Some companies to back gay marriage in coming Supreme Court cases

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daniwitz13 wrote:

How can the ban impede hiring? Is this to say that prior to this issue, Companies did NOT hire the best people? That Homosexuals is a cause for not hiring the best? Absurd. If Marriage was just another incidence of Govt. then by all means, do it. But Marriage is a Formula for our very EXISTENCE. Life itself. What else is there if there is no Life. This Marriage Formula is our Mankind, Civilization, and Humanity. It brought us from the Past of millions of years to our present moment and to take us to the Future. Nothing else will. People make our Govt. and what makes people is a compelling concern. Out Constitution starts with “We the People”. Without people we have no Govt. or anything. Everything pales in comparison. They are considering an Aberrant Orientation with what makes Life. No way are they equal. Like considering death with Life. When one’s breath is running short, NOTHING else matters. So it is with the Formula of Mankind, a Male and Female is all that matters. Pity.

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david0296 wrote:

@daniwitz: People do not get married solely to procreate (some couples never do); and people have been known to procreate without ever getting married. Procreation has NEVER been a requirement nor an obligation in order to get married. To imply that the only purpose for marriage is procreation is absurd. Rush Limbaugh has been married FOUR times, and is childless. Newt Gingrich’s last two (adulterous) marriages were also childless. So perhaps you can explain to them why they didn’t have the right to get married in the first place? …and perhaps you can explain to the rest of us why straight couples have the right to define their marriages however they see fit, but gay couples shouldn’t have the same exact right? This is aside from the fact that some gay couples ARE raising children right now, and their families are being harmed by not having the societal and legal benefits that come with marriage.

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