North Korea threatens nuclear strike, U.N. expands sanctions

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ToshiroMifune wrote:

Unfortunately America doesn’t have time to deal with the only member of the Axis of Evil which actually has weapons of mass destruction and just threatened to use them because it’s too busy protecting Israel from imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

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giancz wrote:

I really hope NKor is just buffing. Even an attempt to launch a nuclear armed weapon at the US will have huge consequences. US will surely strike back if that ever happens and a lot would suffer.

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Let’s say, for amusement’s sake, that NK did have the capability of launching a nuclear strike against the US. And let’s say they pulled it off and nuked, I dunno…Philadelphia.

What would the response of the US be?

As arrogant as NK is, nobody is that stupid.

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reality-again wrote:

Clearly, the time has come to issue an international mandate to arrest this criminal son-of-criminal terrorist who’s out of touch with reality, and getting dangerously mad by the day.
The Chinese should send a task force to arrest him, because they’re closer than us…

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Life1 wrote:

N. Korea? Who cares. There’s 75’000’000 Iranians who’s pensions and jobs we need to destroy.

Back to work America.

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westyofoz wrote:

It seems NK has caught the Iranian Regime’s foot-in-mouth virus. It seems to be contagious.

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hunterson wrote:

We should take the warnings of N Korea, Iran and Russia very seriously.

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N. Korea is bluffing about bombing the US and this Adminstration is bluffing about retaliation. Welcome to the 21st century.

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Mike_Lynn wrote:

Where’s Dennis Rodman! Keep these NK monkies focused on basketball!

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Once again they want money from Washington. We give them money to quiet down, they arm further and starve the poeple. This has been the ruse for years. China knows that if little KJ launches anything then its WW III.

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dencal26 wrote:

These issues are due to 4 years of having an amateur Secretary of State. Hillary was a divisive 1st Lady. Below average US Senator and simply miserable Sec of State with no diplomatic successes and few attempts. Now some ignorant people want her for President

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CelticBrewer wrote:

“preemptive nuclear attack against the headquarters of the aggressor”

I say go for it! Just make sure as many politicians as possible are there when it happens.

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vanistheman wrote:

Oh my, where is Rodman when you need him?

Maybe our new roaming diplomat can go back over to his new BFF

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These people must be the dumbest on planet earth.

Maybe someone should remind them what happened to the last country that launched an attack on the USA…better yet, post some pix of Hiroshima after 1945.

How do you say “B2 Bomber” in Korean?

For a country that can’t even keep the lights on at night, I doubt NK could even “launch” a booger.

Now back to the problems at hand…Muslims & Liberals.

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americanguy wrote:

The “headquarters” North Korea refers to is the US command base Yongsan near Seoul South Korea (US-ROK Combined Forces Command, United States Forces Korea, Eighth United States Army, all headquarters for the Major Subordinate Units are located in Yongsan).
North Korea does have the capability to deliver a nuclear weapon at Youngsan including one hidden in a truck.
The writer is clueless about what North Korea meant in the statement.
The USA is already at Defcon 3. If there is any indication of any kind that North Korea is going to attempt any type of attack, we will be at Defcon 4. Russia knows our defense condition and has already moved mobile nuclear missiles near Europe (not to attack Europe, but as a precaution in case any attack on North Korea is a diversion in order to attack Russia).
Kim Jong is totally insane and suicidal and he has 5 nuclear weapons including one on a suicide attack submarine to use against our Naval task force in the area.
I see where this one is headed.

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GLK wrote:

Quick. Send Dennis Rodman over there. Kim be his new home boy.

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pbgd wrote:

As long as China does nothing to control its satellite North Korea, there is little hope. Even the ordinary Chinese people are now beginning to get upset about this situation, escpecially since North Korea’s nuclear tests are felt as earthquakes in neighboring China. The new Chinese government claims to be intested in regional stability, yet it tolerates North Korea’s rogue behavior.

