Blame game gets louder with budget cuts looking inevitable

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victor672 wrote:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward told host Wolf Blitzer that the White House has begun threatening him and trying to make him “uncomfortable,” in retaliation for his report last week that President Barack Obama repeatedly lied about advocating for the sequester trigger.

Knowing that the explosive allegation is “irrefutable,” Woodward said, White House officials refused to appear on CNN to defend the president, and instead opted for intimidation tactics.

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xyz2055 wrote:

Actually I thought the article on “Topless protesters in Italy” was more intriguing. Now there’s an activity I would get behind. Or in front of as the case may be! Let’s take a poll! What would you rather do…attend a political function where women showed up topless OR listen to another U.S. Congressional news conference? A no brainer. Though actually I’m thinking “root canal” would beat out the news conference. Wake me when we have to give Rhode Island to the Chinese as payment.

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wthcares wrote:

Rhode Island?!? Hell give ‘em NY and CA, 90% of our problems would disappear!!

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xyz2055 wrote:

wthcares…I don’t know. If we could keep the oil rights Texas wouldn’t be a bad choice either. lol Glad you saw and appreciated the humor of my comment!

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flashrooster wrote:

No, give them the deep south. THEN we’d clear up most of our problems. Give up California and New York? Are you kidding me? Major ports? Silicon Valley? Wall Street? Statue of Liberty? And keep Mississippi? Alabama? Arkansas? Please. You must have considered 9/11/01 to be a good day.

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xyz2055 wrote:

flashrooster…Florida? Old people, illegal immigrants, medicare fraud, identity fraud, illegal immigrants (ok I used that one twice) and billions lost in insurance claims to hurricanes annually? I think we’re on to something here guys. What state can we give up that satisfies the debt AND gives us an advantage…I don’t know hanging on to the oil rights and giving them Texas is looking pretty attractive to me….they get that border problem as well.

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AlaskanDude wrote:

Republicans dig in ahead of budget talks.. really? And the White House isn’t? The Democrat’s aren’t?
This is obama’s legacy… the great divider who did nothing but fly around day after day blaming people for his failures.
The sequester was obama’s idea to start with. Now after two tax increases during a bad economy he doesn’t thing it’s his turn to put some fat in the fire. This week he was asked if he would accept a 2% cut in spending, an amount equal to the sequester, with no tax increase. He said “NO.” Now who is the party of no you people keep talking about?

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mixup wrote:

Just to put the $85 billion sequestration costs into perspective – some GOP representatives voted for $50 billion Sandycare costs. Hypocrites!

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huckl wrote:

Hate to remind you but 2 years ago the GOP said they got 90% of what they wanted. I must not have been lo a round when the great effect was felt. Or maybe I sneezed and had my eyes closed doing it.

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huckl wrote:

Hate to remind you but 2 years ago the GOP said they got 90% of what they wanted. I must not have been lo a round when the great effect was felt. Or maybe I sneezed and had my eyes closed doing it.

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huckl wrote:

Hate to remind you but 2 years ago the GOP said they got 90% of what they wanted. I must not have been lo a round when the great effect was felt. Or maybe I sneezed and had my eyes closed doing it.

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huckl wrote:

Hate to remind you but 2 years ago the GOP said they got 90% of what they wanted. I must not have been lo a round when the great effect was felt. Or maybe I sneezed and had my eyes closed doing it.

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huckl wrote:

Hate to remind you but 2 years ago the GOP said they got 90% of what they wanted. I must not have been lo a round when the great effect was felt. Or maybe I sneezed and had my eyes closed doing it.

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huckl wrote:

Hate to remind you but 2 years ago the GOP said they got 90% of what they wanted. I must not have been lo a round when the great effect was felt. Or maybe I sneezed and had my eyes closed doing it.

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huckl wrote:

Hate to remind you but 2 years ago the GOP said they got 90% of what they wanted. I must not have been lo a round when the great effect was felt. Or maybe I sneezed and had my eyes closed doing it.

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bates148 wrote:

@xyz2055 “What state can we give up that satisfies the debt AND gives us an advantage” Well, it’s not Texas. Texas has a tax surplus of over $100 billion. They give more to the federal government than they receive and they have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. I’d rather give up California. A state in debt with one of the highest unemployment rates and the highest poverty rate in the country. Not the mention, one of the most violent.

