into negotiations……. if you actually want to achieve positive results.

how can it work?

threatening before it even begins and offering some little bone, just so you can say you tried. last i heard, the west was offering to allow them to trade in gold again. they only just imposed that sanction a few weeks ago and now its supposed to be their reward for bowing to their demands.

Turkey must really need Iran’s natural gas bad for the UN to be playing these little games.

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Harry079 wrote:

“if Tehran agrees to curb its nuclear program”

Curb its nuclear program?

Geez it seems to me that it was just YESTERDAY that Iran announced the discovery of Uranium deposits along its southern coast and announced it was planning to build up to 18 nuclearpower plants.

I’m not really sure but the “Major Powers” should know that Irans plans would require a “Major Expansion” of its nuclear program to achieve its plan.

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Jocomus wrote:

Some form of relief is what Iran badly needs for the west to secure a compliance pledge which has to be verifiable. Obama may shift more attention to N.Korea threat in time of restraint on resources.

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boreal wrote:

[…] The stakes are high: Israel, assumed to be the Middle East’s only nuclear-armed arsenal, has strongly hinted at possible military action to prevent its old foe from obtaining such arms. […]

Zionist propaganda mills are working overtime to convince the gullible western masses and their equally gullible leaders to take up arms, send their daughters and sons into the ME slaughterhouse to fight another proxy war on behalf of Israel. For this round too, Israel desperately needs American military muscle and some loose change of the US treasury. As the Afghan and Iraqi wars have proved warfare is very costly in lives as well as treasure.

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americanguy wrote:

Iran = good and beautiful people who like America
Iran’s leaders = fanatical dicators who oppress their people and want to start WW3.
It’s not the people of Iran, it is their religious dictators.
The blood thirsty right wing war mongers should remember that the next time they call for the destruction of innocent people who can do nothing about the issue.
Iran is not only those few fanatic idiots and secret police, Iran is millions of women, childen, and innocent people who just want to live their lives in peace.
I think Iran’s leaders are finally getting the message and hopefully this nuclear Iran issue will work out OK. If it does not work out, Iran will eventually be destroyed and that would be a real tragedy.
There is no middle ground, if Iran starts to produce a nuclear weapon it will be the end for Iran.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:

@americanguy “The blood thirsty right wing war mongers should remember that the next time they call for the destruction of innocent people who can do nothing about the issue.”

May I remind you that it is a blood thirsty left wing war monger in the White House that has dramatically increased the drone bombing campaign from the previous blood thirsty right wing war monger.

Try to keep up please.

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SanPa wrote:

I can only imagine if Yanks were offered something being deprived by an external “power” in return for sovereign concessions.

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MargaretB wrote:

It’s good news that after eight months there are further Six Party Talks, this time in Almaty; and reading this report, it feels as if there’s an element of flexibility in the process and an awareness of the importance of the talks. ‘The window is open’ expresses the need for them to progress very well.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

Iraq was the first war crime in the US Axis of Evil policy.

Iran is to be the second war crime in the US Axis of Evil policy.

North Korea is to be the third action in the US Axis of Evil policy.

Therefore, North Korea should build the 120,000 megaton thermonuclear device and hit the US geographic center to incinerate North America, Central America, and the Caribbean islands. This will save the rest of the world from US war crimes. The loss of Cuba will be regrettable, but those who follow the US will not be missed.

In addition, the US will lose most of its retaliatory capability and its military support structures for long range and long term campaigns. North Korea’s mountains will make most US retaliation ineffective; most radiation from US retaliation will fall on Japan and South Korea; and allies of a US that is only Hawaii will not likely support the policies that led to America’s incineration.

Continued US aggression against Iran, the 2nd US war crime, may force North Korea, the third US victim, to take harsh measures for the survival of its independence and of its government, regardless of the views that others may have of its government. The US is not Iran, and it is not North Korea. If the US is unwilling to accept the rights of others, then, the US and its allies should be punished and restrained.

