Analysis: Obama spending cuts strategy focused on waiting game

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Harry079 wrote:

“I think it’s put Republicans on notice that if they don’t act, they’re going to own this, pure and simple,” said Democratic strategist Bud Jackson.

Dear Mr. Buddy Jackson:

We would like to thank the Administration especially Jack Lew for coming up with this Sequester Bill that in August of 2011 with our help the Congress passed and President Obama signed.

We know at the time that you all thought that it was something that nobody wanted but it was something we all could vote for. But what you didn’t realize was that if we just sit back and let it happen we get 97% of what we wanted and the President got only a small part of his tax increase at the end of December.

Now that the deadline is approaching and you guys are panicing about the impending cuts instead of saying “Who’s Stupid Idea Was This?” the President appoints him as the New Treasury Secretary.

Thanks Again

The Republican Party

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anonomouser wrote:

“Raising taxes goooooood, spending cuts baaaaaad” – B.Obama

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anonomouser wrote:

“Raising taxes goooooood, spending cuts baaaaaad” – B.Obama

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rokid wrote:

And then 2014 happens. Thanks. Democratic Party.

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anneshelby wrote:

Republicans black mailed congress and forced Obama to sign by holding debt ceiling hostage. Who cares, anyway. Play your baby games. Go ahead and blame Obama. It is republicans forcing these cuts now. Take your cuts and choke on them.
Thanks, but no thanks, Americans voters.

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Thank the lemmings who voted for Obama for Jack Lew’s sequester… 4 more years of this painful excuse for leadership from a failed regime. Someday we will be released from the horror.

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Harry079 wrote:

“It is republicans forcing these cuts now.”

The Automatic Spending cuts were in the bill created by President Obama’s White House brainiacs. These automatic spending cuts are the reason the Republicans voted for the bill.

The Republicans want the spending cuts so why would they do anything to stop them when it was the White House that came up with the bill to make them happen?

By voting for the Sequester Bill in August 2011 the Republicans withdrew from the game of kick the can and the Administration and the rest of the Democrats have been walking that road alone. Now that we are near the “Dead End Ahead” sign the Administration looked back behind them to see an empty road with no cavalry to come to the rescue.

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zeddd wrote:

please government, give us a break. just shut down.

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Harry079 wrote:

“President Barack Obama is pursuing a strategy aimed at generating outrage among Americans”

If that is his strategy now where was he when outraged Americans marched against Republican governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin?

Where was he when tens of thousands of outrage Americans marched in the Occupy Wall Street movements?

Now he wants us to rise up against the Republicans in Congress when it was HIS people that crafted a bill that is causing all this?

He just might get a reaction of outrage from the American people but it might not be the reaction he is looking for.

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TeaPublican wrote:

I have been watching our Republican leader on TV the past few days and they have the RIGHT idea! They have a two-fold strategy that is working! Do not answer any direct questions! Just keep on telling the public that we would rather have the sequester then even raise one extra cent of taxes on our Job Creators! And we must keep on telling the public every single chance we get that “this is that guy obama’s idea”. I have watched them do this on TV and it IS working! Just keep on saying “this is that guy obama’s idea” to any question asked and eventually we TeaPublicans WILL get the majority of Americans to believe it!

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Crash866 wrote:

Never Obama’s fault…blackmailed, forced, seriously…more like weak leadrship…

They bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into….I say let em chrash!!

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Harry079 wrote:

“Just keep on saying “this is that guy obama’s idea” to any question asked and eventually we TeaPublicans WILL get the majority of Americans to believe it!”

President Obama’s new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and other White House aides are the Artful Dodgers responsible for the Sequester Bill getting introduce to Congress. They knew the Republicans would vote for it because it handed them the spending cuts the were looking for on a Silver Platter.

Now they want to blame the Republicans for voting for a bill that grew its evil horns in the darkest corners of the White House.

I believe that it was Smeagal that said: “I told you they was trixie.”

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Bobo_9 wrote:

The President should show his leadership skills & work to resolve this mess, but Obama’s proven over 4 years that he’s incapable of leading anything.
Governemnt has to spend less in order to ever have a chance at cutting the deficit, but what Obama’s been doing is taking money away from the private sector to fund his boondoggles.
Funny that we all took a 2% pay cut with the January payroll tax increase (that Obama says was NOT a tax increase – funny, but my net pay still dropped by that 2%). So to keep everything else the same we have to cut our spending by that 2%, but Obama doesn’t want to cut anything from his side.