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bates148 wrote:

@huckl Please press the comment button once.

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PortlandME wrote:

I just keep laughing at you wing-nuts, Obama haters. Why? You guys fail to admit or acknowledge the GOP House’s role regarding the sequester. Yes, Obama submitted the idea to Congress for acceptance or rejection. The GOP House decided to accept it by voting for the bill. Obama did not put a gun to their heads. Obama, believe or not, acted within the Constitution by submitting the idea to Congress. Under the same Constitution, the Congress had the option to say yes or no. And when the Speaker of the House goes on 60 minutes, after the vote, and says ” I got 98% of what I wanted.” how in heavens name can you idiots can blame this entirely on Obama. So, again, I just laugh at you fools because you sound just like the dumb GOP House members who voted for the sequester and who are now saying it is Obama’s fault.

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BioStudies wrote:

No one is going to be laid off because of this. This is a cut to the increase in spending not to the baseline. Spending will INCREASE this year from last no matter what.

No one is going to lose their jobs over this. Although perhaps some people should.

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acman2k11 wrote:

Do you people not see that this is what both parties want? By letting this issue go into effect neither party will get the complete blame and at the same time both parties will get the (same amount of) blamed for the cuts. It’s not hard to see what is going on here and yes in the two parties (views) eyes it is the best balanced way to go. This is the logic that our government uses and views. “For the people by the people”

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Parker1227 wrote:

Pulitzer prize winning President slayer Bob Woodward (he took Nixon down}, just got a threatening email from the Obama White House – telling him that retribution was coming.

Woodward’s crime was reporting the truth about Obama and his insane over-reach in the “sequester” battle.

We can’t “safely” cut $40 billion out of a $3,500 billion dollar (that’s thousands of billions) budget without massive lay offs and losses to all government employees and government contractors. Especially, TSA airport employees, air controllers, teachers, police, border agents, and even the planned military deployment of an aircraft carrier – says Obama.

Woodward is calling BS on the Obama con job politics – enabled by leftist “journalist” stooges like the people who run this web site.

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PKFA wrote:

Why does the media continue to call this a “crisis”? It’s a small drop in a huge bucket. Sadly, all we are seeing is more political posturing from both sides in Washington. Previous posters: give up NY, CA, the South, etc.? NO! Give up Washington D.C. THAT eliminates 99.999% of the problem.

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NorthStarMan wrote:

There is too much ‘smoke and mirrors’ when it comes to the budget. We know we spend $1Trillion more each year than we take in. We need a plan to reduce that to zero first, stop the bleeding, by a mixture of real spending cuts, using existing revenue more wisely and sadly folks, some tax increases. Then we need to start paying down debt. Think of the US as an over leveraged household, eventually you go bust unless something is done and very soon.

The level of debt is a national disgrace, we need to enshrine in Federal and State law that thou shalt run a balanced budget each year.

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Jameson4Lunch wrote:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the sequestration equates to about 1 month of the Federal Reserves new printing, right? Couldn’t the Fed just print 95 billion a month instead of 85 by buying bad mortgages, and offset the problem in 9 months?

Not that I agree with fed policy, but a big deal is being made out of a relatively minor cut, while we print our way to future hyperinflation… where’s the outrage over the real problem?

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xyz2055 wrote: should be pleased with YOUR president. The sequester was his idea. You said so yourself many times. And the spending cuts are 40 times more than the Republicans were offering. I’m happy when you’re happy! :)

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Lowell_Thinks wrote:

Another result of this president’s divisive policies. It’s disheartening that we have to endure another 3 years and 10 months of this pathetic ineffective buffoon.

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jaham wrote:

xyz2055…I thought you said it was both sides responsibility (which I agree with)?

My demonstrating Obama’s involvement was only to highlight his hypocrisy and affinity for political gamesmanship (as oppose dot leadership).

Although it is Congress that makes laws, I can, in the sense you are describing, give credit to Obama as the sequester and his use of drones are perhaps his only initiatives I can really support thus far.

I’m not happy that our fiscal recklessness remains unabated by this small cut i the rate of growth in spending. But at a general level, with how partisan and uncompromising Washington has become, I am pleased to see that we have actually been able to cut some spending, taxes have been raised but the Bush tax cuts are now essentially permanent, and Obama’s lame duck status means he’ll be able to do little further damage to the economy with any bonehead initiatives for the remainder of his lame term. When viewed in that late and in context of the current political environment, I am pleased.