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Rhurazz13 wrote:

N. K really is so full of itself it’s not even funny. To even think of striking at the Us, let alone say something about is suicidal at best… China maybe it’s ally, but I don’t think they’re that stupid to support them either…

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Chronicle236 wrote:

Anything is possible. But make no mistake. Kim Jong Un is not the ruler of North Korea. Neither was his dad nor his grandfather. Consider them as being akin to the Queen of England … a theoretical head of state and nothing more. The highest ranking generals are in charge and they simply use Kim as their mouthpiece.

Also, while China is a theoretical ally of North Korea, their relationship with them is more like the relationship between a master and his dog – a dog that occasionally threatens to bite people. North Korea needs gasoline to keep their fragile infrastructure chugging along – and their primary source is China. At least once before, China has shut down its pipeline to North Korea for these kind of antics – like a master might pull on his dog’s chain to get the dog to behave.

China does not want to declare war on its major trading partner. Nor do they want U.S. nuclear missiles landing in North Korea – which is directly south of their major wheat-growing region. So, I suspect China will pull on its dog’s chain again. However, the most telling thing North Korea has done is scrap the armistice that ended the Korean War. So while I think it’s doubtful they’d launch a nuclear attack on the US, the generals might be bold enough to march troops across the border into South Korea.

Of course, China also has commerce with South Korea. While North Korea’s million-man army might seem scary, it’s somewhat comforting to know that China’s army is at least seven times larger. And if North Korea does anything stupid that “directly” affects China negatively, don’t think for a second that China won’t respond decisively.

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Eugene31 wrote:

This time send Charles Barkley.

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VoteLoud wrote:

Just do a Regan…

Send the little bully a memo describing where he has been every day for the last month… With a picture of a cruise missile on the second page.

Tell him that his next threat will be accompanied by a cruise kiss!

Two hours before he gets the memo, have Seven F-18s pass 20 miles off his border.

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MladenA wrote:

Fortunately, in contrast to Iran, the mutually assured destruction (MAD) doctrine still works with North Korea.
The N. Korean Inner Party communists still do not want to die and they want to preserve their privileges , so it is not very likely that they would attack the US since they know that they would not survive a retaliatory strike. Not so the Iranian Twelvers who are looking forward to a conflagration .

Why are Bernard Lewis’s views on MAD ignored?

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VoteLoud wrote:

Oh yeah…

Obama is President!

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jccn wrote:

Clash of the Titans

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MladenA wrote:

Fortunately, in contrast to Iran, MAD still works with North Korea.
The N. Korean Inner Party communists still do not want to die and they want to preserve their privileges , so it is not very likely that they would attack the US since they know that they would not survive a retaliatory strike. Not so the Iranian Twelvers who are looking forward to a conflagration .
Why are Bernard Lewis’s views on MAD ignored?

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explorer08 wrote:

@ MICHAELNOC – - sorry buddy but the real problems here involve the reactionary, right-wing, militant extremists who wish to return to 1850.

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SteveL wrote:

But according to Dennis Rodman he is such a nice guy and a great leader! Sounds like a declaration of war on the US; it’d serve the crazy leadership right if we were to show them what a pre-emptive nuke strike really looks like. But I do feel badly for all the innocent & starving people over there.

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Stu_ell wrote:

Of course the US Adminsitration is going to tell the American people that everything is A-OK.


The Far East is currently very very similar to Europe circa 1936.

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LugNut29 wrote:

@ americanguy – “The USA is already at Defcon 3. If there is any indication of any kind that North Korea is going to attempt any type of attack, we will be at Defcon 4″

Sorry, but you need to learn what Defcon means. 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest.

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Douglas4517 wrote:

I am reminded of a bee buzzing angrily around someone’s head.

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It can’t be taken seriously!!!

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boreal wrote:

Remarkable! Israel threatens Iran with preemptive strike and now NK threatens the US with the same. Has the world gone completely suicidal mad?

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EmeritusProf wrote:

China uses NK the same way and for the same reason we use Israel; to make foreign threats with plausible deniability. Both are puppet regimes that exist at the will of their sponsor. As with most puppet regimes, you don’t get to pull the string directly but there string is there none the less. China knows that it is ultimately responsible for its puppet. So are we .

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VultureTX wrote:

RE DPRK nuclear launch, well if the target is South Korea, not much chance to actually stop a delivery system, as the in transit time is way too short.

