Falkland Islanders vote overwhelmingly to keep British rule

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TyroneJ wrote:

It figures that a Banana Republic like Argentina with it’s long history of tyranny and abusing its own people would argue that a democratic referendum should be ignored.

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TyroneJ wrote:

Gandaffy: “Britain has it’s Island and the Malvinas is not part of it.”

Last time anyone looked, the “Malvinas” were not part of Argentina either, much less part of the South American continent.

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jehoover wrote:

The Britt’s on the Falkland Island if they want to remian British should relocate to the SIX occupied counties of ireland AKA Northern Ireland.

Cheerio love.

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TJP wrote:

Why the heck would anyone in their right mind want a screwed-up country like Argentina running their island? Argentina is just after their oil, and would drive their economy into the ground. Britain is somewhat socialist as well but a huge improvement over Argentina.

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bamacharm wrote:

Many don’t realize that the main Falkland Islands are 310 miles from Argentina’s coast. That’s 297 miles further than the global 12 mi international water claim and 110 mi further than the largest claim of 200 miles out. The distance from the Falklands to Argentina is 3 times the distance between Key West, FL and Havana, Cuba and twice the distance from Taiwan to Mainland China.

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JerseyDave wrote:

The self-determination of peoples means something in a democracy. This should settle the issue once and for all. It won’t with the Aregntina Government, because they want the resources and the symbolism, plus a foreign bugaboo to distract from problems at home, but in terms of anyone who knows what democracy is, this is it. Let them stay part of the UK, the people who actually live there have spoken.

P.S. Has anyone ever noticed only western democracies get complained about and told to “give land back” even if they had it all along? Nobody asks Turkey to give land back to Armenia or Russia to give East Prussia back to Germany. Pretty interesting, that. Anyway, go Islanders, may they have peace now.

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darclick wrote:

Gandaffy, The Falklands “belong” to Argentina as much as Japan belongs to South Korea

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12thlegion wrote:

Argentina has no territorial right to the Falklands. The people have spoken and if they do not want to remain British they have a right to total independence. Argentina does not factor into the equation at all. If Argentina wants to assert their claim I am sure Britain will once again kick their butts.

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godsmotive wrote:

Are the British going to have the humiliate Argentina again? It took the British a month to sail down there and kick Argentina
‘s third world butt last time…I am sure it can happen again.

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CindifromDC wrote:

The Argentine govt has made a complete hash of the economy, as all socialist govts eventually do, so they need a war to divert attention from the lousy circumstances at home. They’ll lose of course, just like they did 30 yrs ago, and we keep hoping that a free-market-oriented govt will take over. But just like in the US, people in Argentina are growing used to the free lunch…that only is free for a while.

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Williv wrote:

@JFKIII – it’s only been 30 years. Read before commenting.

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jimdoogan wrote:

Gotta love watching descendents of Spanish colonists complaining about the presence of English colonists in South America. I think this is what we should do…the Argentines should be permitted to have the Falklands on condition that Argentina is returned to the descendents of the native South Americans who lived there before the Spanish invaders took it from them.

Argentina’s position is laughable…they lost the islands almost 200 years ago. It’s government needs to focus on improving the lives of its citizens rather than distracting them with this silly fantasy.

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Helnack wrote:

@Williv – its been 180 years. Read before commenting. Britain reestablished its rule in 1833.

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DominicPaz wrote:

Argentina is just making a greedy grab for an island with oil off the coast. They don’t want to end colonialism, they want to START practicing it. The Faulklands have never been part of Argentina, and their claim is baseless. Faulklanders are the only ones that should decide.

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carterbenb wrote:

I am pretty sure Argentina will not be able to win this from any approach, be it political or militaristic. Just the thought of Argentina trying to forcefully take the island makes me chuckle.

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jimdoogan wrote:

Williv, you need to brush up on your history. England has controlled the Falklands for almost 200 years. Argentina is ridiculously trying to unwind the outcome of a conflict fought 200 years ago between Spanish colonialists and England, pretending that the Spanish side was “native Argentinians.”

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blacknblue2 wrote:

Gandaffy settle down there eh?

The ancient British are gone, yes they were bad but that is history. We live in the now and now the residents want to stay under British rule.

You must have kinship with old Cristina in Argentina because you want to disavow the will of the people.

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ChangeWhat wrote:

“Negotiations are in the islanders’ best interest. We don’t want to deny them their identity. They’re British, we respect their identity and their way of life and that they want to continue to be British. But the territory they occupy is not British,” she told an Argentine radio station.

The territory they occupy is British you surrendered in war and laid down your arms instead of protecting the lands you say belong to you. Now 30 years later because there is oil you want to get your panties in a bunch and pretend you care about the “identity” of the people you left behind. Those people are British and the Falklands are British, how dare you and your country try to take away the voice of the people. If you want oil go start a war in the middle east it is what we do in the west.