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jaham wrote:

“Already, some in Congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. My message to them is simple: No. I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts – domestic and defense spending. There will be no easy off-ramps on this one.” – Obama November 2011

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xyz2055 wrote: are a piece of work. You should run for office. You’re as full of it as they are. You’d fit right in. lol!

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chris87654 wrote:

There is MUCH more to this issue than what’s on the surface. It’s nothing more than a 2% cut in federal spending – corporations often do 5% or 10% cuts to survive. Tom Coburn suggested on a freeze for non-essential hiring and federal travel – VERY simple. Bottom line is it shows there’s no way we’ll ever be able to cut fed spending – all it would take is the fed saying we need a 2% cut across the board on all fed spending – leave it up to each department on how to do it (the labor department would find they probably don’t really need to hire someone for $80K a year to answer phones).

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Bfstk wrote:

Boehner, Cantor and their tea partier pals have been spoiling for a fight since Mr. Obama was elected President. Supplied with rightwing cash they have obstructed, called the President a liar in the halls of congress, wagged their fingers in the President’s face and been about as obnoxious as anyone can get. Mr. Obama turned the other cheek so often he seemed to be going backward when he stepped forward. But no more, now the President has these miscreant by the short hairs and they will pay a huge political price as the American people learn what austerity means with sever services cuts that will spread out like the ripples in a pond. Slashing public funding while at the same time cutting out food inspection invites catastrophes down the road and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get it. Slashing biomedical and science research is a prescription for America to become a fourth rate power sort of like England has become. Funny how the right decries England but takes steps to make us look more and more like them economically. the GOP is the enemy of the people and becomes more so everyday. They are trying to turn a prosperous country into a wasteland and for anyone with enough common sense you know that do wont hunt

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poliy wrote:

time to stop playing the blame game and get down to work on keeping the country afloat.the way its going the gop is going to sink this country

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Cut it all.
Every dollar cut is one less dollar stolen out of my pocket.

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The economy will be helped by not wasting so many of our tax dollars.

Feb 28, 2013 4:29pm EST  --  Report as abuse

How is cutting waste harmful?

Feb 28, 2013 4:29pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Lousy stinking politicians!
We are the chumps for letting them fleece us (taxpayers).

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Fall Sky, fall!

Feb 28, 2013 4:31pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Fall Sky, fall!

Feb 28, 2013 4:31pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Fall Sky, fall!

Feb 28, 2013 4:31pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Secede! Keep the thieving politicians in DC. Let them steal only from each other.

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Impeach Obama & every congressman. They are all lying low-class thieves.

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Bretfox wrote:

“Blame game gets louder as budget cuts look inevitable”

Budget cuts? Obama has not had a budget in years. That might be the problem don’t you think?

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MarineII wrote:

As a former Marine and current DoD employee, with a DoD employee wife, we are looking at losing 40% of our pay due to the sequestration plans. I love how Republicans, who garner the majority of service members votes, keep stating no effects will be visible and that these cuts won’t cause the painful issues expected. Add our house to the scores of already foreclosed homes in our area. We have been making 2 mortgage payments since the market fell out, unwilling to let the other home (we had to move from thanks to BRAC) foreclose. Not that I have any more appreciation for the Democrats. Come next elections, if this country makes it that far, I hope we can oust every single incumbent on the ballots.

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jaham wrote:

@xyz…great, I’ll consider that my first endorsement.

I was thinking I may get into public service later on in life because I believe I mostly reflect the mix of being socially progressive and fiscally conservative (blending the two is not always easy) that younger demographics desire, but for now my focus is creating personal wealth.

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Jameson4Lunch wrote:

Well, 2% is better than nothing… I’d be much more supportive of a 50% sequestration, though. The feds have their fingers in far too many pies in which they don’t belong. Bring back the 10th amendment.

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BlueOkie wrote:

Obama claims doing business by crisis but continues to create it

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dorisbuford wrote:

Give away Texas? Funny. We’ll take our independence from you along with our guns, major port, great economy and definitely the oil. Haven’t you read? By 2020 Texas will be the largest producer of oil in the WORLD. Yes, more than some individual sickly rich countries in the Middle East. Obummer is going to take away all of your guns and you won’t be able to stop us!!