As for any attack on the US (yes even the Marshal Islands), 4-6 Aegis cruisers is all it takes since they have the radar targeting systems and ssm block 3 missiles to hit any DPRK launch. And yes they really are that good now at missile interception.

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sjfella wrote:

Meanwhile, corporations are lining up to rebuild NK just like everywhere else we go. You armchair generals never learn.

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mizugori wrote:

As stated by others, NK is almost certainly not capable of a direct strike on the United States at this point. Even if they were, shooting down the missile would likely be child’s play (remember the missile shield in Europe that Russia got so upset about because it counterbalances their massive stockpile of nukes? Do you really think we’d help our friends in Europe install a defense system like that if we did have a much more effective version of it guarding our own back yard?)

NK is probably considering attacking S Korea and/or Japan but the United States simply won’t stand for that. All nonsense and opinions aside, we have defense agreements with both of those countries and we take those very seriously. If NK makes a real move the response will surely be lethal.

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jason1234gh wrote:

Them: We are going to Nuke you.
Us: Hmm… do you think we should sanction them???
Wow. Talk about disconnected/not getting it.

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PKFA wrote:

Why does everything always have to be so complicated? The UN should just simply ban the possession of nuclear weapons, similar to the proposed assault weapons ban in the US. Then everyone will be safe. Jeez…

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polnick wrote:

Threats of a N.Korean attack have frightened Americans and given the makers of US combat planes a green light to spend trillions. Thank you Kim!!

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AmericanLady wrote:

I view these warnings from North Korea more as a message to its own people than to the U.S. We are strong! Our new Leader can be trusted!

Meanwhile, the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction carries on. North Korea’s military and at least some of its politicians realize that their potentially bright future would quickly become that of a glowing crater if they actually launched nuclear weapons.

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Well, Americans invented the concept of a pre-emptive war, so they shouldn’t be surprised if other countries start doing the same. LOL

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Doc62 wrote:

It’s all a game of politics. The old guard in NK, still has clout. Chunky Jr. is learning the game. Their only ally, China is very powerful, with 1/3 of our planet’s population. Ergo, it is in China’s best interest that NK does not lay nuclear waste. Let’s NOT hit the panic button.

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americanguy wrote:

“Sorry, but you need to learn what Defcon means. 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest.”

No need to apologize, I meant 4 to 3.
I think most people realize that.
I think it’s called a “typo”?
But I do appreciate the apology, even if you didn’t really have to do it.

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Overcast451 wrote:

Oh and again – Governments. Kill. More people than citizens with guns.

See? The real threat to humanity are these narcissistic governments.

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DominicPaz wrote:

China needs to be held responsible for anything the norks do. It is their puppet. They are responsible for helping them get nuclear technology, and they have shielded the North so as to embolden them to act this way.

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bdkennedy1 wrote:

I had lunch at a place a few weeks ago and the waiter was an immigrant from South Korea. I asked him how he feels about this whole situation and he said to relax, Kim Jong is a little boy that’s trying to look good.

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DominicPaz wrote:

@renumeratedfrog “Well, Americans invented the concept of a pre-emptive war”

lolwut? Throughout the thousands of years of human history, most wars were started “pre-emptively”. I think your history is a little rusty.

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COindependent wrote:

Just suppose, North Korea does launch a missile and it is intercepted (destroyed in flight). How will this President respond? A President who is willing to avoid virtually any confrontation except with his own citizens–(a) does he launch missiles in retaliation, (b) does he bomb only military bases within North Korea, (c) does he invade across the demilitarized zone, or (d) some form of a “measured response”? Suppose it hits Okinawa and kills “only 200 Marines”. Just what will our President do?

I fear, in typical Obama fashion, he will state “no blood, no foul” and move into his typical mode of analysis paralysis? “We’re evaluating the information….it takes time.” After all, he didn’t respond when four diplomats were under attack–and they were killed. Just how will he respond if the missile is intercepted over the Pacific Ocean and no Americans are harmed?

Take the same scenario, and the missile is targeted at Japan or Seoul–two critical allies in the Pacific Rim. Just what will this President do?

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jaham wrote:

They are going to strike preemptively “in order to protect our supreme interest”?

