Analysis: Emerging deadly virus demands swift sleuth work

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tmc wrote:

The biggest threat to 7 billion plus people? Pandemic.

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Overcast451 wrote:

“The biggest threat to 7 billion plus people? Pandemic.”

It might well be a toss up though… between Pandemic and Governments.

While the Black Plague may have killed 50 – 200 Million, plagues like that don’t happen daily – the wars that the reckless governments of the world create and sustain for years and years do happen almost daily. Never a day goes by when there is not some war somewhere slaughtering innocent citizens.

Sad truth I think – while a virus can be scarey; man is his own worst enemy.

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AdamSmith wrote:

Globalization, we are told by the wealthy, over and over, is simply a wonderful thing. Globalization, we are told by the oligarch billionaires of Russia, should be allowed to freely happen.

But here, we see that globalization is not such a beneficient force, but can be a deadly force of the very worst kind. Here globalization brings about a new, different type of deadly virus.

NAFTA was America’s giant step towards unfettered globalization. At the behest of America’s wealthy criminal class, NAFTA was signed into law, and America abandoned the American tariff system which had been created by George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, and which had made America into the mightiest industrial nation on earth.

NAFTA, written by America’s wealthy criminal class, enabled them to become far wealthier by outsourcing jobs and driving down wage rates. They did not care if that destroyed the American middle class. Their mantra, their lie, their propaganda, repeated over and over, was “tariffs hurt America” and “globalization helps America”.

Unfettered globalization (abandonment of national border controls) is by far the greatest disaster to happen to America in its history:

1. The destruction of the American protective tariff system.

2. The outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs on a massive scale, destroying the American manufacturing prowess.

3. The unchecked massive immigration into America, unprecedented in size and speed.

4. The abandonment of responsibility for security of the American border with Mexico.

5. The purchase of American homes and real estate by wealthy foreigners on an unprecedented scale. In all the major American coastal cities, e.g., Boston, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, the majority of homes purchased this year over $800,000 were bought by foreigners.

6. New strains of deadly viruses, that, as this Reuters article illustrates, are now going global.

But the American wealthy criminal class, and the billionaire Russian oligarchs, Saudia Arabian and Chinese billionaires,quickly buying up the American land, chant their mantra over and over “tariffs hurt America” and “globalization helps America”.

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Tiu wrote:

Divine intervention. May all who spread intolerance and war be infected.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

Overcast451: true, and what you don’t state is that the affect on daily life is to make it miserable. A pandemic may happen, but it will also go, after killing many. The wars may not kill everyone but with the constant misery we may wish we were dead. Thanks to all our greedy leaders for making it thus. Without them we may just have nature to endure, but with them we can have fear and pain and for no other reason than to enrich a few lawyers.

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NYCitizen wrote:

Wait, wait….this new virus was discovered LAST YEAR…and 13 people WORLDWIDE got infected and half of those WORDWIDE 13 people died….Hummmm, let me think….Nope, I am not worried about this one at all!!! Seriously.

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OrSpeeder wrote:

We need to remember that Black Plague WAS result of government (to be more specific, during turkish wars someone noticed how deadly bubonic disease was, and started throw bodies into crusaders, that promptly learned to throw it back, spawning biological weapon warfare… when everyone got home, they infected their homes, and boom, we have a plague)

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:


A 50% mortality rate is terrifying. The 1918 influenza pandemic only had a mortality rate of 10% – 20% and that was enough to kill anywhere from 50 to 100 million people.

And every new disease starts small. I can imagine you in 1981 saying, “Wait, wait…this new virus (AIDS) was discovered and it’s only killed a few drug addicts and homosexuals? Hummmm, let me thinkā€¦.Nope, I am not worried about this one at all!!! Seriously.”