I’ve lived in New England, Midwest and in the West. You can have them, suckers!

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USAPragmatist wrote:

DontThreadonMe, You are perfectly free to renounce your American citizenship if you don’t like paying taxes. It is your choice.

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Bubba311 wrote:

All this hysterical hyperbole over a minuscule reduction in the rate of increase of spending makes it clear just how far real spending control has always been from the hearts and minds of government. The Obama Administration has never had even the slightest intention of confronting the matter of excessive spending. The sequester might therefore prove ultimately to be a good thing for the country.

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johnrf wrote:

The republicans are desperate to stop the economic recovery so Obama doesn’t get the credit for saving us from a depression that was caused by the republican party for the benefit of Wall Street. They can try to package this however they want and use an old celebrity former journalist to bolster their nonsense, but the American people know who is at fault and we will punish them once again in the next election. And there will never ever be another republican in the White House.

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CMEBARK wrote:

One tax loop hole that even the CEOs could be closed is the oil depletion allowance. The oil industry does not need this write off.

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eddo wrote:

Let’s keep in mind just what sequestration is in this case. It is a reduction in the amount of money that will be spent over the next 10 years. Despite sequestration, more money will be spent in 2013 than was spent in 2012. The whining we hear and exhortations to do something before the sky falls are nothing more than planned responses by the administration to influence voters.

The subject of sequestration would never have arisen if the White House and Senate had produced a budget that was sufficiently sensible to generate discussion of it between the Senate and House. A President with any leadership abilities at all would have gotten the leaders of the Senate and House together months ago to produce a budget. He is only now doing this, on the day that sequestration would become effective.

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buffalogal3 wrote:

Everyone in Washington just needs to shut the heck up, and get on with it. Give me a break. I am SO sick of hearing about this issue. It’s ok for US to have to tighten OUR belts but not them? Baloney. The amount of waste that occurs every single day with this joke of a government needs to stop. So enough of the blame game. Buckle down, stop the wasteful hemorrhaging, the perks, the pet projects, the duplicated departments that accomplish nothing anyway, etc. etc. etc. and get this show headed down the right road. Yeah, right. In my dreams.

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SteveVaughn wrote:

I don’t think there a lot of people that actually hate Obama, though there are many who hate the direction he is taking the country. If he would show some responsibility for his actions it would help. If he would say “Yes, I proposed the sequestering and I signed it into law. That was 2 years ago and I see it is a mistake.” I think people would respond. But his blaming the GOP and congress for his lack of leadership. How many other presidents have failed to submit a budget to Congress? It is very disappointing. He is squandering his political capital.

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buffalogal3 wrote:

@johnrf – are you kidding me? Do you seriously believe what you wrote? No wonder this country is such a mess. Because we have folks who think like you do on both ends of the spectrum – right and left – who have deliberately blinded themselves to what is going on around them. Wake up!!!

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Dick_D wrote:

Ask yourself how much it is worth to get you and your family from point A to Point B safely when flying. Then ask yourself why you are risking any reduction to that safety for the sake of a millionaire’s tax loopholes. Simple question.

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CF137 wrote:

Hey johnrf…other than passing out EBT cards to all the unemployed, what exactly has your Savior done to “save” our economy? Last time I checked, real unemployment is still running about 15% and we currently have the largest gap between the rich and poor this country has every seen in it’s entire history.

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PPhermit wrote:

CF__ What has Obama done ?? He saved us from the Bush Depression we were headed for with his wars and tax cuts for the wealthy. Look at the stock market when he took office and what it is now__ it was on the verg of collapse when he took office. In case you don’t know for you weren’t living back then! ,But I was! The Great Depression was caused by the collapse of the stock market and we had been under two Republican presidents that took us there and it took FDR to take us out of the Depression into good times You have no idea what the real unemployment you only know what Faux News tells you.

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KJDigg wrote:

with the increase in unemployment and the decrease of police officers the prices of street drugs should be at all time low for the new century

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americanguy wrote:

When 30 of the USA’s largest and highest profit corporations pay no taxes and get tax credit refunds, there is only one party to blame.
The whole issue is closing loopholes for corporations to rip off America.
Meanwhile small businesses are paying high taxes.
The Republicans want to keep the corporate loopholes and President Obama wants to close them (just like Romney did).
Blame game?
Hardly, it is called knowing who is really at fault and it is the REPUBLICANS.
It is almost over for Republicans, thanks be to God.