LOL, I almost hope they do something stupid just so we have the right to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

Little pipsqueak keeps throwing pebbles at the biggest bully in school and eventually he’s going to get mauled.

The best plan to protect their “supreme interests” would be to shut their trap and further reclude from the world.

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whatabigjoke wrote:

The resolution specifies some luxury items North Korea’s elite is not allowed to import, such as yachts, racing cars, luxury automobiles and certain types of jewelry. This is intended to close a loophole that had allowed countries to decide for themselves what constitutes a luxury good.

“These sanctions will bite and bite hard,” said Rice.

This is a joke once again the US and UN looks like jokes.
China is laughing at the US again

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Their one and only rocket would not even leave their air space before it is detonated. North Korea is dying and on it’s last gasp.

They are praying that somehow a threat will pour in lots of funds – like in the past. Not to be. No more buying out peace.

Bring it on North Korea – the South will rise again and unite all of North Korea – more room for Samsung factories for profit and happiness for everyone in Korea.

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YouGoYo wrote:

I’m not convinced the boy king is bluffing. When any animal is is pushed into a corner and it’s a life and death situation, they’ll do whatever seems necessary to survive or inflict maximum damage if they must perish. Lil kim seems a bit more unhinged than his father. I’m still concerned about that “spacecraft” they launched a couple months ago. They say it’s not functioning, but who’s to say it hasn’t been turned on yet? Who’s to say its not carrying a nuke? Who’s to say it can’t be remotely controlled to “crash land” above or onto North America?

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albertjazz wrote:

Would N Korea be so foolish and carry out their threat ?

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TastySalmon wrote:

@ COindependent

So are you saying you WANT to enter another war? Last time I checked, the 2 wars were are/were last in bankrupted the country. A war with NK is not the same as beating up on Muslims. The US would suffer mass-casualties as well as jeopardizing any relationship we have with China.

You have to have an infantile mindset to believe that this issue should be solved militarily.

But then again, you’re probably just another war-hungry zealot that this country seems to be full of…who’s never been to war.

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xyz2055 wrote:

jaham..strangely..I’m in agreement with you here. We’ve got a “Shock and Awe” program that’ll knock your socks off..literally. The sad part is that this megalomaniac is working his way to getting a bunch of people killed.

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CrowdsGather wrote:

“…Washington will not accept North Korea as a nuclear state.” I guess the Obama administration is adopting the same approach to NK as they have to Iran: Talk them to death, no matter how long it takes. BTW – Haven’t they already let NK become a ‘nuclear state?

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Goannaman wrote:

I’d like to think this will never come to pass, but if it does, I suspect we won’t have to worry about sanctions anymore.

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Atrayo wrote:

I made an entry about this at my website “Atrayo’s Oracle” back in January 24th 2011. That for China to save face it should annex North Korea as a Chinese Protectorate Territory. The old colonial powers of the West, will meet head on the Eastern hegemony of the Colonial powers of the Far East. (aka China and India)

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paskywarn wrote:

Folks, North Korea does not need to physically destroy an American city with a nuclear strike. It is entirely possible for them to send the ENTIRE COUNTRY back to the 1800s by detonating one warhead 200 miles above the country. Thus they already, as of their last test flight, have a viable and working delivery system. They also may very well have the weapon to do this. Please see this article. The author is former national intelligence. Others with similar backgrounds agree with his position. This is not whack job scare tactics. These are real former CIA / NSA people making these statements. This is also not science fiction. Generals from the former USSR confirmed that the Soviets had / have super EMP nuclear warheads and that they had at one point actually contemplated using them in a pre-emptive strike back in the early 90s. This is a serious concern that we are unprepared to deal with. Yes, we can retaliate from the Boomer’s, but the damage to America will already be complete as if the entire electric grid is destroyed it cannot be restored for years or perhaps decades.

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Daviel wrote:

Let’s drop the big one and see what happens

Mar 07, 2013 12:45pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Ridiculous. Let’s get our troops out of Korea. what do you think.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Sadly – North Korea thinks they have no other option than to go to war. Their infrastructure is falling apart and every day that goes by their military might gets weaker and weaker.

