Sex, power scandals to loom over Vatican pre-vote talks

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Bob9999 wrote:

The Vatican should start thinking about itself as the international headquarters for a network of churches where people go with their families to pray.

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americanguy wrote:

Jesus Christ never intended ANY of the big organized religions, their money, their power, their agenda, and their involvement in politics. ALL organized religions now are nothing but money machines full of corruption and filled with people who don’t even understand what they say they believe in. To even imply it is only the Catholic Church that is corrupt, is ridiculous.

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Kevin5069 wrote:

If god did exist, he would be as disgusted as the rest of us in how the pope and church are conducting themselves. The fact the church is still around seems to me to be proof of the contrary.

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JL4 wrote:

@americanguy – you and I rarely share the same opinions, but this time I’m in 100% agreement with you. Religion now is nothing but big business, lots of power, personal fame and fortune. To survive, it requires the blind devotion of those it has brainwashed into sending checks in exchange for salvation.

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americanguy wrote:

If we can agree on something, there has to be hope for a peaceful solution to the Iran and North Korean situations.
But I do disagree on one thing you said, all organized religions take credit cards and cash for salvation, not just checks.

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This is what Cardinal Herranz said on 2/25/2013 El Pais
“”This wanting to see snake pits, warring mafias, internal hatreds – all this is absolutely false”
This is what Herranz said on 2/21/2013 La Stampa, after the “gay loby” “leak”:
“ Of course there are divisions; there always have been, just as there has always been violent opposition to various ideologies; but these have an influence on things.”
Just in 4 days, he contradicts himself…
Who is going to investigate Cardinal Herranz?
Who is going to investigate his tenure at the Pontifical Council for Legislative Text (1983-2007), as the attorney general for the Vatican?
Who is going to investigate his cover up of the 10,000s abuse cases that were reported during his tenure? In 2002 he said to the NYT, it was all media propaganda, despite the fact that we now know that the curia was inundated with reports for over a decade.
Who is going to investigate his role in the cover up of Maciel?
Who is going to investigate his sabotaging of the canonization process, with his “Opus Dei” boss, Alvaro del Portillo, by removing the office of Promoter of Faith (“devils advocate”) in time for the “canonization” of Escriva de Balaguer (and later the “beatification” of del Portillo himself)?
Who is going to investigate his role in corrupt financial dealings, including the collapse of CajaSur, that foreshadowed Spain’s financial collapse?
Who is going to investigate the “leak” of the “gay lobby” findings from his “secret” papal dossier (that, of course, found no other shenanigans), now that the butler was imprisoned?
Who is going to investigate his blatant attempt at manipulating the conclave?
Who is going to investigate Cardinal Herranz?

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gregbrew56 wrote:

“Sex, power scandals to loom over Vatican pre-vote talks”

And I thought religion was “above” such things!


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paintcan wrote:

Maybe just to interject a tiny note of fairness into the comments above: how could churches be better then the congregations? If they were, they would all be ghost towns and ruins.

You could say of all of them: “they stoop to conquer”.

And Churches aren’t the only institutions that know that money talks. People are paying enormous attention to their misdeeds and ignoring their own. Scapegoating is an age old practice mentioned in the Old Testament. It still thrives in politics.

Man may not live by bread alone, but he doesn’t live at all without it.

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