Japan PM Abe cites Thatcher reflections on Falklands war

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JiroMoriya wrote:


He is pretty good at addressing the speech,

He will feed us with higher pay and lower tax rate.

Hopefully, we always have a rising allowance on our account.

That’s all.

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CatGarfield wrote:

Abe’s words are misleading. firstly, Chinese will consider that it is a new beginning of the Japanese imperialism. secondly, Japan’s right-wing politicians will be finally out of control, causing Japan’s re-armming. thirdly, from his words, it is easy to find that Japanese underestimate China’s army, overestimate their military power and the reliability of American’s promises. finally, I have to say, the difference between the Falklands war and the potential Sino-Japanese war is that the whole Japan now is in the attacking range of China’s missile.

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llocat333 wrote:

@Pterosaur As I just finished telling my Brazilian friends, “Hong Kong is different”, and the reason is that Hong Kong was a ‘business decision’ not a decision based on 600 years of ‘colonialism’ which is ‘still’ promulgated by the House of Windsor today. Please understand; China absolutely wants to overturn the decisions of Western mapmakers, huh? Try making ‘her majesty’ give up Diego Garcia. My friend, that would be a game-changer LMAO, …and a nuclear flash point, right?

There is no corner of the world where the British ‘maps’ are not contested. India wants their ‘crown jewels’ returned. Argentina wants their Malvinas Islands, the Kurds just want a home, …and the Palestinians are still ‘serfs’ because of the Anglo-American Pact with Israel as a permanent Jewish outpost for further imperialism.(see Israel’s activities now in North Africa. Conveniently forgeting their “nuclear proliferation” with the former racist South African regimes).

Abe now puts the Japanese fully in the embrace of the Empire. “Any” attack on Japanese sovereignty will be considered an attack against the ‘interests’ of Western hegemony.

What the hell do you think that shiny new army, AFRICOM is for? Without those African ‘resources’ Europeans would be paupers. So, there is going to be some -triangulation- between China’s African investments/interests, the Islamic hordes decending for the Middle-East, and Americas ‘cash crunch’ and propensity to use guns instead of ‘sense’. Guns being preferable since; http://goo.gl/22xFS

Sadly for the African people, just like the Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghanis, and others through the pantheon of history, …they are just ‘collateral damages’ on the front-lines of Western Imperialism.

So, Mr. Abe(i.e. Japan, Inc), your desperation may lead the Japanese into some unpleasant waters(vestiges of colonialism), yet I am mindful that Japan is an island which has dealt admirably with rough seas before.

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Janeallen wrote:

Abe is the neo-Nazi apologist.

Any Japanese who believes in him will see Japan suffer the same fate as Nazi Germany.

Why? Hundreds of millions of souls who were raped, tortured, murdered, by Abe’s father and his collleagues will make sure that Abe’s evil spirit will be revealed to all the naive as well as deliberate defenders of Nazi Japan.

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StigTW wrote:

Falklands and Taiyutai have very little similarities.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

If China stayed out of other peoples sovereign lands and sea’s, there wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, as an aggressive expansionist state, this will go on and on. The only country acting like, or even resembling Nazi Germany today, is China. State-Capatalism, signs in front of shops equating the Viet, Filipino and Japanese people with ‘dogs’ and general hate filled nationalism.

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