The West should simply play the same game and keep offering that sanctions will be lifted soon – staving off a war, as North Korea slowly reaches the point of no return and collapses from within.

At the same time, South Korea should fly over and drop in tens of thousands of smart phones near the border to let the world in showing how hopeless and futile it is for North Korea to stay as a dying island on it’s own. The word of mouth and view of the outside world will hasten the collapse.

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stappdouglas wrote:

you would be better off looking up your info you give out before typing
it for general discussion.ill help you out this time just to show you what im talking about.
DefCon is “Defense Condition” and it indicates the level of preparedness of United States Military Forces.

DefCon 5 – Normal peacetime operations.

DefCon 4 – Still considered “peacetime”, but intelligence gathering is increased and national security measures are tightened. The U.S. was at DefCon 4 for most of the Cold War.

DefCon 3 – Military assets are readied. “Callsigns” for deployed assets change from publicly-known signals to classified ones. The U.S. has been at this level 3 times, most recently after the events of September 11th.

DefCon 2 – Further increase of military readiness. All forces not already in position are placed on “stand by” alert. DefCon 2 was used once, during the Cuban Missle Crisis.

DefCon 1 – Maximum military readiness. All forces are active. DefCon 1 is considered to be the “total war” level and may only refer to a nuclear attack scenario since it has never been used to date.

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WakeUpAlready wrote:

While I don’t believe North Korea has the technological capabilities to fit a reentry vehicle to a missile and hit the mainland or coastal United States, there is always the threat of “importing” a nuke via a ship or truck coming from Mexico (The 1983 Ciudad Juarez orphaned source dispersal).

This needs to be taken seriously, yes they’ve cried wolf in the past but eventually that wolf is going to show up and we’ll be left with a smoldering, uninhabitable area for the rest of our children’s lives.

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stambo2001 wrote:

Well, only 4 days to go and we find out if he’s bluffing or not. If they are bluffing they’ll look like blustering buffoons. If they’re not bluffing any war will break the bank.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

The US has saved itself from North Korean nuclear weapons that could be made from yachts, luxury automobiles, racing cars, and jewelry. However, Americans refuse to sign a peace treaty to end the 63 year war with North Korea. Americans continue Bush’s Axis of Evil policy with lies and threats against Iran that force North Korea to prepare to incinerate North America. Americans engaged in illegal aggression for regime change in Iraq in 2003; they continue to threaten illegal aggression for regime change in Iran; and North Korea is the third illegal threat from the US. If North Korea launches a thermonuclear device that incinerates the US, no one should complain because the US has behaved for 11 years in a manner that proves that the US wants to be burned to death. It is strange, but the US chooses to seek death.

Mar 07, 2013 1:09pm EST  --  Report as abuse
WakeUpAlready wrote:


It would take an extremely high yield, megaton range device to disable “the entire country”. Bigger yield = heavier, larger devices or greater scientific know how and North Korea does not have the capability. Keep in mind the Earth’s magnetic field would come into play as well. In 1962 we set off a 1.2 Mt device in space and it knocked out streetlights in Hawaii.

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COindependent wrote:

@ tasty. I have no motivation to see 19 year Marines and soldiers killed and maimed For you, that’s an unequivocal “No, I do not want another war”.

However, one must acknowledge this is the same North Korea that even when unprovoked, fired on a So. Korean military base and navy vessel about a year ago, killing a number of military and civilian personnel. So, I would not put anything past them, and we need to be positioned to respond without restraint in terms the North Korean military and political leadership would understand. If that means wiping out their entire military infrastructure and personnel to the Chinese border, then so be it.

Do not embarrass yourself with your childish condemnations.

If the same question was posed relative to Reagan, Bush 1 or 2, or Clinton one could be reasonably assured as to how the U.S. would respond. With this President….it’s an quantifiable and qualifiable unknown.

Also, one would have to define “mass casualties” we might endure when one considers our overwhelming military capability versus that of the North Koreans. Seoul due to its size and proximity to the border would be a primary target for them, and I would expect the ROK’s would respond in kind. That being said, Obama’s practice of “analysis paralysis” would prove fatal for a lot of people.