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xyz2055 wrote:

AdamSmith..has the iPhone 5 actually made it to your little community in Appalachia yet? Viruses are actually very intriguing. Not classified as a life form because they don’t procreate. Rather they attach themselves to the wall of a cell and inject RNA into the nucleus. That RNA commands the cell to replicate more viruses like itself. When there are a certain number of copies the cell disintegrates releasing the new virus copies to surrounding cells to repeat the process. Which leads to the obvious question…where did they come from. Earth and nature have a way of keeping balance. We live in a world that constantly seeks equilibrium. When that equilibrium is challenged natural responds..indiscriminately. Sometimes bad for humans. Amusing that you blame those big bad mean corporations.

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SuperNerd wrote:

Today’s Conversation – Analysis: Emerging deadly virus demands swift sleuth work

This conversation illustrates the level of discourse in this country. From people commenting to this news article, to the way politics are conducted in Congress. The poitical/social environment is filled with this level of intelligence. The important and subtle point is to realize this serves a very real purpose for those trying to manipulate the subjective reality.

It is an effective tactic of the political/economic elites if they can engage the middle and lower class in distractive, unintelligent discourse. It affects the level of political/social/economic intelligence and understanding. Pushing hot social buttons is also a tactic the Conservatives use to get the lower and middle class to vote against their own economic/social interests as in “What’s the Matter With Kansas”. This is just one example from one commenter.

Bob said:

I heard this was initially caused by Muslims having relations with camels.

John said:

Bob, you make me tired all over. Please don’t start polluting the environment. You’re just one big waste processing plant that has broken down and is leaking.

Bob said:

John, prove me wrong.

John said:

You made the comment, the burden is on you to prove you’re right. But that’s not the point, I didn’t say if you are right or wrong. My comment is about the negative nature of your words and thoughts. And I didn’t see a need to counter the truth of your assertion, the news article does that. But it’s not the facts that you are thinking about. That’s my point, you’re just putting derogatory remarks out there. That speaks of you and your motivation, not the contents of the article, hence my comment about your words and how unproductive they are. Hatred is a weapon against yourself. I am just tired of all the ignorance and carnage.

What are you asking me to prove? Some statements are so idiotic they can’t, and don’t need to be proven true or proven false. And, as I said, you didn’t even state it as a fact. In those terms, it is patently false. Think about it, were you there to witness the act and the transmission of the disease? This is why the statement is not about facts and why your comment “John, prove me wrong.” is absurd. You might as well ask me to prove God does or does not exist. That’s as serious as I will take your reply. I’ve explained, you have not.

Bob said:

I guess John does not have a sense of humor or the absurd. What a bonehead…

nearzlake said:

NCoV’s closest relatives are most probably bat viruses. In the article booby. Maybe you should read it again so you understand. Derogatory comments showing your ignorance really are not funny. You didn’t say it to be absurd. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Aren’t you em-bare-assed to be found the fool?

Bob said:

Nearzlake, nice try, but no cigar.

I said:

To Bob, I repeat, ” I’ve explained, you have not.” Your replies are just more derogatory remarks. That makes you a waste of time. Were you just being funny when you said, “John, prove me wrong.”? Sounds like you were serious. But then, all over the world, people are fighting and dying over such attitudes, “humor” and derogatory remarks.

I tried and Nearzlake tried to give you a clue. Bob, is it always “nice try, but no cigar” with you? I will reply or explain no more. Get your education, if you can, somewhere else. Good luck.

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usagadfly wrote:

Yes, let’s all pretend that there is a real difference between Republicans and Democrats! All SO much prettier that way. We do not have to face the fact that we live in a one party State essentially unconstrained by “law”. We can pretend that we really do have a political choice of something other than a figurehead and no change of policy at all. And we can sacrifice our population for “freedom” and “democracy” and feel good about that.

It is all a joke. It is all deception. The difference between Republicans and Democrats is the same as the difference between Kerry and McCain, which is inconsequential. Neither cares about what happens to the bulk of the American people. We are a “resource” they can use to force the world to conform what both want. Feel like cattle in a feedlot? There is a good reason. Listen to who both want to protect. And who both call on to “sacrifice”.

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