America must not "dictate" to world, new defense chief says

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xcanada2 wrote:

“Many Republicans opposed to Hagel’s nomination scorned him over Iraq and raised questions about whether he was sufficiently supportive of Israel, tough enough on Iran or truly committed to maintaining a robust nuclear deterrent.”

Let’s be clear: these are all the same issues, which can be summarized as not “sufficiently supportive of Israel”.

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Whipsplash wrote:

Congratulations Mr. Hagel, We finally got the whiny little, time and money wasting obstructionists out of the way.
Now, how do you feel about cutting your department by a third? just curious.

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WJL wrote:

Don’t be evil, America.

Feb 27, 2013 3:05pm EST  --  Report as abuse
wordmerchant wrote:

Finally we have a “reluctant (real) warrior leading our military, rather than a bunch of neo-con “chicken hawks” who love to spill the blood of others with false bravado.

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Harry079 wrote:

“to renew old U.S. alliances and forge new ones without attempting to “dictate” to the world.”

Does that include “Dictating” to Iran, North Korea and Cuba?

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gacha wrote:

The desire to “dictate” is how the US ended up with this incredible deficit. AMerican should choose well where and when to intervene militarily. History has shown that no other nations are ready to pay the bill.

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gacha wrote:

The desire to “dictate” is how the US ended up with this incredible deficit. AMerican should choose well where and when to intervene militarily. History has shown that no other nations are ready to pay the bill.

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fromthecenter wrote:

Surprisingly, dropping bombs on civilians does little to win hearts and minds. Hopefully, we can take a new direction and commitment to peace in the world.

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bluepanther wrote:

Time to curtail the gravy train at DOD. The military contractors and their enablers in Congress and the bureaucracy will scream like stuck pigs but let them start sharing the pain with the rest of American society.

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DocRockk wrote:

Dictating to the world is what dying empires do, not free democracies. Hagel is dead right about this. This insane need to police the world is bankrupting our nation.

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DocRockk wrote:

Does that include “Dictating” to Iran, North Korea and Cuba?

Good God, let’s hope so (not dictating to NK Cuba, and Iran). Iran is going to have a bomb someday. We cant stop that, no matter how many trillions we spend or wars we start. NK already has the bomb, so that’s moot. The rest and Cuba…who cares? Very few, thankfully.

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MichaelDennis wrote:

First our Secretary of State Clinton teaches the world how to take aim at Israel, and now our Secretary of Defense is teaching the world how to take aim at us. Great! Peace is the byproduct of two things, doing what is just and doing what is right in God’s sight. An attribute of doing what is right is being strong enough–and communicating this effectively enough–to cause others to understand we will stand in our integrity to hold others accountable to do the same toward us and those we love. This is necessary in the because what people believe is real is real in its consequences. Now that the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America has started his shift on the job by telling the world we are sorry to be the big kid on the block, who can doubt our strength will not be tested as never before. Yes, we will be sorry that we no longer have the will to stand up and do what is just and right in God’s sight. This is not the way to peace! This is the way to World War Three! Get ready to make a choice America: Godly morality or corporate money; Israel or oil. And as Israel goes, so goes the world. God is not mocked.

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sandman839 wrote:

Maybe now we can get back to a national defence rather than an offence.

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Hagel’s terrible performance under questioning will probably define his abilities. Good luck America, you’re going to need it.

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drmorocco wrote:

Hagel should shut up and simply do what Israel tells him to do.

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mscientist wrote:

There are many things America should dictiate to the world, because we are sometimes the only adults in the room. You WILL NOT kill your own people because they don’t agree with you. You WILL NOT invade your neighbors who happen to be our friends.

Mr. Hitler, you WILL NOT perform genocide. Don’t tell me that America must not dictate to the rest of the world. Imagine the world if we had not done so in the past.

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zhanyeye wrote:

I am glad to hear that. But will US practice what he just said? I wonder!

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jrpardinas wrote:


A glimmer of sanity at the Department of Defense.

Republicans must be going nuts over this.

Feb 27, 2013 7:25pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Missourimule wrote:

Heck no . . . as long as we can just keep sending our drones around and zapping whoever we feel like, whenever we feel like it, while still managing to add another trillion or so to the deficit each year, why should we try to boss anybody around?

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me98 wrote:

Although President Obama claimed to have a strong desire to accelerate the extrication of America from the war in Afghanistan, and the USA is looming budget cuts that will affect millions of Americans, I guess that does not apply to the $950-million dollar contract USAF just awarded to Sierra Nevada Corporation for expanded Light Air Support aircraft and ground training in the Middle East (principally, Afghanistan?).

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