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SanPa wrote:

A single strike in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City would cripple the US economy. The US, while understandably incensed, would likely not obliterate North Korea given deference to China.

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Marcuscassius wrote:

Isn’t there someone here that can make this all Obama’s fault? Come on. You’re slipping? Someone from Arkansas or Missouri maybe?

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bobbobwhite wrote:

With no bad news anywhere negatively affecting the stock market’s nearly parabolic chart since November that was manufactured by Wall Street megalomaniacs at their games, it would seem that when a missile from N. Korea is maybe a few miles above Washington Wall Street might say something like, “the evening sky will be brighter tonight over our capital, so enjoy it. Meanwhile, the market is way up!”

Incredible, but surely true.

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joelrain wrote:

Based on the wimpy and girly fighting stance of their “soldiers”, and even considering I’m 47 y.o. and only a Karate Green Belt and intro Krav Maga person, I think I could probably be dropped behind lines James Bond style and take out whatever crap bomb infrastructure they’ve got and take care of this whole thing American style. Bring it, NK, you are no match.

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joelrain wrote:

Based on the wimpy and girly fighting stance of their “soldiers”, and even considering I’m 47 y.o. and only a Karate Green Belt and intro Krav Maga person, I think I could probably be dropped behind lines James Bond style and take out whatever crap bomb infrastructure they’ve got and take care of this whole thing American style. Bring it, NK, you are no match.

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joelrain wrote:

Based on the wimpy and girly fighting stance of their “soldiers”, and even considering I’m 47 y.o. and only a Karate Green Belt and intro Krav Maga person, I think I could probably be dropped behind lines James Bond style and take out whatever crap bomb infrastructure they’ve got and take care of this whole thing American style. Bring it, NK, you are no match.

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joelrain wrote:

Based on the wimpy and girly fighting stance of their “soldiers”, and even considering I’m 47 y.o. and only a Karate Green Belt and intro Krav Maga person, I think I could probably be dropped behind lines James Bond style and take out whatever crap bomb infrastructure they’ve got and take care of this whole thing American style. Bring it, NK, you are no match.

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joelrain wrote:

Based on the wimpy and girly fighting stance of their “soldiers”, and even considering I’m 47 y.o. and only a Karate Green Belt and intro Krav Maga person, I think I could probably be dropped behind lines James Bond style and take out whatever crap bomb infrastructure they’ve got and take care of this whole thing American style. Bring it, NK, you are no match.

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Norm204 wrote:

The boy king wife is pregnant. Considering that, I think he would rather enter fatherhood rather than be buried by one of our nuclear warheads in an underground bunker.

But our President is a paper tiger, the world knows it, and the consequences just maybe disastrous. If you can just remember one thing, if our infrastructure is shut down due to EMP weapons every urban area is ONE DAY away from being hungry…2700 MRAPS will not even help.

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AZWarrior wrote:

When (not if) the North Korean government collapses, South Korea better have a plan for reunification.

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Idrenak wrote:

We should have a measured response. If they nuke some valuable farm ground we should wipe them off the face of the earth. If they hit Washington D.C. a stern warning never to do it again would suffice.

Mar 07, 2013 2:26pm EST  --  Report as abuse
amos033 wrote:

The same fears Israel has of Iran is now heaped upon the United States. Does anyone doubt that had we heeded and helped Israel when they called upon us, North Korea would be much quieter today?

Prepare your hearts, repent and return to the Lord!

Mar 07, 2013 2:36pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Cornbreadx wrote:

Doesn’t matter what happens. In either case, we will just get another apology tour followed by more white house rabble rabble rabble. Then we will blame bush again, as I have already seen in another comment previous. Then we will cut defense spending and offer NK a disarmament of all our nukes to play nice. Then we will sit back and rabble rabble some more while more illegals cross into the US with promises of valid driver’s licenses, drugs, and jobs. It’s the same ole crap, just a different day. The reason you may ask? Because idiots keep electing the same officials in time and again who do NOTHING! So… when you have people doing nothing, what do you expect the outcome to be? 5 gold stars and candy for everyone? Frankly, I hope they drop the bomb on this country and do is successfully repeatedly! Maybe then the citizens will wake up in this country and realize that we are not the “beloved US of A that everyone adores” but rather a mockery of a world power that grovels to dictators, terrorists while simultaneously sticking it to every middle class and poor class dolt that buys into whatever they hear on the idiot box. Then again, that implies that people are smart enough to realize the stupidity of their decisions and acceptance of consequence of their own choices rather than looking to point the finger and blame someone else because they can’t foster looking into the mirror and accepting just how stupid they really are with a little dose of swallowing one’s pride. Just saying…