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americanguy wrote:

I think this thing is hilarious.
Mitt Romney and the Republican plan to reduce debt was to close loopholes for the wealthy. Now President Obama wants to do what the Republicans said they would do, and the Republicans say ” NO! No tax increases”.
Let the country fall apart, then we will be rid of the evil Republican disease once and for all.
Americans other than Republican blind party loyalists, are taking note, and Americans are not stupid.

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Harry079 wrote:

“Mitt Romney and the Republican plan to reduce debt was to close loopholes for the wealthy.”

Mitt Romney lost so his plan went away with the election.

The President and Congress has had since late in 2011 to deal with the Suquester issue. Nothing got done and we are where we are because of that.

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BuckeyeNick wrote:

It is clear that Emperor Obama will make the nation suffer as much as possible to build anger at the GOP so that he can continue on his excessive spending plan. Remember that it was he sho said we have no spending problem. His desired legacy is European socialism and he only has four years to spend us into it.

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GBlert wrote:

You call it a “public relations game”, I call it lying.

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sjfella wrote:

Obama’s entire administration; wait, point your finger, repeat.

Feb 26, 2013 11:31am EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

Much better idea than reducing our debt and spending. Thank you for doing nothing again Washington.

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jaham wrote:

The issues ahead (debt ceiling and continuing resolution expiration) put Republicans in the drivers seat:

Once the sequester goes into effect and it then comes time to negotiate over the continuing resolution to fund government, Republicans will be sitting pretty. They now have 99.3% of the Bush tax cuts made permanent and the sequester will be scheduled to cut spending (the rate of GROWTH in spending that is) for the rest of Obama’s days. That means Republicans can just say let’s continue as-is and then the Democrats will be the ones threatening government shutdown if they don’t get their coveted tax increases.

Would Republicans like to reform the tax code in a more pro-growth manner to promote a robust private sector and further cut spending to achieve fiscal balance? Absolutely, but they’ve got to be happy with what they’ve accomplished under Obama’s “leadership” and in spite of Democrats religious-like fervor for increasing taxes.

I find it truly comical that Democrats have been so busy espousing their “mandate” and tooting their victory horn that this reality has yet dawned upon them….happy lame duck session!

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americanguy wrote:

And Americans will vote every single member of Congress back in again even though they do NOTHING but sit around and collect bribes to sell us out and I mean BOTH parties.
How pathetic can America be?

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SanPa wrote:

Sequester was brilliant … finally, cuts are being forced into being. Republicans may not be happy with spending cuts, but history has shown that they never are happy.

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xyz2055 wrote:


SanPa…it’s hard to take the Republicans seriously. Obama won’t even discuss spending cuts..but the sequester is his fault….hilarious!

Feb 26, 2013 1:54pm EST  --  Report as abuse
xyz2055 wrote:

Then you have those delusional right wingers posting “Republicans have passed a balanced budget every year Obama has been in office…..well they did pass a budget the last two years..was it balanced?…hardly! Their last Budget reduced spending $200B over the next 10 years. So instead of an additional $10T in debt we get an additional $9.8T in debt. That’s what Republicans call “Balanced”…..lmao

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joe10082 wrote:

And while you wait Mr. President why don’t you open a can of beer, set back and relax in your most comfortable easy chair in front of your large screen TV and pretend that you you are actually leading the nation! By any standard of measure the American people deserve better leadership! Sorry but you sir are in last place among all those who preceded you in the office of the President!

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xyz2055 wrote:

If Obama is truly responsible for the “sequester”, he should wear that badge proudly. Because it is way way way more in spending cuts than the Republicans have accomplished in the entirety of their existence. And he did it in just 4 years! lol

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You are seriously twisted. Missed your meds today?

Feb 26, 2013 3:15pm EST  --  Report as abuse
xyz2055 wrote:

“No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!”

Ronald Reagan

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xyz2055 wrote:

somethingstinks…which post do you take issue with and why?

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