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R.Patel wrote:

Cristina Fernandez should learn from what happened to the last Argentinian despot who wanted to distract the people from his miserable governance at home using the Falklands. Of course there is no one of the caliber of good ol’ Margaret Thatcher at the helm any more, but nonetheless don’t think Fernandez would like the results, but hey what would any leftist be if they couldn’t find strawmen to distract people with ;)

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AnthonyOD wrote:

For those such as “Gandaffy” making some kind of geological argument, let me suggest that its time for Argentinos to fall under the rule of their natural continental overlord, Chile!

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ONTIME wrote:

When you have a socilistic dimwit for leadership and the other side doesen’t agree, then the other side already lost the argument because libs are a special kind of stupid and logic or fact matter not…..

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ChangeWhat wrote:

Since we are in the age of giving territories back that were conquered, maybe we should go back to the days of the Roman Empire and have Europe, Africa, and Asia give all lands back to Italy. Since Italy and Rome were the light of the world I’d say that’s a fair era to start from. We can go even further back if you want though or maybe we should give America back to the native american indians and let them run stuff while we’re at it. How about it?

I would expect governments of the world to know that when you go to war and you LOSE that means you have been conquered and the lands are at the victors discretion. What a garbage world we live in, and when people say we are “intelligent life” it makes you laugh with tears.

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texas58 wrote:

99.8% voted to remain British. That is a mandate. But of course the left never respects the will of the people unless the people turn their freedoms over to the left by voting as the left wants. What a witch Fernandez is!

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RobertHere wrote:

Too bad Britain didn’t level a few Argentine cities during the last war.
Cristina Fernandez needs a war just as the junta did in 1982. They got off all too easily.

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kfletch87 wrote:

@gandaffy, Argentina is only now raising a fuss because they want to reap the benefits of the oil production, which has already been paid for by the British. Argentina, a leftist country like most other Latin American countries, wants to take from those who have to give to those who don’t. Like most other countries in the region, their policies, a bitter reaction to the dictators, oligarchies, and tyrannical governments of the past, are failing and the country needs money and momentum to keep their “dream” alive. Ripping the Falklands away from the British would be a huge momentum swing for Argentina, a victory for the leftists in the country who want to expel outside influence.

The truth is Argentina, like every other Latin American country, is populated by mostly European and Spanish decedents, not native. They have no more right to any of the land than Australia does. They are all the result of colonial empires of the past.

Personally, I believe that it is wrong for Argentina to try and claim an island of so few people who clearly have no interest in joining them. Why would you want people who don’t want to be part of your country? Because they have oil.

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crewjobs wrote:

OK so the squatters voted to remain on the islands as squatters.

That referendum was done mostly for appearances. It does not give those islanders ownership over the territory of the islands nor grant sovereignty of those islands to the UK either.

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Gandaffy wrote:

If the Brits could give Hong Kong to the Chicoms surely it can give lil ole Malvinas back to Argentina.

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Gandaffy wrote:

Gandaffy is reuters disrespectful nickname, I didn’t pick it obviously some liberal worm at reuters just doesn’t like my perspective.

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Gandaffy wrote:

Reuters standards means reuters propaganda only

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yadin wrote:

The Islanders have spoken. Their vote clearly defines their identity and Argentina should respect the Falklanders right as a people to exist. Las Malvinas wherever that is, exists nowhere in the world’s map.

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auntjenny wrote:

Gandaffy, re: Hong Kong, Britain had a 99 year lease for HK signed June 9, 1898. When lease was up in 1997, the Brits returned HK to the Chinese. Brits did not just give it back to China because China threatened them, as Argentina is doing now to Brits. Lease was up, Brits moved out, end of story. Learn history before you post stupid comments! Falklanders have spoken, want to remain British, respect the vote!

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ljp73 wrote:

“officials in Buenos Aires questioned the referendum’s legitimacy. They say the sovereignty dispute must be resolved between Britain and Argentina”

I’m pretty sure it was rather decisively settled three decades ago. The only thing left to “discuss” is just how badly we all need history to repeat itself.

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rutylou wrote:

This is nothing more than the Argentine President needing an issue to deflect attention away from their troubled economy, repressed opposition, etc. that, and interest in the newly discovered oil reserves around the islands. I’ve spent time in Argentina. Wonderful people, typical Latin American government.

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Gandaffy wrote:

You guys have got to be kidding!

Britain was getting it’s butt whooped until the USA stepped in to save it!

Argentina sunk two British vessels and THE WHOLE WORLD saw that the global empire was a weak and patheitic ‘global force of hot air only!