Mar 07, 2013 2:46pm EST  --  Report as abuse
sab0900 wrote:

I realize that your statement is hypothetical, but you pulled Philadelphia out the blue for your example? NK getting a nuclear payload as far as the Aleutian Islands or Hawaii would be a miracle let alone being able to cross the whole country.

Mar 07, 2013 2:56pm EST  --  Report as abuse
WakeUpAlready wrote:


If the United States had attacked Iran and hypothetically collapsed it’s regime, that would give North Korea all the more reason to produce and stockpile nuclear weapons as it is now.

This is a country with 13,000 artillery pieces aimed at Icheon and Soul alone, ask yourself how many nuclear weapons it plans to produce.

Mar 07, 2013 3:08pm EST  --  Report as abuse
ssmith1965 wrote:

North Korea threatens crippling blow. Where? It’s not where you think. UNLEASHING COLTER’S HELL

Mar 07, 2013 3:36pm EST  --  Report as abuse
SeniorMoment wrote:

With North Korea’s direct verbal threat to the USA, the USA would be justified in obliterating North Korea, but it has no desire to repeat the Korean War, even though it is a virtual certainty that China would not provide any of its military forces for the defense of North Korea. Tightening sanctions though is the best strategy because blowing up a nuclear device is far easier than building missiles capable of intercontinental accurate attacks.

My best guess is that if war resumes the USA will provide South Korea a steady supply of replacement weapons and munitions to conquer North Korea in less than a month without relying on more than American air power if that. South Korea though is itself enjoying its peace and is unlikely to attack North Korea without substantial and direct provocation that is more than verbal threats.

The verbal threats by North Korea are a substitute for real military power, and they make the leadership of North Korea look like children throwing a tantrum. If North Korea attacks South Korea in force, there won’t long be a North Korea, but rather Northern Korea involuntarily subsidized by the former South Korea.

Mar 07, 2013 3:46pm EST  --  Report as abuse
SeniorMoment wrote:

Unlike Iran, North Korea is so far from economic independence that sanctions really do bite harder in North Korea than in Iran, which can both feed itself and manufacture more than weapons, but wants for Western luxury goods and electronics.

Mar 07, 2013 3:50pm EST  --  Report as abuse
fromthecenter wrote:

elmer fudd is acting up again…

Mar 07, 2013 5:01pm EST  --  Report as abuse
TheNewWorld wrote:

I have a good answer for China and North Korea. Remove the armistice on Japan, let them build their own war machine, and give them a stock pile of nukes. Japan has a long history with the Koreans and the Chinese.

Mar 07, 2013 6:01pm EST  --  Report as abuse
thatfloridian wrote:

In my opinion the US Government can respond in multiple ways if Chunky. Jr does attack the US, SK, or any other country of choice;

A) Cause: Attack North Korea with Nuclear weapons and wipe out NK’s entire economic infrastructure.
Effect: Although North Korea is off the map, the entire area is radiated, the radiated air will drift to China’s southern farm regions, causing prices to go up and crippling the world economy.

B) Cause: Completely blockade NK’s ports sometimes shelling regions and bombing Pyongyang, and let South Korea and some American troops do the work on the ground.
Effect: No nukes are launched, Korea will become one country depending on how SK’s military works. Region becomes stable.

C) Cause: Full out invasion of North Korea by US, UN, and SK forces, shelling by US Navy, bombings by Navy and Air Force. Don’t make the mistake we made in 1950 when we went too far north, just deal with Chunky and their entire gang and leave for the UN to decide what to do.
Effect: Unification of Korea, stability in the region.

Also, even if they can launch a missile to hit the US, we have several long range missile shields all across the Protectorate Islands, and they won’t get that far. March 11th is the date to watch out for.

