Insight: Grillo's rookies ready to take Italian parliament by storm

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otrcomm wrote:

This is what the Occupy Wall Street movement in The United States was striving for. Good luck to the Grillini, hope they can maintain their principles once they start gaining power and wealthy lobbyist start plying them with temptations.

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otrcomm wrote:

This is the type of representation the Occupy Wall Street movement was hopeing for in the United States. Good luck to the Grillini! Hope you can maintain your objectivity, principles and integrity when you are inundated with tempations from lobbyists.

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RandyC wrote:

I’m sure they are a 100% better than Monti, the Goldman Sachs installed technocrat, empowered to oversee austerity and the banking induced serfdom Italy was facing. Look at Iceland. They told the bankers to fly kites and, through investigation, realized all of their derivative related debt was generate by a handful of rapacious bankers. Arrests were made, debts were refused, and now they are gaining in their national credit rating and in a far better position than Ireland, Greece, Italy, etc….

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bartgolden wrote:

I am not getting the comparison with Occupy Wall Street. OWS was made up of a bunch of parasites wanting a hand out or drugged out rich kids looking for kicks. The Grillini seem to be people who live in the real world, have jobs, and pay their taxes. A better analogy would be the post-Revolution US when farmers and shop keepers had to figure out how to run a country. Don’t count out the common man (or woman).

The author is correct about the movement’s success will depend on being able to deal with the governing process and not getting corrupted themselves.

This all might be Italy’s salvation.

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Miguel526 wrote:

Grillo himself has already defined himself as an autocrat, following the left’s natural totalitarian tendencies. The heroic Sicilian lawmakers who pooled their “extra” cash from their generally corrupt Italian government salaries to help erect small businesses show a good, or intelligent impulse, as well as a show of heart.

These new “normal” people in Italian government face imposing challenges, because the left always defaults to it’s standard PC plundering self-service & destructive controls over the citizenry, amidst Italy’s long-time, built-in, corruption endemic to the other Italian political parties.

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