Killing of Texas district attorney, wife, seen as targeted

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Tiu wrote:

Sadly it’s what we can expect more of from a system that has been corrupted out of shape is imploding.
I bet they passed themselves off as upstanding citizens.

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suemarie000 wrote:

It may be the Brotherhood but Kaufman stated that Hasse had no cases with the Aryan Brotherhood. My money is on the cartel. If we don’t secure that border we are going to have more deaths. Obama needs to quit playing politics and get ICE back on the job. Border control agents are fit to be tied because Obama will not let them do their job. Don’t believe me? Google it! How many more deaths will be on this Administration before they get serious about protecting America? They need to leave the GOOD GUY alone and go after the BAD GUYS…you know like in Benghazi…the southern border, the Chicago Gangs…I think I made my point.

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bobber1956 wrote:


This is why:

From americanguy (mr. stupid)
“Texas is the most corrupt state in the USA”

First has this idoit ever lived in Texas escpecially in the past 4 years to even know what Texas is like? BIGOTS! Second whith all the lying LYERS!, cover ups, UN-transperancy CONSPIRATORTS!, back-door deals THIEVES!, pay-offs, and down right violations of his oath and the United States Constitution CRIMINALS! how can any liberal call anyone currupt? HYPOCRITES!

I know how. Because you liberals have become som blind and twisted in your false “ideals” that you can not or rufuse to see all the violence, chaos, and disorder going on in mexico, and ohter place, is starting up here. It does not matter if it were obama or any one else. ANYONE that proves themselves an enemy to the this Country and our way of life is on notice….you too.

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bobber1956 wrote:


Hey liberals are big on statistics right? Look at the crime statistics in this country. If you do you will see that what YOU said is TRUE. “That can mean African-Americans, Hispanics” do contribute to over 70% of the crimein this country. (Asians, Natives, Muslims-these are “brown by your words”), Whites…comprise the other LESS than 30%. Those are just the cold hard facts. You are a biggot.

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bobber1956 wrote:


You are a liar!

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dencal26 wrote:

This is the same sort of thing going on in MEXICO.

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bobber1956 wrote:


The stats cited are for ALL crime stupid!

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Max17 wrote:

americanguy, tin foil hat much? ROFL! Seriously, the “Anyone who has studied LBJ knows this”… hilarious stuff! I thought I heard the theme from the X-files while reading your post.

You’re a nut. Anyone who has studied the aliens living in the pyramids that mind-control everyone knows it.

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february2 wrote:

ABCNews must have a witness to this shooting because they reported on their newscast that he was shot with an”asult” weapon.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Aside from the conspiracy theorists and the semi-racist rants, we need to look at the issue of gangs in America and in particular the ones that are allowed to flourish in our prison system. Certainly corruption in government is alive and well too. Checks and balances people, checks and balances. If you have an all powerful government with no check on it, you will have a corrupt government before you know it. You need investigators watching the investigators who also watch the investigators, police the police, and don’t let the prison system turn into a gang recruitment center.

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Max17 wrote:

ptiffy ironically wrote, “So, following the Palin Rule – if you don’t know something, just make it up – doesn’t work here. Ignorance is proud.

Texas also has more per capita gun ownership and executions than any other state but one, yet it also seems to have more gun homocides. Interesting coincidence…”

Texas doesn’t even match Illinois for per capita gun murders. Of course, Texas doesn’t have that state’s long history of failed community organizers.

And now for the facts:

I know, I know. You can lead a liberal to knowledge but you can’t make him think. ROFL!

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Max17 wrote:

cautious123, you’re comparing apples and walruses. bobber1956 was speaking of crime statistics – you know actual criminal convictions. You’re bawling about OccuToddler burblings. If you know of any ‘criminal bankers’, you need to pass their names along to your Omama. So far, Omama and the Gunrunner haven’t prosecuted any bankers. It’s been over 4 years. What’s holding you and your Omama up?

