Chinese transport "workhorses" extending military's reach

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reality-again wrote:

No problem with China expanding its fleet – After all, China needs to be able to better protect its huge international trade.

But why isn’t China doing anything to stop the madness of the North Korean regime at its doorstep?
It’s obviously China’s interest to keep the Korean peninsula peaceful if only because of its proximity to the Chinese heartland and main trade routes.

If we applied Hanlon’s razor, we’d reach the conclusion that China is neither capable of identifying this imminent threat, nor dealing with it.

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americanguy wrote:

Oh sure, the modern advanced weapons of Taiwan could never sink those ships before they got near Taiwan, same for China’s aircraft and other ships. Taiwan is protected by the ocean. No country in the world could land enough troops in Taiwan without losing most of them at the bottom of the sea or in planes falling from the skies.
Ridiculous story.
This buildup is more likely so that China could defend its growing interests around the world and against terrorists or hostile countries near their interests. One example would be Africa. China also wants to participate in any world action sanctioned by the UN so China does not appear weak or irrelevant.
All of this military buildup activity will slow as China’s economy continues to slow and the Chinese people demand higher wages and standard of living.
China has no desire to attack Taiwan.
Give it a rest, media fear mongers.

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Slammy wrote:

They should have kept China as the invader in the latest Red Dawn movie. The move would have been much more believable than with the North Koreans.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

The article reads, “Over time, the air and sea support will give the world’s second-largest navy greater geographical reach and will enhance the PLA’s capacity to assist troops on distant battlefields, potentially including Taiwan if Beijing were to launch a military assault to take control of the self-governing island.”

Beijing has no intention of invading Taiwan. Taiwan will be stymied from not peacefully joining the mainland after the fraudulent collapse of the Chinese Communist government near the end of the decade, a major disinformation operation under the “Long-Range Policy” (LRP), the “new” strategy all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 to defeat the West with. The last major disinformation operation under the LRP was the fraudulent collapse of the USSR.

The primary purpose for the bolstering of China’s military transport capability is for the invasion of the United States, where Chinese troops will invade from Mexico. After the “collapse” of the Communist government in China, Mexico will request “assistance” from China in combating the then spreading “drug wars” there. The “drug wars” are a creation of the Communist regime in Mexico (Mexico has been a Communist nation since the 1934 Federal elections), manufactured for the express purpose for providing the pretext for requesting the “assistance” of a future “democratic” China after Mexico “internationalizes” the “drug wars”.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

China’s ability to project power is an increasing element of global stability. China, Russia, and four of the “stans” agreed to watch Afghanistan after the US and NATO leave in 2014. They live in the area, and China has an economy that, in a bad year, grows 4 times as fast as the West. Russia is also reemerging as global warming melts the Siberian tundra and opens the world’s biggest oil and gas station that sits next to the world’s biggest car market.

The Chinese project power to combat piracy, rescue people from disasters, and insure that international agreements are respected. As the article points out, China sent its 14th flotilla to combat Somali piracy. It publishes an annual naval report on rescues at sea. China has signed agreements to resolve local maritime issues peacefully, but it is difficult to keep nationalist private citizens of the disputing countries from pursuing illegal protests at sea. US and NATO actions appear more robust because they kill many people; bloody corpses make big headlines but reveal the inferior policy and negotiating skills of the West.

In Special Forces, we learned that the economy pays for the military and its technology. The West’s share of the global economy declines each year, and its military declines relative to China and other countries. The West’s standard responses include mindless chanting about power and cheating, but I learned in Texas that “cheater, cheater, cheater” is what the loser says to the winner. Patriotic traitors turn the West into the losers and turn others into the winners. More inventions and sales would work better for the West.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

MikeBarnett says, “China‚Äôs ability to project power is an increasing element of global stability…In Special Forces, we learned…”

Response: Wow, Army Green Berets are lied to by INSCOM (Army Intelligence) during intelligence briefings!

Mike, China is a signatory to the “Long-Range Policy” (LRP; see my comment above), so keep your M-16 well oiled for when Mexico requests the “assistance” of “democratic” China in fighting the then spreading “drug wars”.

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