The Malvinas WILL go back to Argentina this time…LOL

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FatherJames wrote:

…Ca. 1830 the U.S. Marines took the Falklands from pirates… then packed up and left. A couple of years later the British settled… a couple of years before the Alamo fell.
…The British are not “colonial masters” lording it over the natives… they are the natives… and any “lording over” is done to their sheep.
…Ca. 1980 Argentina had a chance to get what it wanted in negotiations. The UK had just signed a treaty with Mugabe of Zimbabwe that they absolutely knew that he would violate down the road. They wanted the same thing with Argentina… Get a fig leaf treaty… pull out, throwing British nationals to the wolves and claim to be shocked when the Argentinian dictatorship violated the treaty.
…But Argentina’s dictatorship (near the end of a long run of making thousands of its own people vanish into night and fog) was arrogant and afraid… Too arrogant to allow for a gradual change… and afraid because their population was sick to death of being frightened of its own government.
…So an invasion seemed just the medicine. UK viewed as a paper tiger. But when first Royal Marine of a tiny detachment killed by invading troops, no British government could survive just letting the dictatorship win.
…It took a massive effort, one the UK could probably not make today… but they got their long service paratroopers, Royal Marines and other superb troops ashore… and the brave but miserably led Argentinian conscripts could not hold.
…At the end of the war Argentina refused (in spite of pleas from families) to let the British return their war dead. So they serve as a “political claim”, the last act of a dictatorship that would shortly be overthrown.
…Older readers will remember the outrage of many Americans about “giving away” the Panama Canal. Among Argentinians, the “Malvinas” is similar… but on steroids…
…Close race between Argentinan politicians and the one who saber rattles the most over the issue likely to be the one voted in. The problem is, that like Palestinian leaders who got in power by being the most radical… they have painted themselves into a corner and a rational solution is beyond their ability…
…If Argentinan government serious, they would cool down the rhetoric… take tiny steps… Maybe in a decade or so one might find both flags flying at the airport…
…The British government would still like to unload the Falklands… though unlike 1980 they can no longer sell out. The British public not impressed that some UN member states or South American governments
(often representing countries with long histories of human rights abuses…) views the will of the actual residents as meaningless.
…I seriously doubt that the current Argentinan government wants serious, quiet negotiations. They are waving a “bloody shirt” that helps their domestic popularity.
…Argentina’s attack aircraft now have far better range than they did in 1980… and the British no longer even have small jump jet carriers. But unlike last time when they only had a couple of dozen Royal Marines waiting to be swept up… they have a full battatlion of combat ready troops. If Argentina tries naked force this time, there will be serious killing on both sides…

…The UK could not reinforce the islands, but their submarines could destroy any Argentinian shipping that tried to supply an occupation force.
…Peace is always at the mercy of fools…

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If you read the memories by Lord Fitzroy (the captain of the Beagle, who took Darwin around the world), you will find a chapter dedicated to the Islas Malvinas. He describes having dinner in the house of the Argentinean governor of the isles and how much he enjoyed the piano music played by the governor’s wife. In 1833, the British expelled all the Argentineans by force (would we today call that ethnic cleansing?).

So, let’s pretend that my friends take your house after expelling you by force and become squatters. Then, we ask them to tell us if they want to stay in the house and they respond yes, does that give them the right to stay in the house? That is exactly what Great Britain is doing. Read history and see if you can find a non British historian that gives any legal support to British claim to the isles. Argentina has on their side American and French historians supporting their claims.



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Plutarch wrote:

The usual bunch of uninformed anti-British rubbish. Britain first controlled the Falklands in 1690. In 1850 Argentima signed with Britain the Arana-Southern treaty, relinquishing control of the islands. Argentina never brought up the subject of its false claim for another 91 years – in 1941, with Britain fighting for her life against the Nazis, with whom Argentina had a soft spot(many of them found a safe haven there after WWII.) As with Northern Ireland, talking about “occupiers” and “colonists” when the people who actually live there have voted, many times, to remain British is just, as I said, anti-British rubbiush.

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GreatBriton wrote:

The Falklands have been British since before Argentina existed as a country. They claim it is theirs because Spanish colonists promised it to them, it was not Spains to promise as we inhabited the islands before them. As for Gandaffy, I suggest you stop watching so many Hollywood films, no American servicemen were involved in the war so they did not ‘step in’. It’s incredibly hypocritical for the Spanish/Portuguese colonies to insist that Britain has no legal claim to the islands.

Mar 12, 2013 6:24pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

Good luck trying to go either way, unless the oil and gas resources are split between UK and Argentina with negotiation.

Mar 12, 2013 7:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

To Plutarch and GreatBriton,

Can you please give me historical source of your historical statements? Are they British historians? Do you have non Brits historians that can back up your statements? i will be happy to study them.



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SeaWa wrote:

Based on Argentinian logic, Cuba belongs to the United States. It’s a little island off the coast of the North American continent, closest to the United States of America. Is that really what Argentina wants to hang its hat on?

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Gandaffy wrote:

Seawa logic…

Cuba is a nation with many millions of citizens….

The Malvinas only has 2500 British SQUATTERS…

No comparison to Cuba!

Mar 13, 2013 1:57am EDT  --  Report as abuse

Who were the three!

Mar 13, 2013 12:40pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Gandaffy wrote:

Ha Ha Now that the Catholic church is laying claim to the Malvinas it looks like the Brits are going to have to GIVE UP THEIR CLAIM…

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