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Max17 wrote:

cautious123, you’re comparing apples and walruses. bobber1956 was speaking of crime statistics – you know actual criminal convictions. You’re bawling about OccuToddler burblings. If you know of any ‘criminal bankers’, you need to pass their names along to your Omama. So far, Omama and the Gunrunner haven’t prosecuted any bankers. It’s been over 4 years. What’s holding you and your Omama up?

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Bobba wrote:

Another hoax. I guess they didn’t learn anything from that Alabama kidnapping “drill”.

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rjm2238 wrote:

The fact that this killing and the January killing may, and I emphasize may, have been related to the cartels does not matter one iota. This administration nor the entire Democrat party as well as some Republicans (I am ashamed to say) will do nothing that might impact the cartels operations because any securing of the border may antagonize a potential voting bloc, the Latino vote.
These self perpetuating, would be tyrants will do anything, allow anything as long as it does not threaten their ability to remain in office. That is frightening, especially in light of the philosophy of the Founding Fathers which stated that legislators should be part time law makers, civilian folks who went to Washington for two or six years and returned home. No lifetime politicians, no one there long enough to accumulate a political debt nor to be dependent upon remaining in office for a livelihood.
Unless and until the powers that be in Washington D.C. return to the original tenets of what this country is supposed to be this type of thing will become the norm. In fact if these people continue to behave as they do and continue with their total disregard for the Constitution many may end up cheering such events as this. Let’s hope it doesn’t have to come to that.
Rich in New Mexico.

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rjm2238 wrote:

USA Pragmatist You write:
“Sigh, why do people like you always have to use tragic events to promote an anti-Obama agenda?”
I surely hope you being sarcastic. Perhaps you can refresh me as to who made the statement “Never let a good crisis go to waste”? Seems to me that was the current Mayor of Chicago, one Rahm Emanuel back when he was White House Chief of Staff wasn’t it?
Perhaps that is why the Left is so gleeful at every mass shooting, particularly those with multiple dead children, so they can push their idiotic gun control schemes, wouldn’t you agree?
There are numerous other examples of this Liberal hypocrisy everywhere so unless you are living in a vacuum you must be employing sarcasm.
Rich in New Mexico.

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rjm2238 wrote:

Cautious 123, I guess it not too difficult to make a case for anything, if you are going to redefine the English language and then; for instance, invent laws that you can then claim were violated.
Let’s not forget that among those WMD violators you refer to, in general terms only, where virtually every prominent member of the Democrat party; both Black and White and Brown and Red and on and on…, as well as foreign leaders of all races as well.
In your apparent hatred of the White race you are blinded to the fact that other races can also be guilty of wrong doing. The fact that a population comprising less than 40% of the total population is indeed responsible for over 70% of all crime, using existing statutes that is, is a fact. You may reference this and other factual data at the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics Database, if you wish.
Now you may wish to deflect this blame on to your hated White People but that does no one any good, except perhaps to salve your ‘white guilt’ if you are in fact; as I suspect, a White Liberal who is just crying out to give my money to aggrieved class of people to assuage your own guilt.
I don’t know what in your past is responsible for the depth of the feelings of debt or remorse that you possess or whatever it is you feel you must atone for, but whatever it is you have done or feel personally responsible for please do me a favor, do not involve me or White people in general and stay out of my life and my finances. Seek help if you must but pay for it yourself or take heart, Obamacare approaches, that will save you.
Rich in New Mexico.

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Chicagorocks wrote:

It appears from this story that the perpetrator made their way into the house. If anyone is concerned about their home security they should realize that most security systems are activated AFTER someone intrudes into the house. A perimeter (sensors detecting motion) can easily be set up with fairly inexpensive outside sensors for about $250-300. The sensors can be set up to detect motions around any decks, windows, doors, ets. Just so you know.

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greenaero wrote:

Its so nice that the “intelligent” posters have already determined the motive for the killings and also a possible group that could have done the killings. Idiots!!!

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alldayUSA wrote:

Racketeering, now there is one hell of a thing for the government to charge someone with.