Mar 07, 2013 8:41pm EST  --  Report as abuse
OregonSnowman wrote:

NK’s leaders are insane! They now have nuke capability and we can no longer afford to sit around and “hope” they’re only kidding when they threaten to nuke us. We have to take their threats VERY seriously. The time to stop them is now – Not after they wipe out 20 million Americans on the west coast!

Mar 07, 2013 9:52pm EST  --  Report as abuse
GreenBerets wrote:

“But the two sides remain technically at war as the civil war did not end with a treaty.” Civil war? What? No. Before the Korean War there were TWO different countries. There was not one single Korea.

Mar 07, 2013 10:08pm EST  --  Report as abuse
BigGulpsAy wrote:

You should change the headline to “North Korea Threatens To Commit Suicide, Nobody Cares”

Mar 08, 2013 1:14am EST  --  Report as abuse
bill1212 wrote:

No country fears the USA with Obama in office!

Mar 08, 2013 10:30pm EST  --  Report as abuse
bill1212 wrote:

No country fears the USA with Obama in Office!

Mar 08, 2013 10:30pm EST  --  Report as abuse

How convenient that we are in the middle of being sequestered and facing huge cuts to our military and defense. It is as if this was planned all along. We are in serious trouble and there is nothing we can do about it now.

Mar 09, 2013 4:31am EST  --  Report as abuse

perhaps sequester was planned. even north korea would never let a crisis go to waste

Mar 09, 2013 4:35am EST  --  Report as abuse
Fantom65 wrote:

First of all we need to request more security for SK, you know it takes time to get that. Remember Libya? Then we add more sanctions. Then we will increase our aid to them like food and humanitarian stuff. This gives NK & Iran more time to build A Bombs. Our foreign policies SUCK! Just the threat is proof we have lost our “BACKBONE” Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! because they are coming.

Mar 09, 2013 9:48am EST  --  Report as abuse
Roadwarrior wrote:

WAKE UP!! North Korea is headed towards economic & social self destruction. They MAY??? have used the last of thier time and resources to develope a long range delivery vehicle capable of carrying a nuclear device. With such limited resources why waste your only nuke launching it towards a target thousands of miles away when you know it will be accurately tracked and targeted within 20 seconds of liftoff. All this talk about missile defense is just to make Americans feel good. If they are going to attack us they will use a “Dirty Nuke” in a shipping container at a sea port. Maybe there is a need for Homeland Defense?…or maybe the Customs Officer will disarm it and save us all.

Mar 10, 2013 10:34am EDT  --  Report as abuse
datsneefa wrote:

Considering the abysmal ratings our government has I wouldn’t be surprised if they are inviting this rhetoric

Mar 10, 2013 1:56pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
datsneefa wrote:

Considering the abysmal ratings our government has I wouldn’t be surprised if they are inviting this rhetoric

Mar 10, 2013 1:56pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
seagreen wrote:

Sounds like he’s using the same logic and justification the the U.S. has for decades.

Mar 10, 2013 9:52pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

When “Japan” annexed (Korea then) in 1910 thru 1945 I fully understand why they had a “Nationalist movement”!!! But with NOW with (67yrs.) of belligerence and threats towards their neighbors it’s about time that the “PRC” tell “Wanna-be Great-Dear-Little leader” (Eun)

Threatening their neighbor “So.Korea” constantly is BAD enough, BUT when they threaten our country with a “Nuke-strike” that to me is the LAST STRAW!!!

Mar 11, 2013 4:53pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
LeRoyTheBold wrote:

I think there are two possibilities, either he really believes what he is saying, and he might just pull the trigger, or he’s just blowing a lot of hot air to impress his people and give them cause to think he’s some kind of hero. I say we prepare for the first option, but take action based on the second. I think we’re entirely within our rights to defend our good name against his lies, and should begin a blatant and open program to drop flyers and newspapers throughout NK to help break down that barrier to information that he’s putting up. I’m sure China will be a little upset at the precedent that that might be setting, considering they censure their own media, but KJU has been spreading lies about us, painting us as an aggressor about to attack them, and we have a right to defend our good name.

Mar 13, 2013 1:36am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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