The US should reconsider its Axis of Evil policy that it has followed since January of 2002. Bush was not a wise president, and this is not a wise policy. Iran is not making nuclear weapons, and US actions against Iran, in the aftermath of Iraq, compels North Korea to prepare for the incineration of the US.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

My comment is designed to advise the US that its policy toward Iran is unwise given the failure in Iraq and the responses of North Korea. The Axis of Evil policy was stated and followed by Bush in Iraq. The Bush regime began false propaganda to link Iran to 9-11 and to IEDs in Iraq to prepare to make Iran the next target in the Axis of Evil policy. The debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan and the domestic disaster of Katrina gave Democrats control of both houses in 2006 and the White House in 2008. Unfortunately, Obama has not changed the planned war crime for Iran that has no WMDs and no plans for them. North Korea, as the 3rd target on the Axis of Evil list, must prepare for war with the US, using the most effective weapons available.

I designed super high yield thermonuclear devices in the 1970′s, so I am aware of the potential for the destruction of the US. If the US forces another country to destroy the US, then the US is responsible for its suicide. However, telling someone to commit suicide (“off yourself” or “stage a murder for yourself”) is abusive. It is also disloyal to the US because the US should consider the potential consequences of its Iran policies that may cause damage to the US from other countries especially since Bush specifically linked North Korea to Iran and Iraq in his Axis of Evil speech in January of 2002. North Korea’s actions should be expected because the US made the threat, and the US remains in a legal state of war with North Korea.

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americanguy wrote:

“Therefore, North Korea should build the 120,000 megaton thermonuclear device and hit the US geographic center to incinerate North America,”

But wouldn’t that make North Korea the true Axis of evil as the US has said, and therefore force the world to destroy North Korea?
You epic failed your own post.

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Ahmed’s hairline screams “I’m wearing a toupee”.

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MikeBarnett wrote:


The US started to push North Korea into war with Bush’s Axis of Evil policy statement in January of 2002. The US continued to push North Korea into war with the illegal US invasion of Iraq in 2003 because it showed that the US would carry out illegal invasions of the targets that the US chose. The US continued to push North Korea into war with US lies that tried to tie Iran to 9-11 and US lies that tried to tie Iran to IEDs in Iraq. Iran is Shia; al-Qaeda is Sunni; and the two sects of islam kill each other. US Army Special Forces trained Arabs and Afghans (also Sunnis) in the 1980s to make IEDs for use against Russians in Afghanistan. Iraqi insurgents were Sunnis. US lies to prepare for war against Iran showed North Korea that the US was seriously pursuing the Axis of Evil strategy, and Kim Jong-il wisely began seeking nuclear weapons to defend North Korea from US aggression. The US continues its lies about WMDs in Iran that don’t exist because it wants to launch aggression against Iran. Therefore, North Korea is preparing to defend itself against a US attack that will follow US aggression against Iran.

The most important point is that the US would not need to fear Iran or North Korea if the US were not trying to overthrow their governments. US aggression has caused North Korea to prepare to defeat the US with the one weapon that offers hope against the enormous might of the US. The US is the true Axis of Evil, and it may be necessary to incinerate the US in order to protect the rest of the world from the US. The US can back away from this war; US policy gives North Korea only one choice.

I served in the US Army Special Forces whose motto is “de oppresso liber,” “to liberate from oppression.” Unfortunately, I spend much of my time helping others in the world defend themselves from US oppression. The Chinese have a saying, “One country, many systems.” The earth should have a similar saying, “One world, many systems.” I will use my skills with advanced heavy weapons to defend that idea. As I wrote in an earlier statement: If the US forces another country to destroy the US, then the US is responsible for its suicide.

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kenradke11 wrote:

There is no getting through to Iran. Diplomacy failed years ago. Why make concessions that have never stuck to date. The only thing that will work is military intervention sadly so get on IT! Bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities especially Fordow…it is way too secretive and protected but fire a missle from a drone right in to the cave entrance and boom!!

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US has always used the carrot and stick policy for years now, they have actually become a laughing stock all around the world. All wars that they started they have come home broke and no sustaining power. You need boots on the ground to control a country somewhat like S. Korea, lets see what diabolical results the press comes out with.

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