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bobber1956 wrote:

If we are very luck this will all mute soon as obama hopefull will be in the Federal Pen where he belongs, he and Biden will make good cell mates right accoss the hall from Blago and Madoff:

The illegitimate Obama Labor Board is STILL defiantly operating business-as-usual one month after a federal court ruled Obama’s “recess” appointments were unconstitutional.

That’s why earlier this month National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys asked the same court to enforce its ruling and make the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) cease and desist.

And now the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has ordered the NLRB to respond.

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kevin2ia wrote:

“we can’t keep lurching from one manufactured crisis to another,” he is the SFB that manufactured it.

“U.S. government workers normally unfazed by political gridlock are angry that they will be disproportionately hurt” – it is time as they have been “disproportionately” protected throughout BO’s recession and massive government expansion.

Bring it.

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Firehawk734 wrote:

What’s hilarious is that the sequestor is gonna be what’s to blame for the bad economy now. HILARIOUS! They pump how many trillions into the economy and we get 0.1% GDP in Q4 3 years in?

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Regulator623 wrote:

Obama ally Maxine Waters said today that the sequester will cost the US economy 170 millions jobs..that is scary, especially since we only have about 140 million total. Maybe Obama is right, maybe the end is near…

Feb 28, 2013 8:03pm EST  --  Report as abuse
huckl wrote:

Lets blame the man how tried to make the worst case scenario that he failed. If you want blame just see how they say passed 2 bills but they were so far out of main stream politics there was no chance in hell of passing, even their own member had to be arm twisted to support it . But that is what we give you people to choose, us or them. They (both parties but some more then others)don’t care how the people are doing, just about being re-elected next time so they can advance themselves and get more money. This Gov. sucks but they could come back to people control maybe. Lot of failed Gov through time.

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libertyville wrote:

The president finally did the right thing, if the wrong way. His Sequestration cuts are a step in the right direction.

Feb 28, 2013 9:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse
bobber1956 wrote:

You are just as big a two faced hypocrite liar as he is. You deserve each other-just on anther continent. Try Iran.

Feb 28, 2013 9:47pm EST  --  Report as abuse
willymac wrote:

The hype over the sequestration by the administration is incredible. I worked in private industry for overe 37 years and remember at least 5 times that we had to suck up a 10% pay cut and had to work even harder to keep up. We did it and we didn’t complain. You would think that the world was coming to an end. Why the sequestration hasn’t even started and ICE is letting illegal immigrants go free. Congress should send a message that all the Obama adminstration secretaries will be held fully accountable for their decisions with regard to cutting how much and where. They need to stop grandstanding and start to serve the best interests of the country. It’s called fiscal and fudicary resposibility. Also, to the Secretary of Defense. Even if it were true that naval ships or aircraft carriers were not sailing becuase of cost constraints, which it isn’t, I would think that is the wrong message we want ot send to our enemies. Think about it?????? What is the message we are sending????

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LoveJoyOne wrote:

Just do it.

And when you’re done with those tiny cuts from sequestration, which will barely scratch the surface of the budget deficit, how about axing 50% from the hugely bloated defense budget?

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minipaws wrote:

Here’s an easy one. Stop building an Eastern Bypass around Peoria, IL where tri-county population has decreased sinced 1980. DUH! Surprise, surprise, that’s where the US Transportation Secretary lives!

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jaham wrote:

“Consider that the president’s fiscal year 2013 tax increases are about twice the size ($150 billion) of the scheduled cuts (about $85 billion).”

This is the part Obama doesn’t talk about.

He just passed a tax increase that will take more money out of the economy than this spending cut, but he didn’t preach about all the disastrous effects of austerity for the private sector (via higher taxes), rather the only cries wolf when government austerity is imposed (spending cuts)…what a farce and a true dearth of leadership currently emanating from the Oval Office.

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4ngry4merican wrote:

bobber1956 wrote: “If we are very luck this will all mute soon as obama hopefull will be in the Federal Pen where he belongs”

I rest my case…

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lisad wrote:

Freeze the politicians salaries til they work this out. Let them feel the pain also.

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