Pope speaks of "rough seas" of papacy at emotional farewell

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CatholicChild wrote:

Philip, is there not one person available to report on Pope Benedict XVI (a) without getting it wrong and (b) without throwing mud on him! What you fail to mention each and every time you write is that our Pope is guided by the Holy Spirit, his decision are made as he has said, and the highest percentage of the “scandals” that he was uncovering were from the homosexual priests, bishops and cardinals. Did you miss this information? If so, please check out churchmilitant.tv and you will be enlightened. The depravity of the “gay mafia”, the homoheresy, etc. Get the whole story and show some respect for a man who has served well. God bless you Pope Benedict XVI. We love you and will miss you.

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Mott wrote:

“..at times Lord seemed to sleep..”

Spoken with true – experience driven wisdom.

God for individual takes the form of two types of fathers.

For the one who is attached to the ways of external world and self-driven doer-ship, this Father will sleep (or watch quietly without intervention) to thier eventual helpless state to a point where they have no other way than to give up (or surrender) at which point, He starts His work of turning the fallen one toward Him.

For the one on the internal journey (walking toward Him with surrender), this Father intervenes and sends immediate corrections every fall thus, keeping the worthy one on the path of eventual unification of the individual with the universal.

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americanguy wrote:

I have so much respect and admiration for this man I cannot express it.
ANY world power figure and religious leader that steps down on his own because he feels he is not up to the job gets my respect.
I wish the Iranian Ayatollah (aka satan’s prince) would do the same.

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westyofoz wrote:

Who would want the Pope’s job? A life of condemnation and ridicule no matter what you do.

I’m not a Catholic, but I do respect the fact many wonderful RC people commit their life to helping others often living poverty and hardship. Not everyone in the wider community is ignorant of the real work the Church does.

I am pleased to see this forum has not been allowed to be turned in to the disgraceful quagmire other news forums are, eg, CNN. Well done Reuters.

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Change is Good! Don’t Worry, be happy!

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