Hey pot, this is kettle………..

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Maxwells wrote:

It’s becoming more and more like Mexico every day!

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Hawker1 wrote:

(Anti)americanguy, you’re a freaking idiot. Your “studying” obviously consists of reading free mags at the supermarket checkout. What a tool.

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DOCKING wrote:

This is sad! It shows how easy it is to cause chaos in the USA. Simply put, the bad guys commit violent acts knowing full well the justice system, or any other entity, will spend tons of money and time chasing their tails. Some of the babblers on here prove the point. Just cool it and let the system go to work. Texas is a National Treasure and, if possible, they will solve this. Remember though that, random acts are being used to create disinformation on a gigantic scale. Our own DC government is a prime outstanding example of disinformation!

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With all the corruption in our political and legal systems I am very surprised we do not see a lot more of this. After watching what went on in the Maryland House of Delegates last week and the absolute, unbridled corruption and tyranny I’ll bet this kind of thing is likely to happen again, and again–Americans have had it with the total disregard for righteousness and morality in our elected and appointed public officials. I’d certainly be watching my back if I acted with a total disregard for integrity as a public servant.

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Fromkin wrote:

One guy here attributing 70% of all crimes in the US to a certain ethnic population is disturbingly racist. He’s probably a member of the Aryan Brotherhood….

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stranger123 wrote:

What are the charges against the Brotherhood he was seeking? There is more to this story not being told. Why is there a Mike Mclelland from Dallas that gave money to Obama for America if he was a Republican?

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Jabloughme wrote:

Since it happened on the day an investigation was announced, I’d call that evidence that the group in question was not the responsible party. Any office is involved in dozens of ongoing investigations and ongoing prosecutions. It seems more likely one of those was the culprit rather than a group that just heard about the investigation ten minutes ago. That, or these racists that most of us think are a bunch of ne’er-do-wells really are darn good.

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Missy321 wrote:

So like Mexico now too. Justice persons being killed to intimidate.

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Missy321 wrote:

So like Mexico now too. Justice persons being killed to intimidate.

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Missy321 wrote:

So like Mexico now too. Justice persons being killed to intimidate.

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Kraven1 wrote:

So Like No one else in the world Americans are willing to go to any measure to insure their freedom from those who would take it. the Liberal should get the message but do not. The real need is to take on the liberal medai types and start taking them out. Every time they attempt to hide the truth by misrepresenting it or outright lying about it(PROPAGANDA) they should be attacked like this and then left for dead. The more heanas the crime against them the better and hopefully there will be info left informing everyone as to why this happened and threatening others of a like cause and then following it up even harder when any of them takes the chance to do it again. I suggest findiong out wher the live and how they get to work and then using a remotely fired IED to take them out becaus ethey will be watched and this will let them know that there is no way to avoid retaliation

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Hangemhigh wrote:

Terrorists: a group of 2 or more people who use violence or threat of violence to coerce people to do what they want.

Sound like government ? YES

FINALLY, some good news !

When corrupt gov slime set the standard as “might makes right” then they will be met with their own standard! Serves them right ! More should happen, and sooner than later !

“Those that make peaceful revolt impossible make violent revolt inevitable.” JFK

Let the justice flow like water.

The “district attorney” “state prosecutor” system turns the constitution upside down. Bring back the people’s Grand Jury system as required by law, THE CONSTITUTION, and let the people decide who/how people are prosecuted and for what laws !

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february2 wrote:

Interview ABC News because they have an eyewitness because they said on their Sunday newscast that he was shot by an asult weapon. If theikr witness can say it was an asult weapon, maybe they also saw their face!

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NeoConVet wrote:

“Asymmetric War” begins with attacking the governmental structures both in direct actions (murders) and creating failure in many forms.

