Saudi cleric issues rare warning in call for reform

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IMFun wrote:

Typical Reuters leftist bias!

You claim that the Saudi government is a “conservative Islamic kingdom”.

Liberalism at it’s extreme is total government control.

Conservatism at it’s extreme is anarchy.

To claim that the Saudi government leans to lesser government (Conservative) is either naive or a lie.

Knowing Reuters… I lean to the latter!

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Burns0011 wrote:

“The Wahhibbi school discourages political involvement.”

What a load of camel dung. Maybe they don’t do so openly, but if you think they’re not up to their eyeballs in political dealings, you’re not living in the real world.

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mcanterel wrote:

And this is the country the West is championning, and the country bringing democracy and freedom to … Syria! (By arming and subsidizing islamic jihadists)
Oh yeah, better believe it, stupid!
How bizarre ;-(

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duncer wrote:

What a lousy article, exactly what “rights” is this cleric demanding and for who. Does he want women’s rights?

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loweed wrote:

I have dealt with Saudis in the 80′s as part of the oil industry. IN that society, as in all Arab societies the clerics, Mullah’s rule!!!! the government stands on the shoulders of the religion. IF the gov. violates the tenants of Islam they are not long for governing! EVERYTHING is religion in the Mideast. WE have a religious war on our hands and no wants to admit it.

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AlfredReaud wrote:

“the official Wahhabi school of Islam discourages political involvement.”

ONLY of the masses. Very similar to the Church’s teachings in the Dark Ages to the peasants, on the God ordained right of monarchy to rule…

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Burns0011 wrote:


The right of free speech, for one. The right of people to live in dignity without being subject to the whims of the wealthy Saudi princes. The right of people to have a fair trial and be treated equally and fairly under the law. And that’s for everyone who isn’t part of the huge royal family.

Saudi Arabia is not a democracy. It is not a democratic republic. It is a patriarchal monarchy, where the House of Sa’ud is on top and everyone else is below them. Way below them.

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When the Arab Spring spreads here the fundamentalists will refuse to sell us oil for US dollars or will extort all kinds of political concessions from us for oil. We will be very vulnerable because we have allowed our selves to be. The Saudi “Kingdom” will fall,it’s only a matter of when. when they ask for Israel in exchange for oil to heart of homes, drive our cars and fly our planes what will our response be? Will is be war? Depending on what China tells us because they can call out T-Bills and crush us (another fool thing we’re allowed to happen) .what have I said that was incorrect?

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Life1 wrote:

@manfrommombasa: ‘What have I said that was incorrect?’

Pretty much everything: the US imports 8% of its oil from Saudi Arabia Inc., which makes it all the more ridiculous that the US is so ‘concerned’ with the region. It’s not for energy, and it never has been.

If we were talking about Canada instead of the Saudi’s, then you might have had a point.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“what have I said that was incorrect?”

Pretty much everything. As Life1 stated, only 8% of our oil is from Saudi Arabia. We can replace that domestically in a few months with some changes to our exports of oil and gasoline. If China called in our T-Bills, we can do what we have been doing, and just print them out. It would hurt China more than it hurts us. If you think we would declare war on Israel for the sake of the Saudis, you don’t know American politics very well.

Mar 17, 2013 10:34pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Lenupe wrote:

@manfrommombasa “China tells us because they can call out T-Bills”

Uh, nobody gets to “call out T-Bills.” What the heck does that mean?

You probably don’t realize that 90% of the US debt held by China is treasury BONDS, which have definite maturity dates.

Also, you probably don’t know that China holds only about 7% of the total US debt.

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dump28usn wrote:

Saudi Arabia, now there’s a real piece of work country. They reap billions from oil sales yet they are living in the dark ages. When you look at a government where the King has so many kids he literally doesn’t know them all, and he gives millions to each one just to keep them quiet, then you gotta real piece of crap country. If we
could just have gov’t approval to drill more, use more coal, and get oil from shale, we could tell the Saudis to go wizz up a rope. Won’t happen though as Obama won’t approve it.

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NewsJet1 wrote:

I’ve read most of the responses and I agree with how distant or vague it is I trust Reuters but in this case I guess they had a sheet of paper to burn.

I particularly like the fact every ones on board with this BS about the Saudi’s my what short memories they have they would be a Zero with out the American technology and know how that went in to making an oilfield production line (previous comments)

As far free speech I do not have to live there as far as anyone within the Saudi state If anyone wishes to leave they are free to do so.

I will point out nobody is forced to stay so don’t go pulling the out the old carbines to save the Bedouin Empire.

Have anyone one of you ever partied with these guy’s I have first hand and the minute they are off that private 747-400 it’s 1999 all over again the double standard makes me puke.

It must be hell when they have to go home and pretend that they have not been having a real good time for how ever many day’s that they seem to be required for reasons unknown.

A very dull populous if you will til you poor a little fire water down their gullets then all that religious crap is out the window and it’s double down on a pair of 10′s and I’take Baffert’s horse in the 8th at Santa Anita oh hell throw in the track to.

NewsJet Magazine

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JohnEurope1 wrote:


Take that same article and apply it to our NATO alllies and the oil part fits real well. What the Mid East dose not control, Putin in Russia pretty much does when it comes to west Europe. And it has since they went to Russian natural gas and oil. Libya would help some but not enough. France Great Britian and Italy made sure they got a peice of tha tsecurity pie up front we did not. How much debt they hold on West Euroe I have no idea but I do think substancial.

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Greenspan2 wrote:

Confusing monarchy with religion never eventually ends well, and then what would God or Allah think of such blasphemous pretensions? No pearly gates or virgins are awaiting for Machiavellian manipulators.

Mar 18, 2013 7:45pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Greenspan2 wrote:

The Wahhabis and Saudi money was behind the 9/11 attacks and have provided financial support to Islamic terrorists throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa as well as any other place that their supporters reside in.

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