Elegant Damascus, besieged by both sides

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jw_collins wrote:

Berlin, Hiroshima, London, Nagasaki, Rome, the list of cities destroyed by madmen is long. Humans learn nothing.

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Fromkin wrote:

More Than 100 Militants Killed in Failed Attempt to “Invade” Damascus

Local Editor
Syrian daily, al-Watan, reported on Wednesday that there was a new attempt by armed groups to “invade” the capital.

As it said that the attempt was thwarted by the Syrian army, the newspaper reported that more than hundred said of militants were killed during the battle.Al-Watan said that Damascus’ east northern entrance in the outskirts of al-Qaboun region was under attack by armed groups on Monday night.

The daily reported that the attack started “as usual”, by a powerful suicide explosion followed by another blast.
Then the “invasion” started, but it was quickly ended by the death of more than hundreds of militants, “who staged a mass suicide attack at the entrance of Damascus, which will remain invincible.”

The newspaper added that the “terrorists tried to divert the Syrian army’s attention by firing two mortar shells at the Mazzeh highway, in a bid to let the other militants withdraw from Qaboun.”

Meanwhile, state news agency, SANA, quoted an official as saying that a car loaded with weapons and ammunition was destroyed in Daraya city, in Damascus countryside.

The agency added that the army units killed in “a number of sniper terrorists, including Mohammad Ahmad al-Sayyed, Ahmad al-Khatib, Aghyad Aloush and Mohammad al-Zain.”

Source: Newspapers
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Slammy wrote:

How many militants are there?

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

Slammy wrote:
How many militants are there?

Slammy, is not there constant supply of islamic extremists of all nationalities coming into Syria to fight their jihadist causes? So there are at least as many militants as there was in Iraq, or in Afganistan, and they would be presenting a huge problem not only for the Syrian Arab Army, but also for much more advanced fighting forces.

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