As this takes place other “Useful Fools” are:
-targeting the 2nd Amendment to disarm the populace,
-driving debt to unsustainable levels threatening national fiscal stability,
-massive takeovers of individual health decisions with a wildly costly Obamacare,
-eviscerating Congressional Authority with Executive Decrees,
-Reducing National Defense to dangerous lows.
-A Fed & Treasury printing increasingly worthless fiat dollars with interest rates controlled to the demise of free markets.

It appears our “institutions” ARE being attacked by external and too many internal forces to include a clueless WH, Professional Politicians, and a blundering media no longer able to simply lead or provide unbiased information. It truly appears we are marching hard for the cliff of failure.

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wilhelm wrote:

H. L. Mencken had it wrong, slightly. One can never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American posters to the Reuters blogs.

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Indiana_Dave wrote:

Of course the Dept of Justice blamed it on the only enemy it’s capable of naming, i.e. “white supremacists”. How many cases against other groups, such as Mexican drug gangs, might these district attorneys in Dallas be involved in? But the DoJ, being just another arm of Obama’s political machine, are not going to blame anyone which might hurt the administration’s efforts regarding amnesty for illegal aliens. I’ll believe this “white supremacist” theory when I see a conviction in these murders.

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WellDuh wrote:

Its not drug cartels. Its the beginning of open civil war on corrupt Texas Republicans. One party to rule them all will be much more effective than 2 party stalemates. Fight and vote Democrat.

(And yet its not entirely far fetch thought.)

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Sharepass11 wrote:

I noticed they are trying to blame white supremacists for this. How very convenient given the Fast and Furious debacle and the constant desire by the MSM and “our” government to find reasons to blame whitey.

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RPhillips111 wrote:

It may well turn out “the Aryan Brotherhood” which has a history of violence against others, is at fault here. But it is also true tht the US Government, with no evidence whatsoever immediately tied the Aryan B’s with the killing. That’s just like the school killings being used to take our guns away, another US government initiative of this administration. Using an act to create public opinion for your position is an oft used political tactic, but the left, espceially marxists, are usually very quick to use the tactic.

And the most signatory uss was not by a marxist, but a Socialist. That’s what Hitler did the day after the Reichstag burned in Germany. No evidence whatsoever. But HItler got the results he wanted, Crystal night.

Clinton did the same thing in 1994 during the”church burnings” hoax, whcn he blamed “militias” and “hate groups’ for what turned out to be a hoax perpetuated by a Civil Rights organization which lives off federal funds. But Clinton made a lot of political hay, including a totally unconstituional federal program to rebuild black churches which hab been destroyed by fire.

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Ranger01 wrote:

Obvious that the mob, or someone is sending a message to stay away from some investigatrion or prosecution. The FBI should track this down….who knows how far the dirt goes.

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Pallen wrote:

I think you are going to see a lot more of this type of thing, unless Obama gets what he wants. Don’t forget Bloomberg came out and said those that those who oppose the gun control laws were going to pay.

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kurtsf wrote:

Bobber1956. I guess you DO live in Texas. It’s spelled LIARS. The top 10 most corrupt states as reported by the Economist (you should ready it Bobber) is as follows:

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Supie wrote:

It is not a stretch to assume that the insanity that leads to senseless shooting and killings like this is connected to the
insane political climate that is permeating the state of Texas.
From Rick Perry to Louie Gohmert to Ted Cruz – the lone star state
seems to have gone off the deep end… may God help them.

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stevem0210 wrote:

It was either a CIA hit or drug cartel hit, or the CIA and cartels working together. If no suspects are arrested, then it must have been CIA.

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Regulator623 wrote:

White Supremacist’s you say..did this explanation come from the White House? It may not fit into their amnesty plan to gain more democrat voters, but it’s the mexican drug cartels who are doing the killing.

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Grracy wrote:

The obvious hits my the Aryan Nation is a wake up call. So WAKE UP. Those poor people who were shot, may they rest in peace. I support #guncontrol

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Grracy wrote:

I meant to say ‘by’ instead of ‘my’ in my last post. Please edit.

Apr 01, 2013 10:22pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Grracy wrote:

Aryan Nation definitely on the prowl.

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